November 21, 2014

Five contestants, six international titles

Alexander Fiedtkou

Alexander Fiedtkou

. . . Mr Guyana International Competitors to make Guyana proud

Five contestants of the recently-concluded Mr Guyana International Competition have been chosen to represent Guyana at six international pageants in 2015.

These include newly-crowned Mr Guyana International Paul Charles, and his former competition in the persons of Ryan Washington, Colwyn Abrams, Kevin Bhagrat and Alexander Fiedtkou.

First up, Charles will participate in the Mr Caribbean and Mr Worldwide Competition. A date for the Mr Caribbean contest is yet to be finalised, but the Mr Worldwide Competition is slated for Orlando, Florida on September 6, 2015.

The competition entails sport and talent contests, the National Costume competition and more importantly, the candidates must prepare a video on their preparations for the pageant. All the preliminary competitions will be held behind closed doors.

On the other hand, Ryan Washington will represent Guyana at Mr Model International Competition in 2015. The date for this competition will be announced in March 2015.

Colwyn Abrams

Colwyn Abrams

Colwyn Abrams will represent Guyana at Mr Global Tourism Competition 2015. Mr Global Tourism is an international male pageant, a brand of Face of the World Organisation. This competition was created to promote world unity, and encourage education and promotion of global tourism.

The contestants will be judged on their looks, intelligence, fitness, and style. Mr Global Tourism will host a two-day workshop as an awareness campaign on safe travel, tourist protection, and tourist destination identification, development, marketing and promotion. The theme for the seminar is “tourism development, identification and funding towards promotion of global peace, unity and friendship for business”.

A new date for Mr Global Tourism will be announced later, but the pageant will be hosted in Toronto, Canada.

Kevin Bhagrat will represent Guyana at Mr Wonderful World 2015. The aim of the annual Mr Wonderful World Pageant is to give all men the opportunity to come together in one setting, regardless of their background, to build relationships with other men who are working diligently to make a positive impact in the life of a child in need of love.

Delegates will have the opportunity to visit and enjoy the beautiful host country with its unique range of natural and cultural attractions, as well as other destinations.

Kevin Bhagrat

Kevin Bhagrat

During their stay, they will be assured of fun-filled holiday activities and inspirational natural and cultural experiences. The delegates will compete in various events: photo sessions, presentations to the media, visits to authorities, and presentation in bathing suit and evening wear among others. The final event will be held on Sunday, September 27, 2015 in Panama.

Finally, Alexander Fiedtkou will represent Guyana at Mr Caribbean International 2015. Mr Caribbean International (MCI) aims to promote positive images of Caribbean men. Through its annual competition, MCI supports its delegates in their display of intellect, talent, community involvement, and physical fitness while showcasing the richness and diversity of their cultures.

Paul Charles

Paul Charles

Ryan Washington

Ryan Washington

A date for this pageant has not yet been fixed.

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Second batch of early bird tickets for “Boombastic” Concert released

boomThe first batch of early bird tickets for the “Boombastic” Concert were sold out and as such, the promoter, Golden Boy Entertainment, released another 1500 early bird tickets on Thursday. These tickets are available at Ashmin’s on High Street, Georgetown at a cost of $2500.

With one week to go before the concert, the promoter confirmed that all plans are in place for the mega event. Preparations at the concert venue (the Guyana National Stadium, East Bank Demerara) have already started and the final tasks are expected to be completed in a few days.

The show, slated for next Saturday, will be epic with the smooth grooves of Mr Boombastic himself, Shaggy, and his entire band.

Apart from Shaggy and his band, there will be Christopher Martin, Baby Cham, Lady O, Kranium and the locals, including Jory, Lil Million and a host of others. The artistes are known for their energetic and versatile performances, and patrons can expect the best in Soca, Reggae, Dancehall, R&B and other genres of music.

As the event draws near, Golden Boy Entertainment is making all the necessary arrangements to have one of the safest concerts ever whereby patrons will be well protected as they party down to the vibes. Thanks to the elevated 31-footx31-foot LED screen, which will be set up, everyone will be able to see what is happening on stage.   It is the first time such a large screen will be erected at the Stadium for a concert. In addition, there will be 250 new stadium lights to create that party-like atmosphere on stage.

