October 2, 2014

Sh*tting bricks

…by AFC on no confidence

Slowly the day of doom approaches for the AFC. Their No-Confidence Motion is on the parliamentary agenda for the next session that’s just a week away. But from what has been going down during the “recess”, all that’s clear is even the AFC’s supporters don’t have any confidence in the party.

Moses Nagamootoo had talked “fat” to the Stabber News in a throwaway comment back in June, about getting rid of the PPP/C Government via a “no-confidence” vote. He and his party never expected it to be picked up. But it was…and suddenly they had a tiger by the tail. President Ramotar and the PPP/C immediately said, “Bring it on!!”. In fact, the President in his usual ebullient manner, dared the AFC to “make my day!”

Point of the matter is the combined Opposition – having their one-seat majority in Parliament – always had the option of calling such a motion and having elections held three months later. But they never did so for two reasons.

Firstly, they always knew that even if they stood on their heads with their skirts dropped to the ground, they could never deny the PPP/C a plurality. And there was always the danger of the latter raking in an absolute majority!!

They could lose corn and husk! This is the fear explicitly articulated by Opposition elements like Tacuma Ogunseye, who see the No-Confidence Motion as a high stake gamble where the PPP/C is like the casino – the odds are always with the house!

The other reason is that for the No-Confidence Motion to pass, the PNC/APNU has to vote WITH the AFC. From PNC/APNU’s perspective this is untenable, since if they go along, they’re seen as FOLLOWING the AFC.

Whatever might’ve been the bonhomie between the two parties in Parliament, let’s not forget if elections are called, they’re gonna compete for the same pool of voters. The AFC has made it clear in rejecting PNC/APNU’s overtures for a pre-electoral coalition, that this would be the worst possible alternative. It’ll be a kiss of death – their Waterloo.

Apart from feeling the sting of rejection (What’s the matter?? Our breaths stink?), PNC/APNU has to show they’re also “man”. Hence, their Local Government Elections (LGE) gambit.

And that’s why the AFC top guns are sh*tting bricks. Even though PNC/APNU are saying, “Yes, yes, we’re behind you”, the question is, “What are they behind with??” Their LGE or no confidence??

Ah…the PPP/C must be chuckling all the way to the (vote) bank!!!

…in emailgate

The noose is slowly tightening around the necks of Mohan “Glenn” Lall and his house slave Adam Harris over at the Muckraker in the evolving scandal of emailgate. Fake emails might not be a crime in Guyana in the legal sense.

According to Ramesh Dookhoo, the former Private Sector Commission’s head, the law was proposed, but never passed. But we hope the authorities are taking note of what’s at stake here. The entire security of the state.

What comes to mind is Rupert Murdock’s News of the World (NOTW) hacking into the voice mails of innocent citizens – including politicians. And then using the hacked messages in its newspaper. The NOTW was the model for the muckraking sensationalism practiced by the Kaieteur News here. NOTW’s fondness for sex scandals earned it the nickname, “News of the Screws”.

The authorities should introduce laws patterned after the British, one under which NOTW was prosecuted – and eventually closed down. This confounded nonsense of sending fake emails must stop!

…in Red Thread

This Eyewitness is disappointed in the Red Thread organisation. It hemmed and hawed trying to defend its silence in the buggery allegations against Raphael Trotman. After trenchantly criticising the Government for all kinds of depravities, Red Thread’s now setting them up as their moral standard?? Oh judgement…

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Can we talk…

…if the law’s an ass?

Now let’s see if we can pick sense from nonsense in this Remigrant Scam business involving the Muckraker’s Mohan (Glenn) Lall. The parents of one of his close personal friends (who also just happens to be a big one at the GRA) claimed they’re returning to live in Guyana from New York. The law says they’re allowed to bring back two cars that they own – duty-free.

Now these are two ordinary folks – doing quite ordinary jobs in New York according to their fellow villagers. But Lo and Behold (as they say in the Bible when a miracle or an astounding action’s about to take place), they declared to the GRA over here that they were bringing back two 2013 Lexus Suburban L570 vehicles.

Now these beauties (even used 2013 models) go for about US$70,000 a pop. (Just Google it) and the Guyanese duty on these 4500cc gas guzzlers would add another US$90,000 each. Total in Guyana Monopoly money?? $72,000,000 …that is $72 MILLION!!!

