January 30, 2015

Free enterprise…

…and a firm handshake

In New York City…otherwise known as Region 11, one old retort to flowery good wishes and praises for a job well done was: “THAT and 50 cents’ll get me on the subway!” “50 cents” wasn’t the hip-hop singer, but the money you needed to get into the subway. The point is – Americans are quite sceptical of empty words – actions are what matters. In their more recent vernacular, “Money talks and bullshit walks!!”

So you could tell there was a whole lot of bullshit spewed and “mamaguying” going on at the just concluded US-Caribbean Energy Security Summit in Washington, when all Guyana got was a picture-op and a warm handshake for PM Hinds. That and US$1450 would get him back to Guyana! What a let down after all the build up.

What we’d been told…wink…wink…was the Americans wanted to wean us off those big, bad Venezuelans who’re plying the Caribbean with cheap oil – just to take advantage of us. This, of course, would be so different from what the Americans’ve been doing in the region after they announced their “Monroe Doctrine” back in 1823.

Since then we’ve had their “talk softly, but carry a big stick policy”, “good neighbour policy” and finally a bit of benign neglect following Reagan’s invasion of Grenada in 1983.

Be as it may, we were still the poster boy for “underdevelopment” after all that attention. So when the Americans rolled in last year promising Energy Freedom, you could forgive the sceptics in our midst who figured we received attention the last go around because of communism, and this time because of “Chavista”.

And once Chavista crumbled, so would we… in the eyes of the Americans. But anyhow folks from our littles specs of land in our archipelago trooped expectantly up to Washington. Hope beats eternal and all of that.

And all we got from the US Vice President, the World Bank, OPIC, the State Department and so on and so forth – in the inimitable word of Prezzie predicting Nagamootoo’s fortunes when he jumped the PPP/C ship for the AFC – was LARWAH!!! The big Dick!! Jamaica “got” a loan for a wind farm, we heard, but when you read the fine print – it’s an American company that owns the entity.

As for Guyana, you would’ve thought since we were close to Venezuela (literally and figuratively), we would’ve been worth a bribe, no?? But not even a “freck” was extended. We know that Sam doesn’t look like he’s for sale. But wasn’t Lambada also there??

…and labour

AFC’s número uno supporter of the AFC Badal – who funnels his money through FUCOP – is up in arms about the Marriott’s hiring practices. Now Badal’s the owner of the Pegasus and the AFC’s supposed to be the greatest defender of the free enterprise system. They were sponsored – as they’re never tired of reminding everyone – by the Americans, no? But here’s Badal complaining that the Marriott’s “poaching” his workers.

Now let’s back up a bit. Poaching?? What is this?? Badal OWNS these workers?? Did we bring back chattel slavery just when we declared the “Decade of African People’s??

Last time we heard, the Marriott placed advertisements in the papers for qualified workers in the hospitality business. Now who the heck do you think fits that Bill?? Well…duh!! If workers from the Pegasus and other hotels decide to apply to Marriott, under what law would Badal have the Government prevent them from doing so??

Look Badal… As your leader would say, “Haul yuh ass!!”

…and real emancipation

David Granger’s reported to’ve said that less emphasis should be spent of commemorations of “Decade of African Peoples” and more on developing entrepreneurship in Afro-Guyanese communities. This Eyewitness isn’t sure these two goals are mutually exclusive.

Or is it that Granger can’t chew gum and walk at the same time?

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Gnashing of teeth…

…over Prezzie’s elections move
Even though the Opposition – led by the AFC – has been threatening to have elections “called” in Guyana since last June…they’re all on the backfoot, now that Prezzie’s set the date for May 11. The Opposition, of course, always knew they could set the elections date.
Once they passed a “No-Confidence” Motion – which they always could with their one-seat majority – Prezzie would’ve been constitutionally compelled to schedule elections three months hence.

But they went the other route – to wage a prolonged war of attrition against the Government. Slashing Budgets, controlling the House and the Committees, blocking Bills that would’ve benefitted the country. They even made a foray into actual physical war at Linden and Agricola.
They just didn’t have the guts to bring down the Government via a direct elections challenge. They were scared shiftless they would lose “corn and husk” – especially their duty free car allowance! They only became entrapped in the “No-Confidence” option when Moses Nagamootoo, in his inimitable loose and louche manner, opened his mouth and “story jumped out”!

