November 23, 2014

When it rains…

…it floods in Georgetown
We note everybody and their uncle are blaming the “authorities” for the inundation that’s hit our sorry Land of Many Waters once again. We guess the unnamed “authorities” are the Central Government and the Mayor and City Council. The former has been cleaning right, left and centre on their $500 million mission. And it looks like they’re going to have to start all over again.
The latter, on the other hand, has been collecting garbage for one location and just dumping it in another. But folks conveniently forget that “Central Government” includes the Parliamentarians on the Opposition side of the House also. How come these bounders only talk about their “critical role” in “governance” when it comes to flexing their muscles and threatening the Government about slashing the Budget and throwing them out of office??

Wasn’t it the Opposition APNU just a while back volunteered to work “hand in hand” with the Government to clean up the City – including, we would hope, all those clogged drains?
This is the problem of Guyanese politics…the focus is only on seizing Executive power and not for using whatever power they have to help the country develop.  But you know what?? Let’s call a spade a spade. Don’t we – the ordinary citizens have a role in this sad state of affairs also??

I know we all like to beat up on “the authorities” but that just let us off the hook, doesn’t it?? So though we don’t know what happened to that ban on Styrofoam – while that young entrepreneur’s getting his biodegradable act together – this Eyewitness has to report he’s had it up to the gills with all the dumping of garbage by ordinary citizens.
And let’s face it. We live in a trench, don’t we?? The conservancy forms one bank, the sea walls form another – so when we get the kinda rainfall like we did, what do you think’s gonna happen? Flooding, that’s what.

Compounding matters is the fact that we’ve all chopped down our trees, concreted our yards, covered up our drains – and still expect for the waters to drain!! Last time we checked, the law of gravity still doesn’t push things uphill!

Our last pet peeve on this subject is that with all the floods we’ve had, and with us taking a LEADING ROLE IN THE WORLD on climate change and global warming, we’re still throwing up buildings in Georgetown as if we believe a rising tectonic plate will suddenly push the Coast upwards. This Eyewitness, on the other hand, is moving South to the hilly sand and clay belt!!

…it pours on AFC/PNC = APNU
Poor Opposition. They haven’t had it their way for quite a while. Like Wile E Coyote, everything they try to make the Government into rabbit stew, backfires in their face. And it’s not even that the Government might be that smart – it’s just that the Opposition’s so inept.

Look at their gambit (gamble?) on the No-Confidence Motion. They (the AFC in particular) were so pleased with themselves that they’d cornered the Government, they never noticed the pen the latter gave them was actually a lighted stick of dynamite. It was the President’s “prorogation power”!! Kaboom!!

Then APNU threw a protest (party?) at Square of the Revolution, invited the AFC but nobody came. Well, actually Hughes and Patterson came, but there were so many brothers there…they were superfluous. Ramjattan and Nagamootoo who were supposed to prove it was a “national” protest, finked out.

Lots of weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth. And now comes GECOM announcing a new registration cycle in December.!! Oy vey!! Are we talking about 2016 elections??

…old lawyers should retire
Brynn Pollard says the President should’ve been advised that prorogation “kills bills”. But has he forgotten about precedent? The Government and Opposition can agree to “bring them to life” when Parliament reconvenes.

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Nonsense on stilts…

…from Gaskin

Ramon Gaskin’s been a fixture on the political scene for quite a while. If one isn’t too sure of the meaning of the word “gadfly” – think Gaskin. Basically, he gets his nose in things about which he doesn’t even have the faintest acquaintance.

His shtick is to get a rise from folks who’re not on his good books. With the prorogation issue occupying centre stage now, it would’ve been more than passing strange if Gaskin hadn’t plunged in. As usual, he just demonstrated that he’s way out of his depth.

The first “point” Gaskin makes is a howler. He claims the prorogation power of the President in Article 70 must be seen “in the context of the entire Constitution”. Fair enough. He should’ve quit while he was ahead. He then asserts that since the Opposition has the power and (presently) capacity to pass a No-Confidence Motion, then the President’s power of prorogation is null and void!!

So we guess by this Gaskinian flight of fancy, if perchance, the Opposition had actually passed its No-Confidence Motion, the President could’ve claimed that “within the context of the entire Constitution, his prorogation power made the No-Confidence Motion “null and void””! An irresistible force meeting an immovable object and all that. Kaboom!!!

