December 19, 2014

4 new movies every week at Princess Movie Theatre

moviesPrincess Theatre has brought new light and hope for movie lovers. We remember the days of Astor, Liberty, Globe, Starlite Drive-In, Plaza, and other cinemas, when people flocked to see movies on the big screen. Today, everything has become technologically advanced and taking full advantage of that fact is the Princess Movie Theatre.

Since its establishment, it has upgraded to not one but three 3D theatres and has been getting the rush since. Every week, new and exciting movies are viewed by sold-out audiences and with the Christmas Season in full bloom, Princess Theatre will be much busier.

For the week ahead, the theatre has four movies that will be enjoyed by all. Screen Two will feature “Night at the Museum 3”, which will be shown at 14:00h, 16:00h, and 18:00h, and for the adult audience, the movie “Top Five” will be showed at 20:00h and 22:00h. On Screen One, “Exodus” will be shown at 13:00h, 16:00h, 19:00h and 21:30h.

All the movies are shown on a daily basis from Mondays to Thursdays. However, “The Hobbit” will be opened on Friday, December 26. Tickets cost $1500 for adults and $1000 for children.

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Impressive Noel storms Fort Lauderdale Fashion show

Designer Sonia Noel flanked by models sporting her pieces

Designer Sonia Noel flanked by models sporting her pieces

The Fashion and Art Circuit took place in the beautiful city of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, bringing artists, fashion designers, and creative professionals from all over the world together to network and socialise. The energy in the place was palpable.

It was indeed a night of art and fashion. The chatter from the crowd died down, when the show started with a beautiful performance by four amazing young girls, who go by the name, Twisted Fuzion dance team.

Then the moment that all of these designers and artists had been awaiting was here – the fashion display and most could not wait to see what the Fashion and Art Circuit team had in store.

Many soft, feminine looks floated on the runway. Few of the collections were composed of bold, luxurious yet comfortable textures and fabrics. Many looks were perfect contrasts to each designer’s personality and background.

Mariska’s Designs by Sonia Noel brought a more casual feel to the runway with fabulous pieces of everyday Floridian wear. She used all kinds of unconventional materials and vivid designs. She also   had pieces for curvier women.

Curves Conquering With Confidence (CCWC) Network Founder and President Corrhin Brunot, the host of the event, noted that Noel has quickly become one of the more recognisable names in the directory of Caribbean designers.

She has been insightful enough to position herself throughout the region at all the noteworthy fashion events and intuitive enough to create a label “Mariska’s Designs” that is a unique hybrid of Guyanese craftsmanship, Caribbean ingenuity, and an all-pervasive universal style. Noel is known for her swimwear, casual, resort, semi-formal and formal garments for females, males and children.

She was described as a phenomenal woman, a mother, a mentor, a fashion designer, and a businesswoman. She is all set and ready to take the Caribbean by storm in 2015.

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Pulse Mash Party Truck launch set for Saturday evening @ 704 Lounge

SHALWhile everyone is in the festive mood, Pulse Entertainment is thinking bacchanal and will officially launch its Mash Party Truck with a grand Soca party at the 704 Lounge on Saturday evening. The vibes are in the air and the mood is right as we welcome Mash 2015, one that will be transformational and epic.

This Saturday evening, it will be ‘bare’ bacchanal as Pulse Entertainment commits to having one of the best party bands at the biggest Mashramani Float Parade on February 23, 2015.

The launch party will feature Trinidadian Soca Sensation Shal Marshall along with DJ X-Bass. Those who attend the event will get a sneak peek of Pulse Entertainment’s costumes that were designed by Olympia Small-Sonaram.

Tickets cost $3000, while ladies will be admitted free before 23:00h. Tickets are available at Gizmos and Gadgets, Glamour Designer Brands, 704 Lounge, and Movietown DVD Club.

On Saturday, it is just the launch of the Mash Band being celebrated, but come Mash Day, partyholics will be treated to great music by Shal Marshall, DJ X-Bass, Soca singer Olatunji and DJ Parliament all out of Trinidad and Tobago. More attractions are expected to be added.

The launch party is sponsored by Faxe Beer – Beer for Real Men, Gizmos and Gadgets, Glamour Designer Brands, Real FM, and BOOM FM.

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“Red Light District” for Club Next

christmas-costumes-red-lace-sexy-babydoll-christmas-costume-009213Sean Major Entertainment Group is all set to entertain its supporters with the return of the sexiest party to ever touch Guyana. The event called “Red Light District – Miss Naughty Claus Edition” will be held at Club Next, Princess Hotel and Casino on Saturday, December 20.