Now in all democracies where elections aren’t pre-set, like the US…”calling” the election’s not an inconsiderable power. Hey!! He who sets the agenda has a hell of control of that agenda, no?

So in Parliamentary systems inherited from Britain, when the Government has a majority in Parliament, they can select any day they please – once it’s within their five-year term. Look at the fella in Sri Lanka…he had another two years to go. Point is, it’s acceptable for the incumbent to set a date…and he’d be a damn fool if he didn’t pick a date that had some advantage for his party.

The Sri Lankan, experience, of course, shows that some folks can be a little too “smart”! Now in Guyana, with Prezzie having lost the initiative to “call” elections to the Opposition after their “No-Confidence” Motion, what was he to do?? Roll over and play dead??
Well, all he had to do was look at what his fellow Heads of Government were doing in similar circumstances. In this case Prezzie did what what the Prime Minister of that bastion of sobriety and democratic propriety, Canada, did. Prorogue Parliament, seize the initiative and “call” elections!!
The Opposition’s forgotten the old folk saying, “Do fuh do na obeah!!” And they’re pi55ing mad because Prezzie “do” them real good!!

…on Prezzie’s elections date
Now the Opposition doesn’t just have their collective underwear in a knot about Prezzie outmanoeuvring them. Based on their reactions in the Muckraker yesterday, the actual date he’s chosen has really knocked them for a loop. We wonder if they’ll ever recover.

The Muckraker’s owner’s chief-cook-and-bottle-washer thinks Prezzie was “angry” because of all the pressure the Opposition brought down on him!! And that the EU’s spiteful action – prodded and applauded by the Opposition – was the final straw!

So in this supposed burst of anger and pique, Prezzie set the election date without so much as consulting his Cabinet!! Harris is willing “to bet (his) last dollar that the Education Minister wasn’t consulted”!

Imagine that! Looks like the Muckraker’s boss or consigliere has a direct pipeline to the Education Minister?? Well this Eyewitness also has his pipeline – and he’s assured that the Minister was fully consulted – as she’s since confirmed. So why’s the Muckraker beating this dead horse??

Another bitching is that the date’s right after Arrival Day. But very nastily, the Muckraker brought race into the equation by calling it “Indian Arrival Day”.

Why “Indian”?? He didn’t even have to look at the legislation – didn’t we all “arrive” here??

…on violence
Another Opposition reason suggested for the date was that it’ll avoid violence – since children would be caught in the line of fire. Since when did concern for school children ever deter the Opposition from violence?
Think Agricola!

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…for Trotman

A few days ago the Stabber carried an interview with a rather wistful Raphael Trotman. Seems he still hasn’t realised he’s been manoeuvred by Ramjattan out of whatever position he ever held in the AFC. He’s yesterday’s news. Like Tom Wolf said so long ago…you can’t ever go back home. Home has changed…and so have you.

Ramjattan always resented Trotman’s air of superciliousness and “holier than thou” attitude – especially when Trotman made it clear in 2011 that he wouldn’t play second fiddle to Ramjattan.

Their Convention that year had to be extended a whole day to sort out the contretemps between the two “man-crabs” vying to occupy the same hole. His resignation after he declared he was a “better candidate” than Ramjattan still rankles with that wanker.

Trotman eventually and unconvincingly said it was a still undisclosed “mysterious illness” that caused him to first leave the party. He had to be inveigled back on the withdrawal of Sheila Holder from the Prime Ministerial candidacy – but didn’t campaign much.

In the Stabber’s interview, he disconsolately admitted he doesn’t know whether he’ll he asked to be a candidate for the AFC in the upcoming elections. Quite a comedown for a fella who was the co-founder leader of the party!! This Eyewitness would like to assure him that he won’t be asked back. For the simple reason that Ramjattan likes it “too bad” that he can pull rank on every other leader in the present AFC.

Oh, how low has the mighty fallen! But Trotman showed a spark of spunk when he openly opposed his old co-leader Ramjattan’s declared vendetta against his former comrades in the PPP/C, were they were to be ousted.