Lest we be accused of unnecessarily cavilling with Gaskin, let’s quote a commentary from the 2013 “Canadian Parliamentary Review” commenting on how PM Harper, facing in December 2008 an imminent Vote of No-Confidence in the House of Commons, sought and received consent from the Governor General for Parliament be prorogued until January 26, 2009.

“Any analysis of the prorogation of Parliament of December 4, 2008 must differentiate between the formal loss of confidence and an imminent loss of confidence. A formal loss of confidence occurs when a majority of the Members of Parliament of the House of Commons …carry a motion of non-confidence.

“Public statements or written declarations signed outside the House of Commons would constitute an imminent or perceived loss of confidence in the Government. The principle of Parliamentary sovereignty means that only the will of the House as an institution prevails. This does not include the opinions of a group of Members of Parliament speaking outside of the House of Commons. Confidence can only be withdrawn on a formal vote, not in an extra-parliamentary fashion or forum.

“An imminent or perceived loss of confidence differs substantively from a formal loss of confidence; therefore, the idea that the Governor General should ever treat an imminent loss of confidence as a formal loss must be rejected.”

Will Gaskin now retire gracefully?? We doubt it.

…from Nagamootoo

The AFC – via Nagamootoo, the man who’ll be its Presidential Candidate if Ramjattan is allowed to run roughshod over the party’s principles – went into raptures over the Ombudsman’s “Report” on the allegations of the fired NBS Executives. And why not?

The Ombudsman – with the vigour and eagerness of the typical “new broom” – went on like a bull in a China Shop after the reputations of several governmental officers – including Nagamootoo’s bête noir former President Jagdeo – on absolutely nothing more that the complainant «he seh, she seh» kind of hearsay.

Now we can forgive Nagamootoo›s effusiveness over the report – after all, as the only man who heard Cheddi Jagan anoint him his successor – he›s understandably miffed («pissed??) that he was passed over for Jagdeo. And then again he might›ve slept through his recent classes in «Evidence» at Law School. It›s a bitch to keep awake in your 70s.

But what›s Moore›s excuse?? Can›t be just the «new broom» syndrome. APNU sleeper who got past the PPP/C›s radar??

…looking for himself

Granger presented quite a quandary to his minions at his party’s picketing of OP. One placard asked, “Where is the dictator??” When Granger finally arrived, even his own staff swivelled to look at him!!! Oops!!

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…on Hicken

Suddenly there is a big hue and cry of “GET HICKEN” over some comments made by the Police Commander of “A” Division (Georgetown, East Bank Demerara), while discussing Police efforts to get at rapists, merely suggested that it may be prudent for females to dress a tad more “morally”. Well, why did he have to say that??!!

Out came APNU denouncing Hicken for being a male chauvinist pig – and worse yet, a pig who’s supposed to be protecting females from rapists. They said Hicken was “blaming the victim” rather than going after the rapists who committed the act. Women should wear whatever they wanted to wear and “rape” they and some feminists insisted, “is not a crime of passion or temptation but of humiliation and hate”.

Really?? Totally?? So there’re no rapes committed because the rapist became tempted and saw an opportunity to satisfy his lust?

The Police explained that they’d interviewed scads of rapists after capturing them and the answer to the above question was – there are some such cases. And all the Commander was saying to females – be prudent.

Now in addition to rape being a major problem in our society – so’s robbery of persons with large amounts of cash. It’s been going on for years. Certain persons don’ use cheques or plastic cards and kept lots of cash around and were routinely targeted by bandits. More, recently, criminals on CG motor bikes would scout the banks, trail persons who made large cash withdrawals and then pounce. Think LBI.

Now the police have been routinely warning citizens not to walk around with or keep large amounts of cash in their homes. Should citizens retort exasperatedly that they have the right to carry or keep as much cash as they want?? That’s not the question, is it? All the Police’re saying is like sex, there are persons out there who like money and are willing to obtain it illegally. Of course the Police should be focused on catching robbers but citizens, be real: just be prudent in your affairs!!

To illustrate our point we’ll substitute the cash conundrum for “rape” in a recent letter from an outraged civil rights activist:

“Many men and women in Guyana probably think like Commander Hicken does, that ‘persons with cash’ are to be blamed for ‘robberies’ because they have too much cash on them. It is sickening that Mr Hicken is not aware that robberies have nothing to do with how much cash a person is walking around with, or where they were walking.