The party is expected to be crazy and the promoters are calling on partyholics from near and far to be present, since it is one that you don’t want to miss. More so, it will be the weekend before we celebrate Christmas. Come out and be entertained by live cage dancers, body paint models and shot girls. Patrons can also enjoy the drink specials including buy one Eldorado 15 or 12 year old rum and get another bottle absolutely free.

Of course, steaming up the dance floor will be Trinidad and Tobago’s own DJ Red. He will be joined by DJ Smidjit, Blax Bee, and Countri Boi. Tickets to the event cost $2000 in advance but more at the door.

Tickets are available at Princess Hotel Front Desk, Princess Fun City Family Centre Ticket Booth, Vinu’s Shoebox, and Sean Major Entertainment. For more ticketing centres info – call 647-6072.

“Red Light District” is sponsored by The Publik, Simply White Spa, and Vinu Shoe Box and is promoted by the Sean Major Entertainment.

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“Mystic” set to invade Skeldon on Boxing Day

BerbiceGuyanese Reggae singer Romeo Nirmal, popularly known as “Mystic”, will bring the house down on Friday, December 26 when the “Real Coolie Boy” show is hosted at Line Path Ground, Skeldon, Corentyne, Berbice.

The show is promoted by Dreamz Unlimited out of Berbice. “Mystic”, who hails from Black Bush Polder, Corentyne, is expected to perform to a sold-out crowd at the Line Path Ground. It will be his maiden performance in the Ancient County.

The singer says he will be performing many of his old Reggae hits and of course, his current hit song. It gets better, since he will be launching his newest single.

The show will also feature a number of talents and rising stars from throughout Guyana, including artistes from Berbice such as Saint and Slim Minus from Floodyard Records. Reigning Chutney King Pooran Seeraj, the Ishara Dance Group, and many other attractions will definitely add some flavour to the event.

Tickets for the show cost $1000 and are available at Imran and Sons and Imran and Daughters General Store in Rose Hall Town and La Grill in New Amsterdam. For more information, call 604-7999.

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UNCENSORED 6 for NCC December 27 and 28

Play 1 Play 3 Play 4The excitement is in the air as SIGNATURE Productions plans to close 2014 with a bang as it stages its sixth annual edition of UNCENSORED, on Saturday, December 27 and Sunday, December 28, at the National Cultural Centre (NCC).

Since its debut about five years ago, the show has been a much-anticipated event attracting overwhelming public support. UNCENSORED is all about sending serious messages under the guise of comedy and in the process, discovering new stand-up comedians. It is an adult-oriented stand-up comedy production showcasing Guyana’s premier veteran comedians along with the rising stars.

As always, the first night of the show this year will feature a competition between the junior comedians. Approximately 13 competitors will vie for the title of Guyana’s best UNCENSORED comedian and the privilege to perform on the second night of the show. On the second night, those labelled heavyweights will take the stage.

Performers include Henry Rodney; Lyndon “Jumbie” Jones; Leza “Radika” Singh; Kwasi “Ace” Edmondson; Odessa Primus; Kirt “Chubby” Williams; Michael Ignatius; Max Massiah; Brian Goodman; Jermaine Grimmond; Floyd Martindale; Sean Thompson; Mark Luke Edwards; Savitri Singh; Adrian and Patrick Chanderban.

Tickets for the show cost $1000, $1500 and $2500 and are available at the National Cultural Centre, Giftland OfficeMax, Elegance Jewellery and Pawn Shop, Gizmos and Gadgets, Payless Variety Store, Nigel’s Supermarket, and from Sir Mars. The laughter starts at 20:00h and patrons are advised that the dress code is in effect.

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Boot strapping…

…“civil society”

Ever so often, the countries that “know better” and tutor us into becoming “civilised”, redefine our society so that we can “get with the programme”. THEIR programme of course!! Which has to be periodically updated. For instance, in our fathers’ time, our society was divided into those who were “communist” and those who weren’t. The latter were the “good guys” and were given mucho dollars by the Americans to make sure the former got their comeuppance.

In those days, a fella by the name of Peter D’Aguiar knew a good thing when he saw one, and launched an “anti-communist” crusade with funding from folks in the good old US of A. When the old communist bogeyman just rolled over and expired, and there were no “public enemy # 1” to rile up the folks against a government the US didn’t like, they suddenly decreed that “all governments” were suspect. Even those elected in the democratic fashion they’d insisted was what those nasty communists were denying us!