Regular tickets are available at White Castle Fish Shop; Smart Aid Pharmacy; M & M Snackette; Two Brothers Service Station (West Coast Demerara); Rubis Vlissengen Road Service Station; Moori Toori, Laing Avenue; Joseph’s Record Bar; Full Range Record Bar; Lifestyles Boutique; Colors Boutique; and That Look Boutique.

There are no early bird stage-front tickets; these tickets cost $16,000 and are available at Glamour Designer Brands and King’s Jewellery World.

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Packed weekend at 704 Lounge

kiThe place to be this weekend is the 704 Lounge and Sport Bar for some of the hottest parties in town. The first event kicks off this evening — “Up Town Fridays”. The heat will be turned on with a special appearance by Selector Diamond from Fusion International, who is known for his excellent selection of music ranging from Soca to Dancehall.

He will team up with DJ Tallest. Admission to “Up Town Fridays” cost $2500. Ladies will be admitted free until 23:30h.

The action continues on Saturday evening with a live performance by International Chutney King KI as Southland International officially launches its Carlsberg Beer.

He will be joined by DJ Sheriff out of Trinidad and Tobago. KI, who is known for his hyped performances, is scheduled to arrive in Guyana this morning and will be making a few television and radio appearances. He promises to take over the stage on Saturday evening as he dishes out some of his latest tunes, including his Chutney Soca Monarch song.

BoxingThere will be special Carlsberg promotions all night along with giveaways. Tickets for this event cost $2000 and are available at the Lounge on Albert and Lamaha Streets or at Southland International, Brickdam. The live performance starts at 22:00h.

Also, on Saturday evening, boxing fans can view the most-talked-about boxing event this weekend, which will see Manny Pacquiao battling Chris Algieri. Both boxers are known for their upper cuts and all the action will be captured on big screen at the 704 Sports Bar. Patrons will enjoy drinks specials and lots of cutters. Fight time is 21:00h.

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Police Gymkhana heads to Linden this Sunday

Gymkhana 1Lindeners have an opportunity on Sunday to witness and be part of the Guyana Police Force (GPF) Gymkhana, which is expected to feature a number of spectacular and breathtaking acts. The event is slated for the Bayroc Community Centre Ground, Wismar, Linden.

The GPF’s Gymkhana is a regular feature on the Force’s calendar of activities, and will also be held on the East Coast and West Bank of Demerara and in Berbice.

Gymkhanas are part of the Force’s outreach programme which provide the Police with the opportunity to display their skills, agility and physical prowess to the public, while allowing for closer interaction between the Police and citizens.

The highly-entertaining programme will include grasstrack motorcycle racing, displays by the Police Mounted Branch and sniffer dogs, tug-of-war, athletics, gymnastics, drill and karate displays, and pony rides.

Gymkhana 2The Police Mounted Branch will take the horses through various drills, including jumping through fire and musical chairs.

The Police Canine Branch with their tracker dogs will perform various tricks. The Majorette groups will be displaying various skills too.

The various Police motorbike divisions, including traffic, will also be part of the day’s activities. Foot-drill, late-for-work, and bounty-hunting displays will be on show, and the Police Military Band will also show off their skills in what they do best.

Bikers from various biker clubs and grasstrack riders will feature too at the day’s proceedings. There will also be lots of activities for children, including bouncy castle, trampoline, and face painting. Admission to the event is absolutely free and showtime is 11:00h.

The Police Force have held two previous Gymkhanas so far this year at the Police Sports Club, Eve Leary, and the Uitvlugt Community Centre Ground, West Coast Demerara, where hundreds of citizens were entertained.

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Nonsense on stilts…

…from Gaskin

Ramon Gaskin’s been a fixture on the political scene for quite a while. If one isn’t too sure of the meaning of the word “gadfly” – think Gaskin. Basically, he gets his nose in things about which he doesn’t even have the faintest acquaintance.