But let’s not even worry about the fib the couple told to Customs officers over here to bring down their applicable duty. The question is, where the heck did the couple get the US$140,000 to pay for the cars in New York?? It’s not just enquiring minds in Guyana that might want to know. We know that someone’s ears in the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in the US must be burning!  Those fellas don’t take too kindly to folks not reporting their earnings.

But the local lawyer for Mohan Lall was quoted as saying, “The law is not concerned about who gave it up to you or whom you give it to or lend it to”. Maybe not the law in Guyana (even though we doubt that), but if Lall’s now saying he gave the cars to the couple, then the taxmen over in the US would be also interested in how that transaction was consummated.

The cars would still be a “gift” to the couple – which has to be reported and the generous giver, Lall – who we know from the publicity is a green card holder – would also have to fill out some important tax forms.

Unlike what the local lawyer would have it, the law’s not an ass. The US has been spending oodles of time and money to have its Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) enforced. This catches funds its residents secrete abroad. Image what’ll happen when this kind of jiggery-pokery is done on US soil!

Orange jumpsuits for Lall?

…about Vagina Monologues?

Well, well, well. Little Guyana’s hosting the world-famous Eve Ensler who caught the world’s attention with her off-Broadway production, “The Vagina Monologues” almost 20 years ago. Isn’t it great that we can actually have the word spelt out in full in this, a family newspaper?? Anyhow, this Eyewitness would like to welcome the feminist activist to our country and hope she’s accorded our famous Guyanese hospitality.

We don’t think we have to rehash the debate that took place in the wake of her play. (Can it really be a “good rape” if a 13-year-old girl is raped by a 24-year-old woman as the monologue “The Little Coochie Snorcher That Could” tells us? Raphael Trotman might want to know). But as we were informed, her play morphed from its seemingly misandrist beginnings into an international “movement” fighting violence against women.

This is an effort that all of us must support.

…about pelting sh*t??

While we thought we can talk about vaginas, we aren’t sure about “sh*t”. But the Muckraker described rather graphically how a prisoner in Lethem was forced to “pelt” his Police jailers with a “box of sh*t”. He was further charged for this act. The Police aren’t taking any sh*t.

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Male bovine excrement…

… from Ramjattan

Ramjattan’s  having to backtrack so fast from his lies on the $30 million “bribe” allegations he concocted in his sick and perverted mind, he’s suffering from whiplash. The fella so hates the PPP/C it looks like he’s literally sold his soul to the devil to get back at them. But he would know that these Faustian bargains have a habit of consuming the maker. In fire. “Bun” them!!!

Ramjattan’s Opposition Leader Granger has just put away all diplomatic niceties and bluntly told the wanker that all his claim boils down to is an “INVENTION”. That’s right.  Granger’s saying, “Ramjattan’s a lying so-and-so”.

But it’s just he didn’t put it in those words. He’s not Nagamootoo. Now Ramjattan can’t blow away this damning accusation by rubbing his doo doo on the Chronicle and saying “they made up Granger’s denial”. The story was carried in the Opposition’s Muckraker!!

But once you start lying, you can’t stop. It’s like dogs sucking eggs! Ramjattan, caught in his lie, then tried to bluster. He claimed, “I can’t really recall saying that it is only members of APNU.” And of course, he took the opportunity to blame the Chronicle. Hey!! An asteroid hits the Planet Mars?? Got to be the Chronicle, if you ask Ramjattan!!

But weeks ago, Ramjattan was caught on tape by a reporter from this newspaper explicitly saying (sanctimoniously) that AFC MPs would never take bribes. Cross his heart and hope to die!!!  It was APNU MPs that were caught doing the dirty!! This Eyewitness has asked that the tape be passed on to the Evening News so that even those who can’t read can hear. It was the same tape in which he told the PPP/C three times to “Haul deh ass”!!

But like we said. Once you start lying through your teeth…pressed as to where he heard about the “bribery allegation”, he then claimed it was “from deep within the PPP/C”!! What a fibber!!

We know Nixon was brought down in the Watergate scandal by the leaks from “Deep Throat”. We guess with all the allegations of paedophilia involving boys forced to perform all kinds of unnatural acts, the AFC want to say they have their own “Deep Throat”!!

Finally (for this piece, that is. There’s no “finality” to the lying of Ramjattan.) Ramjattan lied again when he said he couldn’t tell who exactly it was that gave him the information, because “as a lawyer”, he had to respect the attorney-client privilege on confidentiality.

What a crock!!! As we learnt recently, this privilege only kicks in when the person giving the info is a client. For which Ramjattan would’ve had to collect a retainer.

