April 1, 2015

No 11 % dowry…

…at Whim
Nagamootoo insists the relationship forged by him and Granger is a “marriage”. And it isn’t a marriage they went into on a whim!! What’s now revealed is they went into a secret courtship immediately after the elections of 2011. Nagamootoo’d been nominated by the AFC for the Speakership. But Granger played “hard to get” by choosing Raphael Trotman!!

It’s clear that this is an “old fashioned” marriage – a marriage of families, not just the bride and groom. The negotiations for the wedding took over a month – yet leaving a whole heap of matters still outstanding.

It was of more than passing interest that in front of his rich relatives in Queens, Nagamootoo threatened “divorce” if he didn’t get what he bargained for. Those New York Guyanese are serious about women’s rights!

But Nagamootoo also made promises as to what he’ll bring to the marriage. Granger had proven to Nagamootoo at Linden he could bring out his 40 per cent constituency. It was now up to Nagamootoo to show that he could deliver his promised 11 per cent from his Berbice constituency.

This was going to take place at Whim – where Nagamootoo came from. To the surprise of all and sundry, Nagamootoo revealed that Granger also hailed from Whim!! He’d first made “goo-goo eyes” at the future head of the GDF (and now his political spouse), when they were both in short pants exposing their dimpled knees!

So while it was billed as a “rally” in Whim, it was really to be a good, old-fashioned Sunday night Berbice wedding: the “unity” of the families/constituencies would be on show with the tapu drums.

Granger did his bit by arriving at the head of a huge “bariiat” of his 40 per cent constituency – with gaily decorated buses from as far away as Linden. The buses blared music all the way from Georgetown. This marriage consumption wasn’t going to be left to a whim!!

But sadly when Granger and his Bariiat arrived at Whim…it became clear there wasn’t going to be any 11 per cewnt!! It wasn’t that Nagamootoo stood up Granger – he was there with his “father” Ramjattan and his “big brother Ramaya”.

But the guests from Whim and the surrounding villages – who were to be Nagamootoo’s 11 per cent “dowry”, were nowhere to be seen.

It’s clear these folks don’t approve of Nagamootoo’s decision on a marriage partner. For years they were brutalised by Granger’s family and they obviously didn’t go for Nagamootoo’s “forget and forgive” line. They know that folks get married for all kinds of reasons – including greed and ambition.
So it looks like there will be a divorce after all. Granger finally saw the “pig” in the poke.

…and identity politics
The problem with Nagamootoo is his promise to Granger to deliver votes from Berbice is based on “identity politics”, but yet, simultaneously, he rejected that identity.

Nagamootoo’s spent his life trying to prove he’s “not an Indian Berbician”. Ironically at the same time, representation of people’s based on their self-expressed “identity” became accepted by mainstream politics. “Identity” – it was conceded – played a big role in determining “interests” – which was the object of politics.

He physically left Berbice, rejected the “Berbice cadences” (which Jagan never lost) and rounded up his mouth to speak a very artificial, stilted “English”. But Nagamootoo moved beyond rejecting his “Indian Berbice” identity to reject the wider “Indian Guyanese” identity.

In India, even though the folks who gave him an award explained “People of Indian Origin” was a cultural concept and didn’t mean a “citizen of political India”, he insisted he was “not an Indian”.

The Indian Guyanese chicken came home to roost at Whim.

…and the Whim Rally
Granger’s organisers obviously didn’t want to risk no one showing up at Whim. So they hired all those big buses to trawl in their committed constituency. But it backfired in exposing the hollowness of the claim to “national unity”!!

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Politics on the ground…

…with the AFC

With the elections under a month and a half away, the politicians are just beginning to hit stride. With the two big-time rallies last night at Kitty and Whim by the two elephants in the ring, we can see that it will be a “no holds barred” contest.

Even though your Eyewitness is writing this before those rallies are held, we can already see with the contest shaping up to be a close one – both parties will be going all out to give themselves a change to slip over the line first.

Whim is going to be a litmus test for the PNC-led APNU/AFC “coalition”. And that’s part of the problem right there, isn’t it? The AFC is doing everything and then some to signal it’s supporters that it’s not “really” in bed with the PNC. But no one’s buying THAT fairy tale…especially since the big, bad wolf has never really been defanged.

What did Obama say about his opponent Palin trying to change her image?? “You can put lipstick on a pig….but it’s still a pig!!”