“Mr Hicken must go if he does not believe and cannot communicate clearly to his officers and to the public that the responsibility for robberies lies with robbers.”

There’ll always be criminal minds – let’s lock our doors. OK??

…on PPP/C’s chances

The embittered PPP/C castoff, Henry Jeffrey, snidely observed that a decade ago, at a PPP/C Congress, Clinton Collymore was wildly applauded when he predicted the PPP/C would govern for “1000 years”. The erudite Jeffery doubted that Collymore knew the source of his allusion – Hitler’s Third Reich – but he didn’t mention that he, who knew, cheered as lustily as any of the other comrades. This Eyewitness knows. He was there.

But so it go, na?? Jeffrey claimed the prorogation is just to buy time for the PPP/C. But they’ll be booted out anyway. This Eyewitness is willing to wager Jeffrey that the PPP/C will be back – with an outright majority.

Echoing Mark Twain, they’ll say, “The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.”

…on slavery

The Australia “Walk Free Foundation” informed us that 36 million persons are enslaved in the world today. Some rather expansive criteria are used to arrive at this figure. In Haiti children sent to live with rich relatives are defined as “slaves”.

Not to belittle these efforts to improve the lives of these folks. But isn’t this undermining the ongoing reparation efforts for “slavery”??

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Game’s up

…on AFC’s mission
The AFC’s been playing ducks and drakes for quite a while now as to its raison d’être – its reason for being. That’s apart from filling someone’s pockets with foreign donations that mysteriously disappear between NYC and Guyana. Since we don’t even fly over the Bermuda Triangle, you connect the dots!!
Anyhow Ramjattan finally fessed up when pushed to explain why he and Nagamootoo avoided being on the stage with APNU’s leaders like they have Kuh-ko-Beh.
“The AFC is the only Party now in Guyana, because of our still continuing polarised, ethnicised voting patterns, which can do major destruction to the PPP/C strongholds!” So if they’re seen publicly with “those” kinds of people, then his Indian supporters in Berbice will desert him in droves!! Yup!! That’s how they see their Indian supporters – as incorrigible racists.
So the AFC’s now insisting it be seen as an “Indian party” so that their “Indian racists” won’t vote for the PPP/C! Everything now falls into place. And we can now see wheels operating within wheels. The AFC was launched in 2006 – with massive help from some relative of Uncle Sam.
(Who else could conjure up “Big Dick” Morris, pollster to the Democratic Party??) At that time their stance was “a plague on both of their houses” – PPP/C and PNC. But it was the PPP/C in Government – and that’s the party they were trying to throw out.
With Ramjattan at the helm in 2011, with the latest PPP/C exec who’d jumped ship because he couldn’t be President – Nagamootoo – they picked up a solid block of votes in Berbice. The same ones they don’t want to lose now – by being seen with “them people”.
Now you should pick sense from nonsense: did the AFC voters just develop this aversion to “them”?? Or was it the campaign tactics used by Ramjattan and Nagamootoo that stressed exclusion of “them”??
Well, you figure it out – when you cogitate over Ramjattan’s whine that Trotman hadn’t wanted to step aside and let HIM, the “Indian” from Berbice, be the AFC’s Presidential Candidate!! When Ramjattan recently arbitrarily announced the abandonment of the “racial rotation principle” (RRP) on which the AFC was supposedly founded, that was the clincher.
Under the RRP, Nigel Hughes – one of “them” as you could get – was thrown under the bus for Nagamootoo.
Hughes was willing to commit political hara-kiri, because he agreed that the “race card” played by Ramjattan was the best bet to defeat the PPP/C.
But since the AFC stood no chance of winning the elections on its own – it would catapult the PNC/APNU into power. And that’s the point of it all, isn’t it??