In this stance, Trotman follows his hero Forbes Burnham’s policy not to tip his hand before he actually has power. It’s not that Trotman won’t go after those who stood in his way if he could, it’s just that he’ll bide his time. Ramjattan, on the other hand, is driven by blind passion – especially hate – and he doesn’t care if he’s telegraphing his hand.

Trotman’s true nature peeked out, however, when he maudlinly whined that he was a “victim” of some (unnamed persons) who wanted to “destroy” him. Disclaiming that he wouldn’t “pick a gun and actively go to destroy them,” he unwittingly revealed he’d at least thought about doing that murderous act. There’s a lot of rage in that statement.

In the meantime, some would say he’s done a lot to destroy the young man who claimed Trotman sexually molested him when he was a child.

It would appear that with Trotman’s court order, the boy was gagged twice!

…and beginning for Ramotar

Well, the other foot’s finally dropped and the PPP/C confirmed what everybody knew all along: President Donald Ramotar’s gonna be their’s party’s standard bearer at the May 11 general elections.

So why’d the governing party take so long with the announcement?? Well, you don’t want Pressie to “get stale”, do you?? But seriously, in a world where everything’s ad hoc and “seat-of-the-pants”, the PPP/C believes in following the rules of their game.

But what else do you expect from a party that’s 65 years old, this month?? The PPP/C survived so long – including 28 years in the wilderness facing persecution by the Burnhamite dictatorship – because they were a disciplined party that had institutionalised its operations.

President Ramotar will end one term of office on February 11 (when he dissolves Parliament) and begin his second, on May 12, when the results are declared!

…of Obama’s bad habit

The foreign press, especially its prim and proper British section, were scandalised when Barack Obama was caught on camera chewing gum during his official visit to India. He’d done the same in China and France. Hey, give the guy a break!! He’s trying to quit smoking. It’s nicotine gum!!

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Calling out…

 … AFC on race
Say what you want about David Hinds, you can’t deny that the man has race on his brain. If to a hammer, everything’s a nail…with Hinds, everything’s about race. But if to Marxists everything’s about economics, what’s wrong with Hinds’ reductionism on race??
Marcus Garvey did advise that we must “cleave to the black”, OK?? And at least he has the gumption to bring his race talk out into the open rather than spout the sanctimonious, politically correct drivel you hear from most politicians.
So he’s taken on the most oleaginous and slimy of those politically correct hypocrites – the AFC. Not deliberately, mind you. After all, from within the belly of the APNU beast, his WPA leader Roopnarine’s negotiating a coalition with the AFC. That the talk up to now’s been “who gon be pon top”, is neither here not there. It’s the principle of the thing that matters, no? They’re talking about hitching up.
Anyhow, Hinds posed some pretty serious questions to the AFC – some of which this Eyewitness’ been throwing out for quite a while. Like who gave Ramjattan the power to unilaterally jettison the AFC’s foundational principle of “ethnic rotation” of their Presidential Candidate?
As this Eyewitness has pointed out, this arrogation is most disrespectful and scandalous…but no one seems to want to talk about it. And it’s not like the AFC doesn’t have top caliber African Guyanese among its ranks.
Nigel Hughes may not want to be in the spotlight right now because of his own scandal with the Sithe’s Company Secretary cover up. But what about younger lights like Patterson or Williams?? Do they have Kuh-Kuh-Beh?? However, since Hinds said he was questioning some premises of the AFC, this Eyewitness hopes he won’t have a problem with some of HIS premises being scrutinised.
Like when he said that African Guyanese tend to vote for “other races” more than Indians. Is this a new epiphany?? If Hinds’ premise is right, then surely the best candidate for the WPA in 1992 – when they were so SURE they’d win the elections – was to put Roopnarine as Presidential Candidate rather than Clive Thomas, no?
After all with those racist Indians voting for their “own” – Roopnarine – and combined with all those Africans who are ever willing to “split their vote” – the WPA really could’ve carried the day! Rather than the pitiful four per cent they eked out!!
For the record, the PNC’s always gotten just over 40 per cent of the vote in every election since 1964. That’s the approximate percentage of the African and Mixed vote in the population that turns out to vote. So much for “one guilty race”!!