And that’s the story of the PNC that’s become the dilemma of the AFC. The PNC could’ve done the “right thing” and apologise to the GUYANESE people – for their rigging, destruction of the economy, kick down the gang bandits, food bannings, mass migration etc… etc….

But Granger would have none of that. He still doesn’t believe the PNC did anything wrong!! But yet, following Desmond Hoyte’s “Reform”, “1 Guyana” and other appendages to the PNC to suggest it’d changed its stripes – Granger took cover in an “alliance” with some midgets. Didn’t fool anyone – the wolf still had its “big teeth” and the pig was still a pig.

And that’s why the AFC didn’t want to agree to a new, single name with APNU…It came up with the ridiculous “APNU+AFC”‘to suggest it still has its own identity. But they think the people have forgotten that once you go to the polls as one “entity” the seats are allocated to that entity – and no one can walk out! After the stunt that Ramjattan and Trotman pulled when they walked out from their respective parties – that stable door was closed statutorily!!! No crossing of floors no mo!!

So with Whim, being the home of Ramaya and Nagamootoo, they’ll get some curiosity seekers – what with all their Cha Chas and Chee Chees!! The PNC’s also going to bus in lots of it’s supporters from New Amsterdam. So they’ll have a crowd. But they should remember what President Ramotar said at the same locale three years ago: Nagamootoo is doing to get Larwah!!

…with the PPPC

The PPP/C’s suffering from the travails of incumbency. And with a party that’s been in office so long, voters have things to criticise. After all it ain’t possible for any Government of humans to do everything right. And folks will zoom in to those errors and shortcomings like laser-guided missiles!

For instance, hospitals?? Don’t talk about building hundreds of hospitals and having ten times more doctors that before. How come I couldn’t get my free diabetes pills within the hour! And so on and so forth.

The PPP/C will talk about their accomplishments at Kitty – but they’ve get with (modern) programme. Take a cue from the IRI that’s drilling Opposition youths in the wonders of hyperspace communications. But the PPP/C have also shot themselves in the foot by ignoring their political base.

They should remember the veteran Boston Congressman Tip O’Neil’s maxim: all politics is local.

…and over the air

The Muckraker’s owner’s still going on about “radio licenses”. Did he learn how to fill out the application form yet?? Last we heard, Shadik had rejected the note, “Me waan fuh talk pan ray-dyu…me NA know fuh write in me pay-pa”.

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Barefoot and pregnant…

…women of the PNC
The Americans have some very evocative expressions: keeping women “barefoot and pregnant” is one of them. “Barefoot – to make sure she’s not out in the “bright lights” – and “pregnant” so that she’s kept busy “minding” babies. The man is BOSS!! He is to be SERVED by HIS women.
In fact, one US women’s group ironically bestows a Barefoot and Pregnant Award “to persons in the community who have done the most to perpetuate outmoded images of women and who have refused to recognise that women are, in fact, human beings”.
Well, if Guyana had such an award (and, boy does it need one!) according to Africo Selman, the PNC-led APNU would win it hands down. Especially its leader, David Granger.
Selman’s a relative of one of the old female stalwarts of the PNC – Shirley Field-Ridley – who was a very bright lawyer and was made Education Minister by Burnham. She married Hamilton Green and died under very suspicious circumstances that led most folks to conclude she was murdered.
Selman has good PNC pedigree. But after eight years as a PNC parliamentarian, Selman quit the party and joined the PPP/C. Why?? Can’t say it’s “for the soup”. She waited until the Government was dissolved to make her announcement. Can’t be because the PPP/C’s a shoo-in at the upcoming elections: even the PPP/C would concede this election’s going down to the wire.
So why DID Selman leave the PNC?? For the simple reason, from her long and bitter experience, there’s no place in the PNC (or its place holder, APNU), unless you accept that your place is to be “barefoot and pregnant”.
You’re supposed to do the bidding of those who were born to be leaders – that is the males. According to Selman it wasn’t even just Granger – WPA Executive Desmond Trotman, who couldn’t even garner 10 votes at an election, could dress down her and other female young PM’s with impunity.
In an eye-opening interview in this newspaper, Selman revealed the pattern of abuse that males in the PNC dole out to women – excepting those like Amna Ali who revel in their “lapdog”, doormat role.
The proof of the subservience is in the roles women were allocated in the PNC. President or Presidential Candidate? None. PM?? None. Debra Backa was dropped like a hot potato after filling the “security portfolio” the moment Felix came aboard.
In contrast the PPP/C’s produced a female President and a female Prime Ministerial Candidate. The PNC has never “walked the walk” when it comes to females.
Barefoot and Pregnant is the best a PNC woman can aspire to.