…grow up!!
At APNU’s Cuffy rally, where he represented Ramjattan and Nagamootoo, AFC’s Nigel Hughes pleaded for “foreigners” to come to Guyana to “mediate” between the Government and the Opposition. AFC ex-leader and APNU-appointed Speaker Trotman had already called for foreign parliamentarians to do the same.
But the British High Commissioner retorted that Parliament should re-sit ASAP and get on with the business of running the country. More pointedly, the Ambassador exasperatedly pointed out that Guyanese should find solutions to their political problems, themselves.
The President had already said, as clearly as you could wish, that he’ll reconvene Parliament pronto – if the Opposition wanted “to get on with the business of running the country”. But that’s the rub, isn’t it??
The Opposition’s adamant it wants Parliament to be reconvened. But not to discuss the people’s development – just to “bruk it up”. They should be careful, they might get what they’re asking for!!

…counting chickens
Old folks talk about people counting their chickens before they’re hatched. When he forms his “unity Government”, APNU’s David Granger said, he’s not going to work with “wrongdoers” from the PPP/C! And this is the fella who just rigged his own party’s elections!! Linden will be his Waterloo.

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…as APNU principle

David Granger was quick to “disassociate” himself from Lurlene Nestor’s call for APNU’s foot soldiers to “manners” those businesses that didn’t condemn President Ramotar’s prorogation of Parliament. Said “It wasn’t me!!”

But Nestor’s simply echoing what she and others in the then youth arm (army??) of APNU – the Youth Coalition for Transformation (YCT) – had called for back in December 2011. Only then they were even more explicit – with a list that identified mostly Indian-owned businesses ‘supporting the PPP/C’.

Nestor and Bond and the other “youthmen” never got even a slap on the wrist from Granger then, and they won’t get one now. Because by the time the dust had settled, the Christmas season’s been ruined for a whole lot of (Government-friendly) businesses. APNU knows that in the Christmas season a business typically generates almost one quarter of the entire year’s revenues in that single month. Hence the calls for a “boycott” once again now that Christmas bells are ringing.

But Granger will sanctimoniously simper that he’s not part and parcel of “that element”. As an old army hand, trained in the game of “hit and run” across borders, he’s fully au fait with the SOPs on “deniability”. The test of Granger’s real position will be whether he casts the “boycotters” out into the cold. Let’s see if he treats them the way he did Solomon, Kissoon and Norton, after the Linden meltdown. But you know and I know that’s never gonna happen, don’t we??

But we hope the rest of Guyana notes that Granger hasn’t even uttered a squeak on an even more ominous call for boycott by APNU. One tied to a call to create a “bon-fyaah” with their products. We’re referring, of course, to his top lieutenant Rupert Roopnaraine’s promise to have a “bon-fyaah” of newspapers for the Guyana Times and the Chronicle – presumably after he’d brought them to their knees with the boycott he’s started!

Granger cannot cherry-pick on the question of “boycotts”. You’d think he understand that the principle of freedom of the press is as least as important as the right to collect campaign funds for businesses, no?? But what we’re seeing here is the old “good cop…bad cop” routine being played out in front of the voters – with Granger always getting the “good cop” role.

Roopnaraine’s bad cop routine might’ve come off as “big and bad” at the Square of the Revolution, but this one’s going to backfire on APNU. Big time.

The international community’s seeing the carefully constructed velvet created by Granger still covers the sharper steel of the Burnhamite PNC. The mark of the beast is on Roopnaraine …of loyalties

Nagamootoo’s quoted as confessing: “Old people say that `it alright if neighbour dog bite you. Is when you own dog bite you that it hurt!’” He should know…he’s “old people” all right!! And also has to be quite a dog to know so much about their thinking process. Imagine this man could actually say the PPP/C is “an ungrateful dog”!! Why, you ask??

Well, his reasoning went like this – “It’s like training your own dog to be a pet and it has turned back to bite you.” So this wanker can shamelessly announce that he saw the PPP/C as a dog he was “training” to be loyal to him??!! We can now understand the bitterness that wells up in him from some unfathomable magma of hate.

He never joined the PPP/C for the sake of the people, but for the expectation of getting “President wuk”!! No wonder Cheddi fed him with a long spoon!!

…of tokens

You’d think that after five decades of “racial tokenism” in Guyanese politics, folks would be leery of playing that card again. But what else can you say about Ramjattan and Nagamootoo sending Nigel Hughes at the “rally” around the torch of Cuffy?? Ow man Hughes!! Where’s your pride??