…the academic snobs
It’s clear that the senior staff at UG haven’t the foggiest notion about the distinction between “intellectual” and “academic”. From the comments one of the latter – named Ifill – made about Bibi Shadick’s appointment as Pro-Chancellor of UG – it’s also clear that some of them are really filled with hubris. About what?? Dotting “I-s” and crossing “T-s” in footnotes, that’s what.
You could just see Ifill, sniffing in disdain as she condescendingly allows, “We have nothing against her but for us it’s the principle.” You’ll note the arrogation of the royal “we” by Ifill as she complains that Ms Shadick doesn’t have the “academic experience”. We wonder if Eric Hoffer had been appointed Pro-Chancellor, Ifill would’ve demanded “academic qualifications”. Or Eusi Kwayana.
Ms Shadick, despite her homespun and unaffected demeanour, is a very grounded daughter of Leguan who continuously offers a uniquely shaped intellectual perspective on our Guyanese reality to folks like Ifill. Who can only regurgitate theories from books. Academics!
Fire on that lot!!

PM Ralph Gonsalves is a man of this Eyewitness’ heart. This confounded nonsense by the WICB must stop! It’s shaming us all. Cameron must go!! And this should only be the start to recover our WI cricketing pride!

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…from local Chatree Granger
Your humble Eyewitness is informed that back in the day, the “Kshatriyas” were the warriors of India. He almost damaged his throat attempting to pronounce the word as spelt. He’s falling back on the pronunciation favoured by our Attorney General – Chatree.

Claiming that he was a member of this fraternity, the AG evidently told the Editor of the Muckraker, Adam Harris, that “knock got knock back”. He allegedly later sounded this caution to his old school chum at the same newspaper ― albeit in more colourful language.

The AG’s concern, was that if the Muckraker’s boss was going to permit and even orchestrate the vilest slander and allegations against folks in his publication, it was quite likely that those folks could be driven to take extreme action. A reasonable observation, no?? After all, even the law allows the defence of “provocation”.

Well, the Muckraker and its owner Glenn Lall didn’t think so. He claimed this was a “terrorist threat” and demanded that the AG be charged forthwith. (Lall didn’t actually say “forthwith”….With tears streaming into his grubby face-rag, and advised by his lawyer Ramjattan, he sobbed, “Me friken! Haul ‘e ass to jail right now!”)

Lall even took the matter to international agencies and carried on about for months. Granger and the rest of Lall’s Opposition cohort picketed, protested and also carried on about the “terrorist threat” by the AG.

Well, there’s been an interesting development, which exposes the hypocrisy of that cohort. Evidently, there are some flyers circulating in the interior depicting Granger and some members of his Opposition coterie in a bad light ― exactly what the Muckraker was doing to Government officials.

(In Europe right now, one of the “bad guys” ― Hitler, is enjoying a revival, but you get the point?) Granger became livid. Blaming the PPP/C for the flyers, he warned AT A PRESS CONFERENCE: “I am worried about what the people would do to the publishers of that vile propaganda. I don’t know if the Police will be able to restrain those angry people.”

Now while some have cast doubt that the AG was a real soldier type “Chatree”, we all know that Granger is the real deal, local equivalent ― dubbed “Soldier Man” here. He even has the epaulets to prove it.

So if the AG’s caution to the KN was deemed to be a “terrorist threat” by Granger and his merry band of Opposition wankers, why hasn’t his even more explicit “threat” by a General to the PPP/C elicit condemnation by the usual band of suspects?? Like the Opposition Stabber, TI and the GHRA??
And mind you, the “angry people” Granger refers to are the thousands of soldiers he has drafted into his campaign!

…by the EU made good
While the Opposition are chortling over their entreaties to the western powers are bearing “fruit”, they should be careful since it’s coming from a poisoned tree. Take the EU’s holding back of funds that they’d already approved for supporting initiatives in the sugar industry and the sea defences.

These funds were compensation for the EU breaking a contractual obligation under the Lome Convention and the later Cotonou Protocol that was to last “in perpetuity”.

But having used and discarded us like the bagasse from our sugar cane, after unilaterally imposing a 36 per cent cut in our sugar prices, the money they’ve committed is simply to salve their conscience.

And as usual they imposed hoops that we had to just through before we could collect the money ―which ironically they complimented us for achieving, last September, ahead of schedule!!
The Opposition is allowing the EU to set new conditions that’ll hurt Guyana.