…Third World
The late, great Lee Kuan Yew reminds us that Third World countries can’t accept the “barefoot and pregnant” ideology writ large: where the poorer countries have to be doormats for the richer ones. Here, the running assumption by the Opposition is if they bark every time the “developed” powers snap their fingers, they’ll get a stab to become “lapdogs in office”.
The Government recently seems to be falling into line. After belatedly complaining that the USAID-funded IRI’s behind an unsolicited “youth vote” initiative (recently joined with a women-funded group), they seem to have capitulated.
But the recent meeting of some foreign ambassadors with our Army top brass really crosses the line. Did our Secretary of Defence approve this intrusion into our most sensitive institution?
Can anyone imagine our Ambassador to Britain requesting a meeting with their Chiefs-of-Staff of their armed forces before their next elections?
They might do what they want to do in any case…but do we have to bend over??

An email from a NY PNCite big wig revealed the pressures they’ve exerted on Nagamootoo on what he can and can’t say. What did Martin Carter say about the mouth being “muzzled by the hand that feeds it?”

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…and improper political behavior

 There’s been an interesting discourse unfolding after former President Jagdeo advised his successor President Ramotar that, faced with the Opposition’s recalcitrance towards the development of Guyana, he ought to’ve been a bit more forceful with them.

A firestorm was created by the Opposition because he actually couched his advice in more earthy terms: “President Ramotar should’ve kicked some asses!”

Now one of the ways those with real power can keep others subjected is to control the latter’s language. Even if someone pissing all over you by say, breaking down your house, you should merely murmur politely, “Please desist from burning down my house”! And of course pretty soon you’re in the streets without a house!!

 And this is exactly what the Opposition was doing in Parliament when the Government was obligated to protect this house called Guyana. How many times did the Opposition try to burn down House Guyana?? Let’s look at just one, since this column isn’t given enough column inches.

Guyana faced with sanctions from global financial institutions because we hadn’t passed an Anti-Money Laundering/Countering the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CTF) Bill.

There wasn’t a country in sight – or an International Financial Institution – that didn’t advise the Opposition to pass the Bill. And it wasn’t as it if was the PPP/C Government that would’ve been blacklisted – it was GUYANA!! You’d think that would count for something, no??

Well….um…no! It didn’t count! There wasn’t a single clause the Opposition objected to…neither APNU nor AFC. In fact, the AFC actually tried to blackmail the Government: if the latter appointed a Procurement Commission, they’d sign along the dotted line!!

 Now the Procurement Commission might just’ve been fine and dandy…but if you care about your country – YOU JUST DONT BLACKMAIL IT!! Now your Eyewitness asks: wouldn’t it have been right to “kick some asses” around this issue?? Does this mean that Jagdeo was saying that Ramotar should’ve gone around assassinating people as David Hinds suggested he did??

 But the firestorm over saying “kick ass” demonstrates the power the Opposition possesses through its control of the media. This Eyewitness won’t equate it with Granger calling the PPP/C’s leaders “jackasses”. He’ll not even point out that during the Gulf oil spill, Obama said – to great acclaim – that he was looking for “whose asses to kick”. That’s not the point.

The point is that there’s no firestorm when the Opposition burns billions at Linden, or terrifies thousands at Agricola, or cuts funds that stymies Amerindian development, or gets Guyana financially blacklisted.

 Once they don’t say “kick some asses” it’s all right, no??


Seems that Vanessa Kissoon’s also in trouble with the PNC on what constitutes “proper” political behaviour. If it’s not one thing, it’s another. For a while there your Eyewitness thought she was just a mite too “touchy”…after all, he always felt that Oscar Clarke couldn’t possibly wrench those keys from her delicate little hands. Oscar’s too much an old school gentleman! No?

 But from what went down later, it does seem that old, male fogeys around Granger just don’t know what to do about her. Which is strange, since from the beginning of the PNC, it was women like Kissoon that made the PNC have whatever success it did. These were women with “balls” – pardon the expression!