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Slow fyaah…mo’ fyaah…

…bon-fire of APNU

Rupert Roopnarine’s Vice-Chair of APNU. He’s the second in command in PNC/APNU – the second largest political entity in Guyana. When he calls upon his troops in the largest gathering they’ve been able to muster in many moons, the rest of Guyana better take notice.

At APNU’s rally last Friday, under the shadow of Cuffy, Roopnarine called for a “boycott” of the Guyana Times and the Chronicle.

But more ominously he promised: “We will have to arrange a ceremony at the Square of the Revolution where we can put an enormous BONFIRE of the Chronicle and the Guyana Times.” Roopnarine’s an educated man – educated at our expense at Cambridge University. When he invokes the imagery of “bonfires” to signal his rejection of the Guyana Times, he is perfectly aware he’s following Hitler and his Nazi stormtroopers’ path.

“Bonfires” have a long history in the western canon on which Roonarine was weaned. There were the “Bonfires of the Vanities” the medieval Church demanded – to burn all your possessions that might tempt you into sin. Now Roopnarine isn’t known for his religiosity – and we’re sure as heck positive the Guyana Times isn’t among his prized possessions that’ll drive him into temptation!!

What’s more familiar to a fellow of Roopnarine’s generation is the the Hitlerite fascist hatred of all ideas that didn’t match theirs. Not only did they round up Jews, homosexuals and Gypsies and gas them into oblivion. They seized written materials containing thoughts that didn’t conform to the Nazi totalitarian tenets and burn then in “enormous bonfires” at public squares. Like our Square of the Revolution. We wonder if Roopnarine and his APNU stormtroopers will also give a salute over his “bonfire”???

In his novel “1984″, Orwell alluded to this compulsion to erase the memory of opposing ideas via the “memory hole”, used to burn written materials the regime didn’t approve of. Now that Roopnarine’s in bed with the PNC that tried to create a “memory hole” by banning newsprint in the ’70s, he’s obviously emboldened to go the whole hog and demand the burning of Guyana Times. What’s next?? The burning of the GTimes press??

We hope Roopnarine and his bedfellows in APNU realise that he’s just creating a “bonfire of the inanities” that’ll consume them in the end. If they don’t like the ideas the Guyana Times’s printing, they know the only way to stop them is by coming up with better ideas.

But like all 97-pounds weaklings, Roopnarine’s all “big and bad” now that he’s hanging out with the school bullies. Pitiful.

…and selective denunciations on rights

This Eyewitness is waiting for the gaggle of civil society watchdogs over our liberties to denounce Roopnarine and APNU for their threat to the freedom of the press. If calling for a boycott of newspapers that doesn’t see eye-to-eye with them and creating bonfires with the newspapers aren’t threats to press freedom, what is?? Threats about setting fires to settle scores aren’t just idle bravado in Guyana.

He’s looking particularly at those groups that’s funded or connected with the western institutions and Governments that pay so much lip service to Liberal “civil liberties”. But we’re not holding our breaths. Over the years, we’ve noted the studious silence that accompanies violations of the rights of those deemed “friendly” to the Government.

When it comes “rights” all newspapers are equal but some are damned well more equal than others. And it’s clear that GTimes sure as heck ain’t equal to the Stabber, which received a US$100,000 grant from the US National Democratic Institute, or the Muckraker, whose publisher’s visa was “un-cancelled” when he became their snitch.

The US went on a limb and chastised the government for not holding local Government elections! and can’t muster the energy to denounce this clear attack of the freedom of press??

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Missing in action…

…at Cuffy Square

Cuffy’s the national hero of Guyana. So you’d think fellas trying to lead this nation would give him due respect, no?? So as your Eyewitness scanned the crowd at the “Damp Squib” at the great man’s feet on Friday night, he was desperately looking for Ramjattan and Nagamootoo. “Desperate” because he’d predicted that the dyspeptic duo would be no-shows. And he so wanted to be proven wrong.

This Eyewitness accepts this country has a “race” problem – when it comes to politics – that is, especially voting. So for two fellas – who swear their party has “solved” the race problem – to at least show up would’ve given the anxious Eyewitness some hope. But even though your faithful Eyewitness waited to the bitter end – and Lord knows, Granger was bitter – he could see neither hide (“thick”) nor hair (“dyed”) of the men who would be “President”.