His shtick is to get a rise from folks who’re not on his good books. With the prorogation issue occupying centre stage now, it would’ve been more than passing strange if Gaskin hadn’t plunged in. As usual, he just demonstrated that he’s way out of his depth.

The first “point” Gaskin makes is a howler. He claims the prorogation power of the President in Article 70 must be seen “in the context of the entire Constitution”. Fair enough. He should’ve quit while he was ahead. He then asserts that since the Opposition has the power and (presently) capacity to pass a No-Confidence Motion, then the President’s power of prorogation is null and void!!

So we guess by this Gaskinian flight of fancy, if perchance, the Opposition had actually passed its No-Confidence Motion, the President could’ve claimed that “within the context of the entire Constitution, his prorogation power made the No-Confidence Motion “null and void””! An irresistible force meeting an immovable object and all that. Kaboom!!!

Lest we be accused of unnecessarily cavilling with Gaskin, let’s quote a commentary from the 2013 “Canadian Parliamentary Review” commenting on how PM Harper, facing in December 2008 an imminent Vote of No-Confidence in the House of Commons, sought and received consent from the Governor General for Parliament be prorogued until January 26, 2009.

“Any analysis of the prorogation of Parliament of December 4, 2008 must differentiate between the formal loss of confidence and an imminent loss of confidence. A formal loss of confidence occurs when a majority of the Members of Parliament of the House of Commons …carry a motion of non-confidence.

“Public statements or written declarations signed outside the House of Commons would constitute an imminent or perceived loss of confidence in the Government. The principle of Parliamentary sovereignty means that only the will of the House as an institution prevails. This does not include the opinions of a group of Members of Parliament speaking outside of the House of Commons. Confidence can only be withdrawn on a formal vote, not in an extra-parliamentary fashion or forum.

“An imminent or perceived loss of confidence differs substantively from a formal loss of confidence; therefore, the idea that the Governor General should ever treat an imminent loss of confidence as a formal loss must be rejected.”

Will Gaskin now retire gracefully?? We doubt it.

…from Nagamootoo

The AFC – via Nagamootoo, the man who’ll be its Presidential Candidate if Ramjattan is allowed to run roughshod over the party’s principles – went into raptures over the Ombudsman’s “Report” on the allegations of the fired NBS Executives. And why not?

The Ombudsman – with the vigour and eagerness of the typical “new broom” – went on like a bull in a China Shop after the reputations of several governmental officers – including Nagamootoo’s bête noir former President Jagdeo – on absolutely nothing more that the complainant «he seh, she seh» kind of hearsay.

Now we can forgive Nagamootoo›s effusiveness over the report – after all, as the only man who heard Cheddi Jagan anoint him his successor – he›s understandably miffed («pissed??) that he was passed over for Jagdeo. And then again he might›ve slept through his recent classes in «Evidence» at Law School. It›s a bitch to keep awake in your 70s.

But what›s Moore›s excuse?? Can›t be just the «new broom» syndrome. APNU sleeper who got past the PPP/C›s radar??

…looking for himself

Granger presented quite a quandary to his minions at his party’s picketing of OP. One placard asked, “Where is the dictator??” When Granger finally arrived, even his own staff swivelled to look at him!!! Oops!!

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Back to school Party at Buddy’s

backtoschoolmatilda2-347x4502It’s time to start the holiday season! Buddy’s Nightclub and Team MMR present the High School Party this Saturday at the new and improved nightclub.

Get dressed in any high school gear and enter free all night. Enjoy $300 shots of Smirnoff and Baileys and $200 shots of El Dorado 5-Year-Old Rum. The Holiday Launch special admission price is $1000.

Team MMR Selector Andy and Partyboss WR ReaZ will be playing it MMR style – the best in Bollywood, Chutney, Soca, Dancehall and more. It’s high school all over again at Buddy’s Nightclub this Saturday.

Also, those who wish to go out after a hard week’s work need to be part of the Friday night party called “Prescription Friday”. It is the ultimate Soca Friday at Buddy’s Nightclub.

Get your PRESCRIPTION of FREE rum shots in syringes from the Buddy’s Night Nurse… Ladies FREE before 22:30h. “Prescription Friday” will feature the hottest music on the market.