To take on any such government that might’ve gotten on their bad side – for reasons they “educate” us about – the US encouraged the formation of “Non Governmental Organisations” NGOs – which they funded through their Government Funded Organisations (GFOs)!!! For example, there’s this US GFO called USAID, which funds NGOs in Guyana such as the Blue CAPS, SASOD or this motley crew calling itself the Guyana National Council on Public Policy (GNCPP). These NGOs work in what the US calls “Civil Society” – which is all people outside of Government.

From the definition of these NGO organisations then, the Government’s the “bad guy”. Now if it’s one thing that’ll get folks to sign up with an organisation, it’s the promise of feeding at the trough of free money. And as we can see…from the old-time “hard guava” days of groups opposed to the PNC who had to scrounge around for lunch much less full-page ads in the paper, in the past couple of years, it’s literally been raining NGOs – for women, for youths, for Gays, for fornicators or whatever. Why in Cuba even Hip Hop artistes could get funding!! And we did get some Punk Band, didn’t we??All you had to say was you’re opposed to the Government.

Heavily funded, being able to host fancy conferences with hors d’oeuvres and wine, fly off to exotic foreign locales and generally living high off the hog is the lot of the NGO.

Who said that regime change couldn’t be fun?? Can’t tell that to the US and its NGOs!!

…nut job

And that brings us to Phillip Mozart Thomas and his Guyana National Council on Public Policy (GNCPP) which held its long promised Conference yesterday. It was supposed to launch the Mother of All Civil Society Organisations in Guyana!! From today no other NGO can speak for anyone – Thomas now straddles the NGO world like a colossus. And who’s this fella?

Well, even his hired flack says he’s eccentric even as he claims “He has Doctorates, Masters and Degrees from various American schools, including the National Defence University, National War College, Berne University, Mercer University School etc, etc, etc). When contacted, every one of these institutions denied that Thomas had even crossed their doors, much less earned degrees.

Close readers of the news would remember that this Thomas went to the CCJ to vitiate the 2006 elections and went to the local High Courts to stop the 2011 elections.

But the $500 million (Was USAID that generous??) he claims to have (and this is only for “starters”) will certainly get some nuts to be at his side.

We’ll see who these are today.

…Lalloo Ram

We’re betting dollars to donuts Lalloo Ram’s gonna be there! Has there ever been a photo-op this pervert’s missed?? He’ll try to pluck the dollars from Thomas with his tweezers?? Then maybe not. That’s public money not PUBIC money!!

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Doubtin Thomas and doubtful Thomas

De Good Book had a man name Thomas in de New Testament. Well, Thomas was a reasonably decent man. He was de kinda man who nowadays people woulda seh: “he not too bad”. Or as old people woulda seh: “he don’t trouble no body”.

Thomas in nowadays time woulda be de opposite of Lalloo and Cling Tongue. No body can ever describe Lalloo as a man who don’t trouble no body. Because he trouble even he own family. And he trouble dem real bad.

Like Lalloo, Cling Tongue is another one who no body can never seh don’t trouble no body. Cling Tongue does trouble a lotta dem lil gyal around de Town. Word is that de tongue does cause some of de trouble and cling on strong.

So strong that he does take long to realise that he wrong. And by de time he realise that he wrong, he does quickly tell dem lil gyals: “so long”. Hopefully, Lalloo and Cling Tongue can learn some ting from Thomas in de Good Book.

Thomas only problem was that he hadda doubtin problem. Thomas was a man who used to doubt every ting whah he hear and doubt every ting whah he see. So when Thomas hear people sayin that de Good Man had raise from de dead, he doubt that too.

So Thomas tell de people he had to see de Good Man to believe that he raise from de dead. Well, suddenly one day de Good Man appear, that is, acccordin to the Good Book. But Thomas doubt that too and seh he had to touch.

Well, Guyana gotta Thomas now and he gotta doubtin problem too. But de problem ain’t that he doubtin people. Thomas problem is that people doubtin he.

Ting-a-ling-a-ling…friend tell friend…mattie tell mattie! And right now this Thomas fella so doubtful that people ain’t got no doubt that every ting whah he seh is very doubtful.

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…in Guyana

In George Orwell’s dystopian “1984″, we learn about the “Thought Police” – otherwise known as “Thinkpol”. They’re supposed to ferret out transgressions that are only being THOUGHT about.

Don’t ask us “how?”…that’s not the point. The point Orwell was making about the “totalitarian imperative” is there are folks who’re so convinced of their “rightness”…they’ll try to silence contra opinions by whatever means necessary. Think Nazis and gas chambers.

Orwell was spoofing totalitarian Governments…but this urge to deny the freedom of thought to others is alive and kicking in lots of folks outside of Government. And not surprisingly, you’ll find most of them doing their darndest to get into Government – to have the full apparatus of the state to silence “the other”.