They sent their token “Brothers” to represent them – Hughes and Patterson. Owww man!! Later that night, as your Eyewitness trekked home, he saw the two miscreants hunched over a “large” in a rum-shop on the East Coast. The young and nubile waitress was serving them fried Banga Mary with pepper-sauce. It was that kinda place. The Eyewitness doesn’t like to gloat but he was proven right – once again – on these two wankers.

Their bottom line is that they’d rather stand with their pants and buktas dropped to the ground on Water Street (we know…we know…the image is gruesome!!) to avoid being caught in the same frame as Cuffy. That Granger and the other biggies of APNU would be on stage in front of “their” constituency just sealed THAT deal!! Their token Brothers had to do the dirty.

But the question must be asked: How can Nagamootoo be the Presidential Candidate of a “multiracial” party, when he refuses to speak to an audience at the Square of the Republic?? We’d echoed Burnham’s question on Portuguese scorn for his constituency, on the duo’s relationship with Granger: “Do we have Kuh ko beh??” So does Cuffy have Kuh ko beh for Ramjattan and Nagamootoo??

We’ve heard that they don’t want to be in the same picture frame as Cuffy because it won’t sell in Berbice. Let’s assume that’s true. But aren’t leaders supposed to LEAD followers?? Especially out of their prejudices??

Don’t expect that from Nagamootoo and Ramjattan, however. They’d walk over their mothers to get their hands on the National Treasury! So what’s the fuss over the feelings of the Brothers??…brotherly love

But even the Brothers sent to the rally by Nagamootoo and Ramjattan didn’t show much “brotherly love”. Like the picture on the old gramophone records, they seemed to be following “their masters” voice”. I means here was Brother Granger waxing all eloquently about an APNU-led government (a man his age, is allowed some delusional lapses), while Hughes was marching resolutely to the beat of a “National Front Government”.

Now Hughes and his better half had been delegated (relegated??) to negotiating for two days on the AFC’s participation in the…ummm…rally. Echoing Trotman who preceded him as the token Brother in the AFC, Hughes had always stood for the rational choice of the AFC going into a pre-electoral alliance with APNU. Until he disgraced himself over Sithe and then had to crawl back with his tail between his legs on Ramjattan’s terms.

Said terms being – as we can see by now – breaking the “race rotation” leadership that was the foundational bedrock of the party.

And treating APNU and its constituency like they have Kuh ko beh!

…on OP March threat

There’s nothing like an old revolutionary, who’s locked into his memories of the “radical” days of yore. On Friday, Roopnarine threatened to “March on OP”. Is that like when he’d marched with Hoyte during “slow fyaah…mo’ fyaah”?

He should chat with Benschop and Bynoe.

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Damp squib…


Your Eyewitness is writing this a full eight hours before the promised Opposition’s “massive rally” against the President’s prorogation of Parliament at the Square of the Revolution. The AFC and the APNU are using the weasel word “rally” rather than “protest” to describe their gathering. Cuffy, who’ll be looking down on these jokers must be spinning in his grave. They’re desecrating his heritage.

So what the heck were the screaming and hollering like stuck pigs about “rape of democracy”, “presidential coup”, “dictatorship” and even stronger terms all about?? If they believed even a single one of those outrages was happening…you’d think they’d be “protesting”, wouldn’t you?? So it’s either they lack all conviction about their protestations (!) or they know damned well that it’s all drama. And the country’s tired of drama queens. They want leaders who “tell it like it is”.

And it’s this yawning chasm between rhetoric and action that’s going to make their “rally” into a damp squib. They’ll go out not with a bang – but with a whimper. The people know it’s hypocrisy to the max to be whining about the President “dissing” Parliament – when all they wanted to use Parliament for, was to stick it to the President and the Government. Shouldn’t they rather be working on things – like the Telecommunications Bill – that would actually do something for the country?

The Opposition’re all hung up on the “form of democracy” – their one-seat majority should trump the substantive imperative that it’s the lot of the people that must be improved. Apart from their die-hard supporters, the mood of the populace is “we don’t have time for this stupidness”!

Another factor creating the general disenchantment with the two Opposition parties is the AFC behaving like “guess who’s coming to dinner” with APNU. Ramjattan and Nagamootoo can talk to APNU behind closed doors, but not out in public. “They” might be seen!!