 But we’re a tad disappointed with Kissoon in her latest escapade. After defending her “right to heckle”, she took time out to call the protestors/hecklers of Granger and Nagamootoo in Queens, “hoodlums and ghetto people.”

E tu heckler??


Seems the Piss Doctor from Whim (sounds like a bad limerick, no?? There was a Piss Doctor from Whim….”) doesn’t know how to apologise to Comrade Zulficar. How about him, twisting his ears, and saying, “Me sarry, Zulfie…me na gon cuss you na mo”? “?

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Counting chickens…

…by Opposition hangers-on

This Eyewitness isn’t sure why we’re having elections. If one were to go by the Opposition letter writers – they’ve already won the election and have moved on to discussing what they’ll be DOING after May 11.

Now these aren’t your everyday, day-dreaming, fringe-element types. Of the last two letters in this vein – Mike Archer’s an ex-GDF captain, supporting his old boss. Officially, he’s Granger’s PRO.

Sase “Thunderbolt” Singh’s been writing for the AFC – and now the PNC-led APNU coalition. He hosted Nagamootoo and Granger in his basement apartment in New York and gave what for him was a VERY big contribution. It’s the thought that counts, no?

Anyhow, in his letter in today’s Muckraker, he reveals what he must’ve told them – after he shovelled the snow blocking his basement’s side-entrance.

Firstly, if they follow his suggestions, they’ll bump Guyana’s growth rate upwards by more than five per cent!! And here it is that Obama with a gazillion economists at his disposal hasn’t been able to match Guyana’s PPP/C’s growth rate!! Why didn’t Thunderbolt get out of his armchair and amble over to Washington?? Anyhow what should the Opposition be doing after May 11 to deliver this MEGA growth rate??

First, “immediately releasing a 10 per cent across the board increase for all classes of workers”. Now your Eyewitness just looooves salary increases!! But? er…could Thunderbolt tell him how the PNC-led APNU Government’s gonna force his PRIVATE SECTOR boss to cough up that 10 per cent increase??

Last time your Eyewitness looked, the PNC’s wage controls were scrapped by no other than Desmond Hoyte! Are Granger and Nagamootoo bringing back the “co-op” Republic??

Evidently another “policy” that’ll give the growth rate that adrenalin rush is not to ship anything in its “raw” state in the first 100 days of the “new Administration”. So no more shipping of “raw rice”. Really!!

So what do we do with the 650,000 tonnes of rice we’ll be producing this year??  Well…duh!!! (to quote Thunderbolt’s friend, the Donkey Cart economist). We’ll all ship “cooked” rice!!!

OK…so maybe Thunderbolt meant to process the rice into cereals?? Jeez!!! Even Kellog’s doesn’t handle that much rice!! And there’s another challenge. The Thunderbolt’s gonna have to get Guyanese to kick their “thiefing” ways.

Even when the Flour Mill got free wheat from the US, and had a monopoly in the market, they kept losing money. Why??  Fellas like Sase stole them blind. Hence the name “Thunderbolt”! What “growth rate”?? Even in a pipe dream!

…and ballots

Your Eyewitness wanted to know why the PPP/C’s making all the fuss about “public vetting” of elections day GECOM staff. He thought the PPP/C was giving Surujbally “hard card”.

But he was in for a surprise when he got the answer – directly from the horse’s mouth, so to speak. What his “source”’- who worked for donkey’s years at GECOM – told him was that for the PPP/C, the election will be most definitely lost if the question “to vet or not to vet” isn’t answered “VET”!!!

The seemingly innocuous procedure of testing prospective Election Day workers might seem facially neutral – everybody takes the same test. But the important question isn’t who writes the test – it’s who MARKS the test …and who then calls who to tell them they’re hired.  All of these not-so-mundane tasks are tightly controlled by PNC loyalists in GECOM.

So come voting day, if even six selected votes are “spoiled” by these insider workers – that’s TWO seats right there from 2200 polling stations!! And imagine this is only ONE of the gambit in the Opposition’s polling arsenal. That’s why they can count their chickens??

…and roosting chickens

When with all its “cockishness”, the Oppsition still gets Larwah, come May 12. The chickens are gonna come home to roost. There will be weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth.