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Miss Guyana Talented Teen to compete in Caribbean contest in St Kitts

Sooklall 2Reigning Miss Guyana Talented Teen Reesa Sooklall is expected to wing out of Guyana on December 27 in the company of the franchise holder and Simpli Royal Director Pamela Dillon, to compete in the Miss Caribbean Talented Teen Pageant.

The pageant, which will see fierce competition among the delegates representing the Caribbean nations, will take place in St Kitts-Nevis on December 30. Dillon, in a phone interview, expressed satisfaction with the preparatory work of the reigning queen, noting that she was determined to win the title.

In St Kitts, she is expected to compete in the talent, introductory, evening wear and intelligence segments. The talent competition will be in the form of a theatrical presentation, while the introduction will require an ambassadorial speech.

Sooklall, who was born on October 8, 1999, is described as an outgoing, compassionate, vibrant, talented and down-to-earth teenager who is full of energy. . Her upbringing in the quiet village of Mon Repos on the East Coast of Demerara definitely shaped her outlook. She has an older sister, who is her companion and guide.

The 15-year-old Sooklall is a proud third-form science student of Queen’s College and dreams of one day becoming an Obstetrician/Gynaecologist. She had her early education at the Starter’s Nursery School and Graham’s Hall Primary School.

Sooklall 1During her spare time, she enjoys playing the guitar, dancing, skating, painting, playing with her pets or playing outdoor sports (her favourite outdoor sport is cricket). She also has a special interest in photography and making bracelets.

As Miss Guyana Talented Teen 2014, she has been able to meet with other teens and has been inspiring them with talks on self-esteem building. She hopes to create a positive impact on other teenagers’ life.

Her days are filled with school, lessons, guitar classes, dance classes, modelling classes and her sessions with children from her former daycare and her friends at the Child Care and Protection Agency. Sooklall is also living a childhood dream of being a model after signing with Traits Model Management.

The talented young woman is also an advocate for raising awareness on global warming and its effects, since it is a major concern in promoting a safe earth.

Her advice to other teens is “you don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great. Be confident in yourself and never doubt your potential. Beauty isn’t only about having a pretty face; it’s about having a pretty mind, a pretty heart and a pretty soul.”

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Prince JP launches CSM song “One Woman Lover”

Prince JPLocal chutney sensation Prince JP will be releasing his latest single titled “One Woman Lover” today on Mega Mix Reload at 15:00h with WR Reaz. The song, which is expected to create a stir on the airwaves, will also be released in Trinidad and Tobago and a few radio stations in New York.

The new single was written by Prince JP, and was produced and mixed by Avenash Roopchand, the lead keyboardist of the Shakti Strings Orchestra. The song was recorded in the Shakti Strings Studios.

The song showcases that persons in relationships must remain faithful to their partners; despite each partner having a past, the new and future life must be one that is based on trust and honesty. The song, according to the young artiste, is based on his personal experience.

With the release of this new tune, Prince JP is still to decide whether or not to participate in the upcoming Chutney Competition organised by the Culture, Youth and Sport Ministry in observance of Guyana’s Republican Anniversary in February.

However, he said that he will continue to release songs to please his fans who have been his driving force.

“One Woman Lover” has the potential to reach the top, as Prince JP has several hits under his belt, but, based on initial reviews, this is the best thus far. The artiste is in the process of recording another song titled “Guyana”, which will be done in a slower rhythm.

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Wonder if Green Jah gon getta wuk

A very sensible letter writer write a letter de other day and seh how Poopnarine done live out he political usefulness. That’s a lotta big words just to tell a man that he is a No-Good. And long ago de old people used to put a “F” word between de “No” and de “Good”.

But Poopnarine is done a old man arready. So old people don’t diss dem mattie old people by usin that kinda language, even though de NFG title fit Poopnarine perfectly a long time now.

Is no wonder Green Jah don’t want Poopnarine poopin around in de AP-NOO set up any more. In fact, not even de W-Pee-Hey want Poopnarine poopin in dem party any more either. Dem know that gon be messin wid pee plus poop.