But the Government can’t just “throw back”. It’s quite apparent by now – if it ever was in doubt – that the Opposition’s PR machinery is much more well-oiled than theirs. They have to match the Opposition’s rhetoric not with words, but with action. Action on at least some of the programmes the Opposition’ve been holding up with their thuggish behaviour in Parliament brought on by the arrogance of their “one-seat majority”.

In the meantime, APNU and the AFC are on bended knees, praying for rain, so they can have an excuse for all the “no-shows”.

…“throw talk”

We wonder why Nagamootoo can’t come out of the closet with his resentment against David Granger. All he does is “throw talk” – as they say in Whim. Earlier this week, his venom slipped out when he snarled, “Ramotar is holding a “dagger” at the back of Parliament”. Now he knows full well that everyone in politics (and the army) knows Granger is known as “Dagger”. But he obviously thought the general public doesn’t know so he’d get away with the slur.

He didn’t count on your trusty Eyewitness, to spill the beans. Granger’s problem with Nagamootoo surfaced when the AFC (think Ramjattan) proposed his old drinking buddy to be the Speaker. Granger balked. Now this has nothing to do with “race”, as Ramjattan told the folks back in Berbice and all to do with Granger fearing whether Nagamootoo would be able to stay awake on the Speaker’s chair.

It’s not easy keeping your head from banging on the desk in front of you when you’re putting away a “large” routinely before lunch! Gravity can be a bitch to the inebriated!!

Wanna bet Granger nixes Nagamootoo from speaking at the …ummm… “rally”??


Ramjattan’s threatening not to “approve” the budget when the President summons Parliament again. Didn’t he and the rest of the Opposition try that three times before…and were bitch-slapped each time by the Chief Justice?? Is he a masochist??

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Hold me…loose me

Ramjattan’s trying to run with the hares and hunt with the hounds. But with Ramjattan the more apt expression for his two-faced behaviour would be “to run with the crabs and hunt with the crab-dogs”!! The wanker knows more than a thing or two about crab dogs. Anyhow, have you noticed his flip-flopping on the Opposition’s anti-prorogation march scheduled for Friday??
This is the man – along with his buddy, Nagamootoo – who slunk into Linden and bad -mouthed Granger as a wimp – he used a much stronger expression that begins with”sku**. That’s when Granger had to eat his words with the PPP/C to overcome Ramjattan’s backstabbing.

You see…it was easy for Ramjattan to “talk fat” in Linden 2012 – that was Granger and the PNC’s constituency. Ramjattan could be even more militant than Malcolm X, with his “burn baby, burn!!” No skin off his teeth, he figured. Let “them” kill each other – or better yet, be killed. And of course, when the inevitable killings did happen – Ramjattan and Nagamootoo were never to be seen. They sent “Brother” Nigel Hughes. Ditto for Agricola…

So when the talk of protesting in GT surfaced this week…why weren’t we surprised that Ramjattan protested – against the protest!! For a second he let his guard down and confessed he didn’t want “his people” to get hurt. Realising his racist blunder, he tried to extricate his foot from his mouth. Which isn’t so easy for a fella who speaks from both sides of the selfsame mouth!
But we note that he sent Brother Nigel and Sister Kathy to talk cold turkey to Granger about protests. Seems that Granger’d finally had it with being suckered by Ramjattan. After being left standing at the altar so many time, you’d think it’s time, no?? Or is that the Hughes duo have to offer their pound of flesh to be “rehabilitated” from their Sithe conflict of interest saga??
Anyhow, Ramjattan finally allowed that he’ll “support” the protest. NOT “protest” mind you – just SUPPORT the protest! That’s the kind of parsing that fellas like Ramjattan get paid for. Remember the one that he wasn’t “paid yet” by Fedders-Lloyd, and they’re not REALLY clients??
So when’s Granger’s gonna ask Ramjattan. “If you prick us, do we not bleed? If you poison us, do we not die.” And most pertinently, “And if you wrong us, shall we not revenge?”

The new Ombudsman’s certainly opened quite a few eyes in this country with his pronouncement on the NBS matter. We heard the fella was a judge – but you’d never guess it going by his comments. Here’s a man “A” who’s supposed to be dispensing justice  – and he gives total credence to the complainant when he said he heard a thing from a man “G” who said he was told something by a man “J”!!?? For Chrissake!! This is hearsay to the third power!!