…on bus fares
Whenever gas prices go up, buses strike for higher fares – which they get. So how come they never come down, when, like now, gas prices have been slashed by 30 per cent?? Why’s the commuter always shafted??

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…and AFC Leader demand
This Eyewitness has no illusions about the egos of those who throw their hats into the political ring. Fellas and felines who believe they can lead an entire country to the promised land got to have some egos.

The problem arises when “ego” becomes inflated into “megalomania”. Megalomania, let’s first of all understand, is a mental illness. Megalomaniacs have an obsession with the exercise of power and a severe delusion about their power and importance.
We’ve all heard about “delusions of grandeur”, no?? That’s megalomania!! And from what the leader of the AFC just demanded from APNU to form PANTY! – “LEADER OR NOTHING!!” – megalomania’s also Khemraj Ramjattan!!

It’s quite possible that this is why he chose the acronym PANTY when he suggested coalition talks – Partnership Alliance for National Trust – Yes! He probably felt that Granger mightn’t want to be saddled with that name over his head. His buddy Nagamootoo certainly raised a stink!!
But seriously now, this Eyewitness does think Ramjattan is mental. Let’s look at the facts – as they are, and not how Ramjattan’s deluded to believe they are. All of us know APNU’s a front for the PNC and that the other members are simply paper organisations. But with that said, the PNC’s still the PNC!!! From 1964 to 2011, it was able to maintain a steady 40 per cent of the country’s electors.

And whether Ramjattan wants to pretend otherwise – or is subjected to dementia tremens – he can’t wish that away! The best he and his fellow deserter Trotman were able to do was to poach five to six seats from the PPP/C and PNC. And this, according to the wankers – with the help of the Americans with their Big Dick Pole…Ooops… poll!!

Now he’s demanding that PNC/APNU follow his leadership?? This is not hubris…. It is out and out megalomania!! Berbice Mad House time!!
As an aside, don’t be fooled for a moment about Ramjattan’s floating Nagamootoo as the Presidential Candidate for the AFC. To assume if APNU were daft enough to cave in, the latter becomes the Presidential candidate for PANTY! Not in this lifetime.

There’s a method to the madness of megalomania. It’s always Me!! Me!! Me!! And in this case the “me” is Ramjattan!!
He’s the one who floated PANTY! And by golly he’ll be the one to to carry PANTY to to the end of the line if it were to come to fruition!
But we all know that’s the pipe dream of a very sick man, don’t we??

…and Ramkarran
The AFC’s been dropping persistent hints that they’ve snagged a big fish whose name also begins with “Ram”. Now since we know it can’t be “Ramotar” then it got to be “Ramkarran”.

Since the Opposition Stabber’s been promoting him as a “big fish” and these Opposition types do tend towards group think, right? If Ramkarran does join the AFC, it’ll be a very interesting mix: each of them – Nagamootoo, Ramjattan and Ramkarran jumped the PPP/C ship because of their megalomaniacal insistence that they had to be leader or nothing! And they did get “nothing”!!

We’ve heard that “two man crabs can’t live in the same hole” – so can we expect some storm and thunder if Ramkarran joins the mess?? This Eyewitness doesn’t think so. While they all still harbour and nurse their megalomaniacal ambitions, they’ve all been so neutered on departure, they just don’t have the cojones to rumble with each other.

Ramjattan and Nagamoottoo were neutered by Jagdeo and while Gail Texiera bitch-slapped Ramkarran so solidly, his head’s still spinning!!

…and going ballistic
David Granger likes to come off as a doddering old fogey. But having sat and imbibed at the feet of Burnham, some of that megalomaniac’s madness had to’ve rubbed off. So it’ll be interesting to watch Dagger’s reaction to Ramjattan’s “leader or nothing” demand, when it’s made in person!!

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…at the elections announcement
There’s no truer statement ever made than this – “you can’t please everyone”. So when the naysayers are coming out of the woodwork, you just have to “do the right thing”. And so it’s been with President Ramotar after he announced the date of the elections.

The President just did what’s been demanded by the Opposition for months – but from the reaction of the nattering nabobs of negativity – you’d think he’d just signed their death warrants.