Wid a man at Poopnarine age, not even a doctor can know how much peein and poopin he capable of. And wid whah tek place at de AP-NOO protest de other day, it look like he capable of a lotta poop.

A reporter seh he see Poopnarine buyin green guava de other day and he did’t know why. Is only after Poopnarine done talk de other night at de AP-NOO rally that he realise why he had need so many small round lookin tings.

Lucky de green guava had wuk in time fuh Rum Jhaat and de Nagga Man. But is a pity it don’t wuk all de time fuh dem.

Well, just like how a crab ketcher can’t ketch crab wid out gettin mud pun he skin, is de same way Green Jah he self gettin just as messy as de poopin in he party. Soon dem might end up as a party of poopers wid Poopnarine leadin that section, but only if Green Jah change he mind.

Ting-a-ling-a-ling…friend tell friend…mattie tell mattie! And was more poop de other day when Green Jah seh if he turn de Prezzi, certain people wid criminal connections gon can’t wuk wid he Guvament. So wonder if Green Jah gon getta wuk?

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Irresponsible statements

Guyanese citizens are currently being bombarded with comments from some of our political leaders which, in our view, are considered racially insensitive and distasteful.

It must be noted that these statements are not coming from the mouths of young or new politicians, they are indeed coming from senior Members of Parliament who should be well aware of the responsibility they have, not only to themselves to behave in a mature and respectful manner, but to the people they serve.

Following the President’s Proclamation on the prorogation of Parliament, an act that falls within the Constitution, members of the combined Opposition held a meeting in the Chambers of the National Assembly, where several utterances were made, some of them being extremely vitriolic and certainly unsubstantiated.

APNU MP Carl Greenidge referred to King Charles losing his head for the prorogation Parliament. He was reported in the media as saying:

“The case of King Charles is an interesting one. I know that you are familiar with the history from which this Constitution derives its origin, and when Charles prorogued his parliament in 1929, I don’t think he had anticipated the route on which he was setting out. Charles of course was the steward King who lost his head directly as a result of the proroguing and the activities that followed from the proroguing.”

There were many comments made by AFC Members of Parliament Khemraj Ramjattan and Moses Nagamoottoo, and APNU Leader David Granger, that in different ways were considered to be veiled threats of violence, and violence against Government.

The utterances made by Ramjattan were distasteful and could be viewed as inciting racial tension. He was alleged to have said:

“This PPP/C is provoking that which could very well be very serious to itself, but it has the spin master. I want to tell especially the East Indian constituents in this country this is exactly where the PPP/C wants us and they are going to make the spin. They are going to get their people, if people start demonstrating. They are going to get their people to beat up East Indians.”

Almost daily there are accusations being leveled against public officials of corruption and the Government’s intention to use the prorogation period to “thief more” without any evidence being provided to substantiate these claims.

Leaders must be willing to engage in debates and discussions on real issues and refrain from making statements which they cannot prove or those which cannot stand the test of scrutiny. Making such allegations does not add in any way to the level of political discourse that voters, especially young people, expect.

The Parliament Chambers was used as the platform to launch these attacks on the Government and the Head of State. The Speaker who presided over the ‘sitting’ did not caution the MPs at any point in time about the highly insensitive and irresponsible comments that were being made.

There must be a Code of Conduct for politicians, one similar to the Code of Conduct that was established for media owners and practitioners during the last four national elections held in Guyana. Such a Code would seek to provide clear guidelines for politicians and political parties in relation to their conduct, especially during elections campaigning.

Whenever they step outside of these guidelines they must be sanctioned accordingly. Now that elections are eminent, perhaps the relevant stakeholders may want to seriously consider establishing a Code of Conduct for political parties and a facility to monitor compliance thereof.

All political parties, including both the ruling PPP/C, the APNU and AFC, must act maturely and make decisions in the best interest of the country and its people.

In situations such as this, one does not get everything he/she wants, but in negotiating, if one puts country first ahead of any party or self interest, there is a high possibility that the solution will be in the nation’s interest.

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