Take this fella Ruel Johnson who still doesn’t accept he’s much too long in the tooth to play the enfant terrible. He just comes across as mean, petty, spiteful – and gauche. Look at his recent attack on Ian McDonald.

Now McDonald isn’t this Eyewitness’ favourite cup of tea. But hey!! Whatever drivel or doggereled opinion he wants to put out…it’s a free country no?? Well, not if you ask Johnson.

Prodded on why he didn’t leave his papers to UG rather than UWI, McDonald replied, “I do not believe, even with all the efforts being made, that Guyana has a matching facility.” Now, how dare he say that!!?? What the heck does McDonald mean by mentioning “all the efforts being made”?? Doesn’t he know that not an iota of effort was expended to improve Guyana’s archival capacity??

And even if he knows different, how dare he express the thought in print?? If Johnson and posse had the equipment McDonald’s brain would’ve been fried the moment he had that treasonable thought!

But going even further, Johnson demanded that we forget the “sterling literary credentials” of McDonald . We should note “the social, and perhaps moral, limitations of his (McDonald’s) interventions into the reality of life and politics in Guyana.”

Whew…that’s quite a mouthful!! What “reality of life in Guyana”? That he cobbled Johnson’s first book of poems and entered him for the Guyana Prize?? That he was silent when the soon bloated-headed Johnson ripped viciously into his wife and the mother of his child on social media??

Politics?? That McDonald didn’t intervene with the Ministry of Culture when Johnson demanded to be made Editor of the Guyana Press at $3 million??

The moral?? We’ll give a rain check on that. That litany will be longer than the collected works of Karl Marx. And as tedious!!

…on prorogation

Ahhh…how low has the mighty fallen!! The WPA’s holding a symposium on “prorogation” and they can’t field all the speakers from their ranks?? They’d better be careful – they might be taken for that Thomas fella – with more letters behind his name than the dictionary – but unable to get a single invited reputable person to be at his side!!

And he doesn’t even have Kuh Kuh Beh!!

So guess who’s accompanying Dr Clive Thomas at the head table?? Carl Greenidge!!! The same Greenidge Thomas skinned up so badly when he (Greenidge) was PNC’s Finance Minister – he was laughed out of every gathering of progressive economists since!

We’d sure like to hear what this enemy of Walter Rodney will say about “prorogation” as a political weapon!! So while he was basking in Brussels, Greenidge was boning up on political strategy – as well as Brussels Sprouts!??

Of the third panellist, the less said the better – Chris “Lalloo” Ram. What can a 70-year old, fresh out of law school, say about “the legality of prorogation”?? It can be “tweezed”??

…on prosecution

Mook Lall knows which limb to jump on – Lalloo Ram’s. That publicity hound’s only reason to be at the side of Lall on the latter’s protest in front of the DPP’s was to get his photo in a paper!!

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This dastardly act can find no support in Islam

Dear Editor,

The Central Islamic Organisation of Guyana (CIOG) and all humanity are horrified at the despicable atrocities that were visited upon the innocent children, teachers and staff of the school in Peshawar, Pakistan.

Our children irrespective of nationality, religion or creed are citizens of the world, and deserve our care, protection and assistance to enhance their educational skills, in order that they may in the future fulfil the role in ensuring the continuity of life and service to mankind.

This dastardly act can find no support despite the cause or struggle, and citizens of the world, irrespective of religion, colour,or creed should join in its condemnation.

CIOG maintains that those who perpetrated this act, cannot be deemed Muslims, and no longer subscribe to the teachings of Islam and the laws that govern the lives of Muslims, the Holy Quran.

For those who claim they believe in the Holy Quran and Islam they must be aware of the quotation from Almighty God in the Quran which states:

“He who kills a soul unless it be (in legal punishment) for murder or for causing disorder and corruption on the earth will be as if he had killed all humankind; and he who saves a life will be as if he had saved the lives of all humankind.” (The Qur’an, Al-Ma’idah, 5:32).

Anyone defying this order cannot hold steadfast to the realms of Islam.

The CIOG prays that those who perpetrate these acts and claim to be Muslims, would bring an immediate cessation to their activities, pause and reflect on the true and rich teachings of our beloved Prophet (OWBP), and the commandments given by the Almighty to all his Prophets, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad (OWBP).

The Muslim communities of Guyana, the President and Executives of CIOG and all God-fearing people join in offering our sincere condolences to the family and relatives of the deceased, and to the people and Government of Pakistan.

We pray that the Almighty God will grant a peaceful resting place for the innocence that departed the world, and patience and perseverance to the families.


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