How much did Ramjattan collect?? As much as he got from Fedders Lloyd??

…from MuckrakerKN

The Muckraker and its owner, Mook Lall, have their backs against the wall. So like all rats do when cornered, they’re lashing out. But if what they spewed out in their “front page comment” to defend the charges against them on the remigrant scam’s the best they can do, then Lall and some of his associates are due to spend some quality time at Lot 12 Camp Street.

Here it is, they’re being charged with conspiring to defraud the Government of Guyana of millions through false declarations on an official transaction. Namely buying two Lexuses in the States in the name of the parents of an associate and shipping them back duty-free here. The vehicles arrive and Lall uses them ALL THE TIME.

And Lall’s defence in his Front Page Comment?? That the duty-free allowance might’ve been abused by others ALSO!!

Hey!! Everyone who did the crime will have to do the time!!  Mook Lall’s going down!

…on tax info

So again we ask. How does information on the financials of Stabroek, Guyana Times and Chronicle become a “conspiracy to destroy” the MuckrakerKN??

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…Opposition politics

As the Trotman paedophile accusations slither inevitably to their denouement of shame, humiliation and resignation, we cast our eyes to the fissures opening up in the Opposition ranks over political strategy.

Even though they’ve all been bonding in their “Black Consciousness” meetings under the auspices of their front group – Cuffy250 – David Granger (PNC/APNU); David Hinds (WPA), Nigel Hughes (AFC), and Tacuma Ogunseye (WPA/ACDA) have taken their disagreement into the press.

The Brown Brothers Nagamootoo and Ramjattan evidently recused themselves. Anyhow…Ogunseye expressed his vehement disagreement with Hughes’ articulation of the AFC’s position that the “no-confidence” motion is the way to go for the Opposition. Seems that even though Hughes dubbed this the “strongest possible constitutional protest”, Ogunseye and Hinds aren’t convinced. The ACDA activist insists the actions have to be more “hard-balled”.

Why?? Well, the No-Confidence Motion leads to elections – but the AFC cannot guarantee the PPP/C’d be deposed! The only action that’ll accomplish this would be for the Opposition to come out into the streets. “A practical demonstration of ‘people’s power’ in the streets would have brought the rulers to their senses a long time ago…”

Now you dear readers are asking, “How the heck can Ogunseye guarantee this??” After all, Granger brought his people out into the streets across the country last week and it didn’t result in regime change, did it? So what did Granger do wrong, in the eyes of Ogunseye – and Hinds?

Well, we have to get back to what Ogunseye means by “hard-balled”‘protests. Before the 2011 elections, when he was preaching the ACDA line that elections wouldn’t deliver regime change then, at Golden Grove he declared there must be “a massive rebellion of African people throughout the length and breadth of this country”.

Later at BV, he read “the riot act” to the PPP/C Government and threatened if they were still in office after the elections,the rebellion should remove them, without fear of the security forces. “Once the African people rise up in their great numbers, I dare the army to take the side of the PPP/C and against Africans. Our sons and daughters would not do that.”

And this is the kind of “hard balled” protests that’re being demanded. It worked in the 1960s with the help of the CIA, and in 1998-9, by unleashing what the Stabber Called “Terror in the City” when hundreds of PPP/C supporters were beaten in the streets of Georgetown.

A hint to Beneba mek Quasie tek notice??

…paedophile defence parsing

Among the defences thrown up by Raphael Trotman against the accusations of a young man that the attorney raped him when he was just 12 years old, was this seemingly unequivocal denial: “I have never in my life committed any act of a sexual nature that is illegal.” It’s been the experience of this Eyewitness that when lawyers start parsing their sentences with such finesse – look out!! They’re hiding something.

Let’s look closer at the denial. – “I have never in my life committed any act of a sexual nature that is illegal.” When the new Sexual Offences Act came into effect in 2010 – and was challenged up to earlier this year, several new sexual crimes were created:

Rape of a child under 16 yrs

Sexual activity with a child under 16 yrs

Causing a child under 16 yrs to watch sexual acts including an image of sexual activity

Meeting a child under 16 yrs following sexual grooming.

Any lawyer like Trotman would know he can’t be charged for what was not “illegal” at the time the act was committed. Before 2010. Ow man!!

…ad hominem

     After two of its columnists viciously attacked each other personally, Muckraker’s house-slave editor declared: “This is the end of the ad hominen attacks by anyone contributing to the pages of this newspaper.”