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Under cover…

…for the Brits

Well, well well!! Mouth open and story jump out!! Just when you thought you knew a fella, eh?? Answering an innocuous question as to whether he was going to be the “List Representative” of the PNC-led APNU/AFC coalition, Christopher “Lalloo” Ram revealed he’s a Britisher – and forbidden!! You could’ve knocked this Eyewitness down with the proverbial feather!!

The sly dog!! Imagine hectoring all and sundry in the PPP/C about their “betrayal” of our dear Republic, and Lalloo didn’t even have the decency to take out a Guyanese passport!! So when Lalloo travels abroad, he zips to the head of the line with his stiff upper lip!! Not like the rest of us slobs.

Well, a whole lotta things now make sense. Why did Ram change his name from “Lalbachan” to “Christopher”? Well, duh!!! (to quote Lalloo’s Donkey Cart economist pal!), no self-respecting Britisher can be called “Lallbachan”, wot?? Prunella Scales, or Mary Roundbottom maybe – but definitely not “Lallbachan”. That’s so…um…wog, no??

And the suspenders. This Eyewitness has been ragging Lalloo for so long about the suspenders. Not Guyanese: we just “baan” we belly when we have issues with our pants! Your Eyewitness now has to tender his apologies. Lalloo, poor fellow, had to do without his cravat and cummerbund at dinner – so why begrudge him his suspenders??

But most importantly the revelation explains why Lalloo Ram went to “work” for Maurice Bishop in communist Grenada just before Ronald Reagan invaded. This Eyewitness always wondered why a revolutionary communist state-in-the-making would need a British-trained Accountant?

Your Eyewitness doesn’t much about accountancy (nor biology or trigonometry, with apologies to Sam Cooke!), but he does know that communists keep different books than the British.

What’s now clear is that while the public was told Margaret Thatcher didn’t support her old buddy Reagan’s 1983 invasion of Grenada, in reality – SHE WAS BEHIND THE WHOLE SCHEME!! She’d sent her asset Lalloo and he would’ve sent all that info to the Iron Lady on the thousands of Cuban soldiers cleverly disguised as airport construction workers! And she’s passed it on to Ronnie!!

Imagine that!! The man is so modest that he’s never revealed that he was an asset for MI6 (or is it MI5?? Your Eyewitness is always confused.) Probably has his own number – 000002??

The question, of course, is “What’s been his mission for his British boss (“M” or “Q”??) since then?”

…structural factors

There are some folks out there who question why some other folks (like your Eyewitness?) bring up stuff from before 1992. Their point being that half the population weren’t around then and so – “what’s the point??”

It’s really sad that in a country where we should all appreciate that some of our present day problems (child fathers, anyone?) go all the way back to slavery – we have to listen to such trash.

Fact of the matter is that much of our behaviour is patterned by the behaviour of other persons and institutions – which was transmitted to them in the past. We’re not even aware of the behaviour that’s seen as “the way things are”. So let’s look at something from pre-1992 that we take for granted nowadays, but which – if we take notice – we’d change.

Take the rampant slackness of the Police. When the British were here you had little of that. Exception rather the rule. But the PNC had the police a lot of their dirty work…and pretty soon, it spread from the “political” to the social. And passed down.

We have to be reminded of the lessons of history….

…race question in Trinidad

Lots of Guyanese think that we have a race question because we’re poor: our groups are competing for the hustle. Trinidad has five times our income…and a recent report says their election’s gonna be just as polarised.