And that’s the point, ain’t it? He just might have! They know they’ve reached the end of the road – the people will only be fooled for so long. And with ruination staring them in the face, they’ve decided to jump up and down with a whole new set of “objections”.

Take the one about the election date of May 11 falling on a Monday that exams are scheduled in the schools, normally converted to elections polling stations. The next available Monday that doesn’t have examinations is June 15. So does the Opposition want to delay the elections by another month?? We bet if Prezzie had proposed that, the same Opposition would’ve been crying bloody murder!!

There’s now the weeping and wailing about Prezzie not dissolving Parliament BEFORE announcing the elections date. Is there any law specifying that this must be so?? Nope. All Prezzie has to do is dissolve Parliament three months before the elections. So he has time!! What’s the problem?? None!
But this won’t stop the Opposition from kvetching! And in this “Opposition”, we of course include the GHRA, TUC, TI and all the other alphabet soup groups floating around in the Opposition sewage.

And then before you could say “Red, white and blue”, out came the “ABC” Embassies (America, Britain and Canada) with their sly dig at the President’s announcement. Congratulations and all that, old chap, “BUT!!” And with that threesome, there’s always a “but”, isn’t there?

In the English language, “but” is called the “eraser word” – for the simple reason that it wipes out all that precedes it.
So forget that the Government scheduled elections…they must now jump over some other hoops that will be set. Like “adherence to timely and standardised procedures for the electoral process”.

Now, what the heck is this kind of cockamamie suggestion?? Guyana has an independent and autonomous elections commission – GECOM – so shouldn’t the ABC’s be directing their suggestions/instructions to that organisation??

But we know why, don’t we?? Nowadays you can’t just order “regime change” like in the 50s and 60s. The targeted Government must be shown to be “anti-democratic”, no?? The cavilling has an end game!!

…on incumbent advantage
You can always tell the Johnny-come-lately to the political game. They’re so fixated on scoring political points (mostly “cheap”, of course), they don’t take time to understand the niceties of historical realities. Take the AFC, its leader with the jaundiced view, Ramjattan, and his attack on the President – about using “state resources” during the upcoming campaign.

From the beginning of democratic governance – and elections for the same – the claim about the “advantages” of incumbent Governments competing for office has been raised. But that’s to be expected.

Since the ship of state can’t be allowed to drift without a captain and crew for the months of the campaign, the incumbent Head of State and his Cabinet will have to use state resources in taking care of their official tasks – even as they “do the political”.

It’s a fine line which is beyond Ramjattan’s grasp. For instance, in the US, even for overtly defined “political” events, the US President and his staff just have to pay for the seats occupied on Air Force One.

Which is a pittance compared to the the US$56,800 PER HOUR that it costs to run that beauty!!
And that’s according to their Federal Elections Commission!

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Boat gone a watah…

…Opposition cyaan turn back

There’s the old caution that this Eyewitness’d proffered to the Opposition: “Be careful what you ask for…you might just get it!” They didn’t listen and as we all know, “who don’t listen will feel”. The Opposition’s been jumping up worse than Chicken Little for the President to “call” elections – or else we’d become a dictatorship!!

And this, even though Prezzie’d promised he’d announce the election date in “in the first quarter of 2015”. But even as the AFC were “protesting” in front of the CariCom Headquarters – just because the organisation took the President at his word! – elections were announced by Prezzie for May 11!!

You’d think the wankers would be embarrassed about their ridiculous, over-the-top display, no?? But these are people with no shame.

And that’s why we fear for what’s gonna happen in the next three months. Projecting from their own warped and treacherous practice of politics, the AFC and PNC/APNU really believed the President would hang on to power via the prorogation route!! After all, if they were in Prezzie’s shoes (God forbid!!) that’s what they’d do!!

And that’s why they went on bended knees begging and the pleading with the foreign missions to intervene in our sovereign affairs. They thought they “had” the President!! But like the man said, all they got was “larwah”!!

So what can we expect from the Opposition camp, now that they’ve been caught with their pants down? Right off the bat we know they’ll play their strongest card – the race card. In fact it’s the only card they have…so it has to be played. How’ll they play it?? You just have to cast your minds to the scenario that played out after the last elections at Linden.