And what makes it worse is that “G” says he never said any thing to “A”. But that’s the point isn’t it?? Just to use the flimsiest excuse to drag “J” into the picture. But the Ombudsman doesn’t stop there. He pronounces CONCLUSIVELY that the DPP KNEW she didn’t have CONCLUSIVE evidence that the complainant had the necessary criminal intent to change him for the crime he was charged for.
So how come the Ombudsman can be conclusive about another’s state of mind, but the DPP can’t?? He’s clairvoyant??

The depths of depravity to which the WICB has sunk can’t be plumbed. They promised they wouldn’t victimise any of the players who walked out on the India your. But not having the necessary cojones, they got their territorial boards to do their dirty work – on Ramdhin, Bravo, etc.
We hope the BCCI “skin-up” this self-confessed “bankrupt” bunch?

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…by President on Opposition
Last Sunday was Remembrance Day…when we remember the “great wars”. You’d think Granger – an army Brigadier for donkey years – would’ve had some understanding of the occasion to steer him right in the present. Forewarned is forearmed, no??
Well, not with Granger – not to mention the rest of the slackers in the Opposition. For months, they’d been pushing their “No-Confidence” Motion to bring down the Government like a house of cards. It was their “Constitutionally mandated” right, they screamed at the top of their lungs. Since the Government wasn’t willing to go along with their cynical horse-trading approach to governance (you scratch my back…then I’ll scratch yours) it was “off with the PPP/C’s heads”!! How dare the PPP/C talk about a programme of development??
When the President retorted, “Bring it on!!” and “Make my day”, the Opposition wankers assumed the President was going to use his Constitutional powers to “dissolve” Parliament. But since this would have the same effect as their “No-Confidence” Motion – the Government term ends and elections are held in three months – they bitched they wouldn’t get the satisfaction of showing the Government “who was maan”. They sucked their teeth…but concluded, “What the heck??” They were going to see the back of the hated PPP/C Government.
Problem was, the President’s Constitutional power to “dissolve” Parliament, accompanies another power – the power to “prorogue” Parliament. The two powers or “prerogatives” are even in the same Article 70!! But with all the so-called “heavyweight” lawyers in APNU and AFC – they never spared a thought about this option.
We know Bobby Brown was a “bad boy”… But they should’ve listened to his hit single, “My prerogative”!! Even when days before D-Day, the President ANNOUNCED he would EITHER “prorogue or dissolve” Parliament…the Opposition wankers kept harping about new elections!!
And that’s why they’re in total, absolute shock when the other foot dropped and the President PROROGUED Parliament. They were caught with their pants, buktas and g-strings down!! Granger should remember the French spent years building the Maginot Wall along their borders to stop the Germans from invading as they’d done in WWI. They felt soooo secure.
Trouble is, they never figured the Germans would simply do an end run AROUND the wall in Belgium and enter France from the North. They were conquered in a month!!! With their Maginot Line intact!!
Just like the Opposition’s No-Confidence Vote! Legal “heavyweights”?? More like “legal dead weights”!!! What a bunch of losers.

…around fairness
They say “justice is blind”…but it appears that some who CALL for justice are also so afflicted. A case of the blind seeking the blind?? We’re reminded of this by the good Bishop of the Guyana Catholic Church weighing in on the prorogation of the Parliament of Guyana, at the urging of one of his parishioners – a well known Opposition supporter.
The Bishop’s calling for “early resumption of Parliamentary democracy” in Guyana. What we’d like to know is when did democracy cease in Guyana, when the President’s using one of his Constitutional powers – available to the President in every democracy in the world???!!!
When Speaker Trotman illegally allowed the Opposition to cut the Government’s budget, didn’t he see this as an infringement on “democracy”?? The Courts thought so.
And then there’s the OAS Secretary General “pleading” for Parliament’s “earliest resumption”. Isn’t he echoing what the President already promised?? Why?? We wonder if he and the OAS so exhorted Canadian PM Harper, when he also prorogued their Parliament to preempt a No-Confidence Motion??
Or is it different strokes for coloured, Third World folks??
…for food
The Opposition’s miffed about the prorogation – but not for the reason they’re sniffing about. It’s the $1.7 MILLION of free food they wolf down EVERY sitting that they’re missing.
They’re not “homeless”, as Harmon complains, but “free food-less”

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