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Setting the stage

 …for trouble
David Granger’s on his “American Tour”. No…it’s not a musical tour…you’re thinking of “David Bowie”!! But David’s much more androgynous!!
Anyhow Granger took special care to dub the Chinese and Brazilians in Guyana as threats to Guyanese investing and prospering. With fellas like Granger who’ve been taught “strategy” at one of the better military institutions in Britain (MONS), this isn’t by chance.
Granger’s trying to solidify his base – and it’s trite mobilisational doctrine that creating a “them against us” psychology is one of the quickest ways to do this. But not so incidentally, it’s also the most dangerous – especially in a country that’s been wrecked by ethnic hostilities over the years because of accusations of “ethnic favouritism”. And it didn’t just start yesterday.
As a historian, Granger knows all about the riots against the Portuguese as far back as the 1850s and 1880s because the fears aroused in “local Guyanese” against the Portuguese “interlopers” by demagogues like Granger. “The Portuguese are taking over all the businesses and robbing the locals!” So of course to “rectify” matters their shops had to be burnt down. You fast forward to the 1960s and it’s the turn of the “Indian-Guyanese” shopkeepers to be turned into scapegoats.
But this kind of tactic to pit one set of Guyanese against other Guyanese will only bring Guyana down. Guyana’s a nation of immigrants – even our first peoples trekked her thousands of years ago from Asia. But in a modern state, once you’ve become a citizen of a country, while you’re subject to all the duties such as earning a living, etc, you have a right to whatever patrimony the nation offers. Chinese have been here since the 1850s…as the work of the just deceased Mrs Kirkpatrick reminds us.
Whether the “new” Chinese or Brazilians just received their nationality papers or not, they have a right to be treated just like anyone else. Guyana’s the same size as Britain – and they have more than 60 million people. Why do we have to discriminate against these new immigrants – who may help us to make this into a developed country like Britain??
This Eyewitness is “calling out” Granger on this reprehensible tactic – just to get into power. Imagine if he can risk setting off a race war now…what about if he loses the elections??
Is he going to do a Buju and cry, “Bun dem!!”??

…and justifying trouble
Mike Archer’s literally one of the foot soldiers in the “war of manoeuvre” David Granger’s fighting to seize power in Guyana. He served as a captain under Granger in the GDF and has been his PRO guy since 2011. Now while Granger’s busy sowing the seeds of discord between different groups of Guyanese, Archer’s playing the same game from another angle.
In a letter to the Muckraker (the Editor of GTimes says the Opposition apologists don’t send their letters to his paper…why not fellas?? C’mon!!) Archer announces amazingly that “the APNU/AFC coalition must negotiate the transfer of power with the PPP/C government”!! Can you believe that?? Archer’s blithely proceeding as if the APNU/AFC has already won the elections! And so, all that’s necessary is to work out how the PPP/C should vacate their office!
This is the line that every PNC leader since Desmond Hoyte has taken (Burnham didn’t need to!) since 1992. What it does is to arouse in the supporters (already bound together by the anti-Chinese/Brazilian rhetoric)a CERTITUDE of winning.
And if this doesn’t happen on May 11…then of course, they “wuz robbed”. And all hell will break loose.

…for the future
Unlike Granger and APNU, President Ramotar isn’t just looking backwards. He’s shown that there’s no stone he’s going to leave unturned to develop Guyana. Imagine he said that Guyana must “look beyond sugar and rice”!!

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Opposition’s ready…

…to repeat PNC’s economic disaster
David Granger was in New York with his bride Moses Nagamootoo. Now this isn’t any “throw talk” by your Eyewitness.
In the Queens fundraiser where Nagomootoo begged protesters to “forgive” him, he told Granger that he’d be looking for a “divorce” if the pre-nuptial promises weren’t kept. He would leave with the gifts received (“12 seats win or lose”) and hitch up with the PPP/C. (As to whether the PPPC wants used goods, that’s another matter!!)

Now while Nagamootoo was obviously looking to placate furious ex-supporters (who’re leaving the AFC like lemmings) that he won’t be cuckolded by Granger – it’s clear that “all skin teeth nah laugh!” Now that Mr 11 per cent sees that he won’t be able to deliver unto Granger that which he’d promised, he’s trying to lock the PNC into its “pig in poke” promise!

But anyhow, in both the Brooklyn and Queens fundraisers, Granger criticised overseas investment in the Guyanese economy – specifically from Russia, China and Brazil. Can you believe this?? This is déja vu all over again!!

Those three countries are key members of the BRICS grouping, which control at least 20 per cent of the world economy – but more to the point is the fastest growing component!! With a new Development Bank!! They’re the engine of the world economy.

And who’ll replace these behemoths in investment – something the rest of the developing world’s salivating for?? Overseas Guyanese. Now this may sound good for a few Guyanese braving the cold to bail out the coalition – but seriously folks?? Guyanese investors replacing them?? That’s right out of Burnham’s playbook – with the US, Britain and Canada being cussed out.

Burnham would kick them out…and “Burnham’s Guyanese” (remember in those days, like with pigs in Animal Farm, all Guyanese weren’t equal) would run things henceforth!! They ran the industries all right – right into the ground. And it took the PPP/C a whole decade to get things back on track.

The Russians and Chinese are in Bauxite. Which Guyanese investor can replace the two largest aluminium producers in the world (Bosai and Rusal). Does Granger seriously want to run Kwakwani and Linden back into the ground??