At that time it was a matter of making a rational decision for the good of the entire country on equalising the paltry rate Lindeners were paying for electricity to what the rest of us had to shell out.

The AFC cried “racial spite” just because Lindeners are predominantly African Guyanese. The APNU jumped head first into the fray and before you could say, “What the hell!!!”, three persons had been killed and billions went up in smoke.

This time we’re sure that even though all studies show that the entire country has benefited from the Herculean effort of the PPP/C to develop Guyana, the Opposition will filter everything through their race-coloured glasses to divide our peoples.

While we hope good sense will prevail and an issue-based campaign gonna be waged, because of the Opposition’s history, we’re not holding our breath.

…on Opposition secret PANTY

The Opposition’s political gamesmanship on race can already be seen in the intricate dance the AFC’s been playing with PNC/APNU on their proposed PANTY coalition. (Remember?? One name from each of the partner for “trust”?? Partnership Alliance for National Trust – Yes!)

First Ramjattan, the AFC leader protested he’ll be “dead meat” with his Indian supporters in Berbice if he were to even to THINK of coalescing with the PNC/APNU.

Now why’d he have to say that?? If his party was the “multiracial miracle” he and Trotman boasted it was, after nine years wouldn’t they have convinced their Berbice supporters that African Guyanese were not “the enemy”?? But the problem with these hypocrites was that while taking the high road in public, Ramjattan and Nagamootoo were racist to the bone when it came to dealing with Berbicians.

And that’s why he’s insisted that the PANTY negotiations with Granger of the PNC be secret. But he still gonna be DEAD MEAT!! He can run – but he can’t hide!!

…with GECOM

At every election since 1992, the Opposition’s protested the elections in one way or the other. The last time, the Opposition liked a man with a “slow hand”…but not a slow count!!

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…on Burnham

One of the reasons we’re in such a deep political deadlock is the refusal of some folks to accept that their leaders may’ve made mistakes…and then move on. As far as this Eyewitness is concerned, the only person who doesn’t make mistakes is the Big Guy “up there”.

But then, some of these leaders act as if they’re God and their “followers” (there’s no other word for it) go along with the conceit.

One of these leaders was Burnham…and the 1300-word letter (dissertation??) in yesterday’s Opposition papers by Aubrey Norton, defending his Kabaka’s ignominious record on relations with Venezuela, proves the point. What’re the facts – now in the public realm courtesy of the declassified documents from the US once-secret files?

First and foremost is that from the moment the Americans prodded the Venezuelans to create a “controversy” at the UN on our hitherto sacrosanct border – in February 1962, Burnham was in on the dastardly plan.

After all, that was just a fallback option to have over Jagan in case the British caved in and gave independence to Guyana under Cheddi Jagan. The main option was to have Burnham and D’Aguiar’s supporters torch the City of Georgetown to force the British’s hand.

Burnham explicitly aided and abetted this betrayal. Macmillan duly gave in to JFK later at Burch Grove and it was only a matter of time (and a few hundred murders) that Burnham would be ensconced into office.

But in his obscene drive to seize power, Burnham had helped create a tiger he couldn’t control. The Venezuelans weren’t gonna back off from their ridiculous claims over Essequibo. And the Americans never really trusted Burnham – who “opportunistically tacked and turned”.

They wanted to keep their “Sword of a Venezuelan Invasion” over his head also. Burnham, of course, compounded his betrayal when he fell into the Venezuelan trap by agreeing at Geneva that there was a “controversy” on our border. What a dope!!

On Burnham’s rejection of the Cuban backing of MIR’s actions in Venezuela…wasn’t the “enemy of our enemy, our friend”?? Wouldn’t MIR’s success have pinned down Venezuelan troops that were later deployed at our borders and helped to take over our portion of Ankoko?? Yes, unlike Norton’s pathetic defence, Burnham should’ve been ashamed of his denouncing on MIR. But there was one man who stood tall – Dr Jagan?

He, unlike Burnham had an overriding sense of nationalism that transcended the rivalry with the cad and bounder – and stood shoulder to shoulder with him to promise “not a blade of grass”!!

Like all humans, Jagan wasn’t infallible – but by golly, he never betrayed Guyana!

…on MLK, et al

Yesterday was Martin Luther King Day in the US…but the great man was remembered further afield. A follower of the apostle of non-violence, Mahatma Gandhi, King was cut down by a hater.