And Brazil?? They haven’t made any noticeable investment yet – all they’ve done is to promise us hydro-electric development, a road from Lethem to Georgetown/Berbice and a deep water harbour.

And Guyanese will replace them?? Listen, your Eyewitness is as patriotic as the next fella, but let’s not give our overseas countrymen “go-dee”. Burnham did that when he promised us “hydro”!

Granger must’ve smoked some of that good Jamaican Gold in Flatbush!!

…Muckraker’s already killed business
Now your Eyewitness is going to give Granger the benefit of the doubt and assume that maybe he was talking about the ordinary Guyanese coming home to invest. But he should have a chat with the owner of the Muckraker – Glenn Lall – who’s also his biggest financial backer through FUCOP. (Remember?? Fund a United Campaign for Opposition Presidency. Jeez…how quickly they forget!!)

If he wants to have Guyanese take their hard earned cash and plunk it in Guyana, Granger obviously believes that Guyana is a worthy investment destination, no? But this is where the Muckraker comes in. More than any other actor, Glenn Lall with his vendetta against the PPP/C and Jagdeo has destroyed the reputation of Guyana to Guyanese investment.

He’s made up out to be the crime, corruption, and sleaze capital of the world. Even his “friend” the late Crum-Ewing complained that his daughters didn’t want to visit Guyana because of the badmouthing. What about businesses??
It’s a real FUCOP! No??

…to take on Berbice??
Nagamootoo got a taste in Queens of what’s in store for him when he and Granger finally get around to visit Berbice. He’s never brought up his old demand that the PNC must apologise for what they did to ALL Guyanese!

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Follow the money…

…in the US

David Granger and Moses Nagamootoo are trying to boost the APNU/AFC war chest for the upcoming battle. Nowadays campaigns don’t come cheap…your Eyewitness was given some numbers that made even his jaded eyes bulge!! So the newly co-joined couple headed out to North America. It’s an old, GUYANESE tradition that started way back in colonial days.

If you need money for doing things to save your butt…don’t suck it in and earn it yourself. Just hop on the plane, get off at the “mother country” and pass your hat around.

Back in the day the hat was passed to the “mother Government” – nowadays it’s to “overseas GUYANESE”.

What stuck your Eyewitness right away was even though APNU swears on its mother’s grave that it’s a “rainbow coalition” in itself – he didn’t spot a single person from WPA, GAP, NFA or JFAP in the mooching party!!

What he did see was the PNC and AFC in the persons of Granger, Harmon and Nagamootoo. And even the latter was absent in the Florida kick off. Which was a pity since in the pic, while the audience was sparse, the liquor in “half-gallons” were in abundance.

Harmon, Granger’s aide de camp, who stood in for Nagamootoo did a piss-poor job since the latter could’ve easily polished off one of the half gallons on his lonesome!! Harmon actually SIPPED his drink!! So unWhim-like

The money flowed however…and if we’re to believe the rhetoric from the Opposition camp about their “higher standards of transparency” on public funds…we guess they’ll give us a report on how much moolah they got.

Don’t hold your breath however, even though Ramjattan wasn’t brought along! There were those persistent questions about his sticky fingers and foreign loot…no?

Anyhow the next stop was in Brooklyn. Still no other APNU members – just the same ole, same ole PNC crowd off Flatbush. Especially the ex-soldiers from the GDF who gave their old commander a rousing welcome. Not so much money in evidence…but the old squaddies did promise to return to old mudland to campaign for “Dagger”. Aaaah…these army “false names” never fade, eh??

But the biggie was scheduled for Queens…where Mr 11 per cent Nagamootoo figures to raise a good chunk of the cash to buy the 12 seats Granger promised AFC to join up in unholy matrimony. If Flatbush is old PNC stomping grounds, then South Ozone, where the fundraiser’s being held, is PPP’s…along with adjoining Richmond Hill.

You Eyewitness is waiting with bated breath for that tête-à-tête!!



In Guyana there’s a lot of people who carry on about “money” when they haven’t the foggiest notion of what it’s all about. They’re armchair economists “catching deh tail” because their “knowledge” is all theoretical.

Like the fella who thinks he can swim because he knows all about the “principle of flotation” and Bernoulli’s principle …but has never gone into the water!!