But even before his assassination, the FBI tried to destroy him by bugging his phones and revealing that King had several extramarital affairs. They even wrote him a letter threatening to “out” him and suggesting suicide.

MLK’s great rival in strategy to end racism in the US – Malcolm X – who believed in “the ballot or the bullet” – was also assassinated and also derided. Long after his assassination one scholar even published a book suggesting that he was homosexual – as another scholar did on Gandhi. It’s excused as “revisionist history”.

Now we’re all for “setting the record straight”. But what’s the point? No one’s perfect. So, coming closer home, what’s the point about regurgitating ad nauseum that a famous (deceased) pandit possibly had an extramarital affair??

Is the good interred with his bones??


That wanker Goolsarran resigned his TI post and ran abroad because he was called out for refusing to denounce the “Glenn Lall re-migrant scam”. Well that story’s now out in the open. Is he returning since elections are around the corner??

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…from outside
Encouraged by their foreign sponsors, the local fifth columnists are creeping out of the woodwork to get rid of the PPP/C Government. Once again. The salvo by the departing British Ambassador’s only the latest in a long anti-PPP/C war of attrition.
The big question, of course, is why?? And sadly it’s not much different from 1953 when the British threw out one PPP Government and a decade later, the US came in with their CIA and did the dirty on another. The problem is the PPP/C insists on trying to do what’s best for Guyana!
Think of it. Back in 1953 when “Britannia ruled the waves”, their Colonial office rushed in troops and threw out the PPP just because they dared to TALK radical!! No High Commissioner then – the GOVERNOR GENERAL could “do what he want with you”! That’s right.
Guyanese had just been so magnanimously given the franchise after 400 years of slavery and indentureship and they figured they dare talk back to their betters??! Gad!! It’s a good thing their leaders weren’t horsewhipped!
Ten years later, even after they told the US that Burnham was a “racist and a demagogue” and that Jagan’s socialist bark was worse than his bite, they went along with the Americans to stir up riots that ousted the PPP and installed Burnham.
Hey! The British lion had lost some its teeth and after JFK promised British PM Macmillan some goodies at Birch Grove in 1963, the British were more than willing to rig the elections to oust the PPP and install the PNC – in coalition with the UF.
Now lots of folks during the PPP’s 28-year sojourn in the political wilderness said that Jagan should’ve “finessed” the US and “played along” with them. Looking at the declassified files now…it’s clear that even if Jagan had been willing to offer the US his firstborn (Joey, named after Joseph Stalin), it wouldn’t have mattered a whit.
And it’s rather clear right now that for whatever reason the PPP/C’s still not the party of choice for the US and their junior (VERY junior!!) partner, the Brits. Latin America’s too left??
So now we have USAID funding the International Republican Institute (IRI) – proud sponsors of regime change from Azerbaijan to Zimbabwe (with all the intermediate letters taken care of – Honduras…Egypt…Libya etc, etc..) – and running around the country spreading that good, old time democratic feeling through LEAD.
Time for some more feral blasts??

…from inside
As usual, the destabilisers from “outside” aren’t lacking in local support. Was there ever a colony conquered without local Quislings?? It’s not a “race thing” in case you think we have a genetic defect, the Quislings were white! While there was the PNC back in the day, it has worked hard to maintain continuity in betrayal of national interests. But that’s to be expected, no??
It’s the newer, later ones we should worry about: the zeal of the convert’s always a thing to behold. Take the AFC, for instance, which boasted in 2006 of their “American Connections”.
Now we know because of their “carrying news” and their Big Dick Morris poll, that was no urban myth. We can expect them to continue with their provocations a la Linden and Agricola. But expect some wild action from folks like the Blue Caps and some such.
They wouldn’t want to get left off the runaway gravy train: the IRI money voted by Congress gotta be spent this year.
And do you now understand why Ramon Gaskin’s now calling for storming the Bastille over by OP??

…from within
But ambition can be a bitch. Take the AFC that confessed it’s just “scouting talent” in the “coalition talks” with the PNC/ APNU. Maybe they’ll recruit the three APNU MPs who pocketed $30 million EACH from the PPP/C – for promising to sink the No-Confidence Vote??

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