So Carl Greenidge had to be bitch-slapped by Ashni Singh because he was trash talking about the IDB disbursing funds to Guyana during the elections period. This Eyewitness knows that Singh’s normally respectful of old folks – but Greenidge was too outrageous.

Then there’s the Donkey Cart Economist who asked the question in his column in the Stabber, “Who owns NICIL?” and answered, “Duh! the-people!”

Yes…that how he speaks, “Duh!!!”’ Fact of the matter, NICIL is a private company owned by the Government – and governed by the rules on corporations. As such it pays it’s shareholders dividends – which, in this case, then goes into the Consolidated Funds.

Get it? Duh!!

…on procurement

Ramjattan’s rolling heads on Pharma procurement already!! Even if the “coalition” wins by a major miracle, he should read the writing on the wall: “RAMJATTAN FOR WATER BOY!!!!”

Even the PNC’s scared of his his sticky fingers!!

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Lies, dammed lies…

 …and Lalloo Ram
For a while there, your Eyewitness was getting a bit worried. You see, dear reader, to put out a daily satirical piece, you need stuff that calls out for satire. You can’t be beating up on little, old ladies trying to cross the street, can you?
But little, old, wizened men in suspenders – particular those saying the most outrageous things just to be noticed? They’re fair game! Your Eyewitness is talking about Lalloo “Suspenders” Ram, of course, who was a bit subdued of late. And starving your Eyewitness of material!!
But here he is – jumping on Jagdeo (where else but the Muckraker??) for not achieving the growth rate that Greenidge achieved for the last two years of his run as PNC’s Finance Minister!!
Talk about lies, dammed lies and statistics!! First of all, if you want to compare two regimes …you’ve got to look at their overall performances – not cherry-pick as Ram did. And even then very dishonestly.
During Greenidge’s 10-year regime at Finance (1983-1992), Guyana’s economy had contracted so precipitously (think of starting off with an 11 per cent shrinkage in 1983!) that it had nowhere else to go but up with any programme that lifted the yoke of the PNC’s disastrous “cooperative” policies for the previous two decades.
And that’s just what Hoyte was forced to do when he signed on to the IMF bailout in 1989. It was like a fella squeezing a balloon being forced to remove his grubby little paws – the balloon’s gonna pop back towards to where it was. Nothing to do with Greenidge. What the heck could he have changed in two years?? Zilch!!
What happened is just an economy bouncing back to its “production-possibility frontier”. Like Hoyte taking off wage controls from the sugar industry – on IMF’s insistence – and sugar workers positive responses to the wage incentive.
The economy continued to grow for this reason till 1997. The trick was to keep the economy growing beyond that frontier – by increasing efficiencies in the existing industries and productive factors, while simultaneously diversifying into new areas. This takes time, money and upgrading of skills and rebuilding infrastructure and a whole host of other factors that must be put in place.
And that’s what Jagdeo did so that the economy was able to achieve a decade of uninterrupted growth for an entire decade since 2006. This is unprecedented in Guyana’s entire history.
But what can you say to a bitter old man like Lalloo, who’s trying so hard to get into APNU?? Just look around, wanker!! It’s called progress!!

… and jackasses
Addressing a gathering of businessmen at the Pegasus, Granger bad mouthed the state of Guyana and said this was because “Guyanese are jaguars led by jackasses”.
Now for an audience that had been bombarded by Granger and APNU for two weeks about Jagdeo’s “lack of class” when he advised Ramotar that he needed to “kick some asses” in the Opposition, even his spin doctors had to admit he’d put his foot in his mouth.
After all, while Jagdeo never backed away from his pugnacious attitude, Granger’s been trying oh so hard to suggest that butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth. Jettisoning PNC’s baggage!!
So the aforementioned spin doctors advised him to say he was just alluding to the WWI aphorism about British soldiers: “lions led by donkeys”!! Are “donkeys” any different from “jackasses”?? Or saying “ass” will ruin his image??
But Granger actually appears to know a lot about “jackasses”. During the last budget speech, he claimed, “Jackass ears long but he na hear ‘e own story”.
He should take his own advice.

…and grass
It also appear that while jackasses eat grass, they don’t smoke it. The Rasta “Theocracy Party” announced they’d hooked up with the APNU/AFC – then Basil said – not so fast. They had to be vetted!
So Nagamootoo’s rum drinking’s OK, and ganja smoking ain’t??

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