Gasp!!! No more attacks against the GRA boss??

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…by AFC

Smokescreens originated in warfare. They’re designed to hide your movements and manoeuvres as you either attack or try to evade your enemy’s firepower. Politics, they say, is “war by other means” – so this Eyewitness isn’t surprised at all the smokescreens the AFC are creating as they feverishly go into damage control mode on the accusations that co-founder Raphael Trotman sexually molested a young man.

Trotman, of course, is a crucial cog in the AFC wheel (of “fortune”). He occupies the strategic Speaker’s chair in the National Assembly, from where he’s shamelessly pandered to the whims and fancies of his colleagues.

For instance, there’s the earlier smokescreen the AFC had thrown up about the PPP/C bribing three APNU MP’s not to go along with the AFC’s No-Confidence Motion. Trotman would’ve been the man to tell Ramjattan to “haul his ass” or “not haul his ass” to the Privileges Committee for impugning the integrity of all these honourable men.

Could you imagine what’ll happen if Basil Williams (the Deputy Speaker) gets bumped up and has to pronounce on the bribery charges his party has hotly and most vehemently denied? Ouch!!! Anyhow the present smokescreen’s being deployed defensively – to save Trotman’s ass – (speaking figuratively) and to damage the PPP/C. Seems the AFC thinks “offence” is the best “defence”.

But this offence is more like a boomerang – that’s going to come back and hit them smack in the kisser. Their first mistake was their announcement that they’d “unearthed a PPP plot to tarnish reputation of its’ leaders”. Now that was the joke of the year! How the heck do you “tarnish” the reputation of these fellas whose reputations are blacker than the bottom of both the proverbial “pot and kettle”??

Trotman and Ramjattan who meretriciously squatted on PNC and PPP/C’s seats in Parliament until they got their duty-free cars?? Nigel Hughes of the “Case of the Silent Sithe Company Secretary” and the “Case of the Purloined Crime Tape”?? Nagamootoo and his fisher-woman’s mouth – not to mention playing both sides against the middle with his $7 million contract with NICIL??

But this latest smokescreen – created by throwing under the bus legal colleagues who just wanted to help their colleague Trotman – betrays the AFC’s leadership desperation. They know the electorate may overlook a certain amount of venality (duty free cars?). But not the diddling of people’s boy children.

This is the stuff of Sodom and Gomorra. And those who transgress must face the “Rod of Correction”.

…on development

APNU’s sputtering that the PPP/C Government is “squandering” state funds on all kinds of projects across the country to fund its “election campaign”. Now here we are in only the third year of the PPP/C’s five-year term. Campaign??? Ah…the No-Confidence Motion!! But we thought Granger wants the Local Government Elections first?? What’s the matter?? The (AFC) tail wagging the (APNU) dog?? Quit vacillating, Granger.

But APNU’s being disingenuous. What they’re trying to suggest is that the PPP/C’s creating “boondoggles”. That’s the Americanism to describe “make work” government projects just to please constituents, and not really serving a real practical purpose. Now could Granger point to a single project the Government’s executing that’s not necessary for development. And just as important – on the budget that was passed by APNU and AFC??

So Granger and APNU doesn’t want City Hall refurbished?? Or One Mile Primary School rebuilt?? C’mon Granger….don’t be a Scrooge.

And frankly, this Eyewitness doesn’t think the projects will change any votes.

…on death register

Poor Arthur Chung. The first and most humble President Guyana ever had must be rumbling in his grave. They just won’t let the man stay dead. First. GECOM said they weren’t informed of his death. Now the fellow in charge says they were. Will someone please take the man’s name off the voter’s list?? Or do we have to hold a referendum??

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Definitional power…

…abused in Guyana

In Guyana, no one would deny the MuckrakerKN’s the newspaper of record when it comes to sleaze, salaciousness, and sensationalism. It claims its excesses can be excused, in the inimitable words of its owner Mook Lall, “because de people gat wan right fuh know”. But in the present “case of the paedophile accusations”, we can all see very clearly that when it comes to the Mook’s pals in the Opposition – “de people na gat wan right fuh know”.

How else would you explain the Muckraker’s tepid coverage of the young Welshman’s accusations against Raphael Trotman?? Can you imagine the feeding frenzy that would’ve been going on over at Saffon Street if the accused child molester was from the PPP/C??!

Lord have mercy!!! So when some people excuse the nastiness practised by the Muckraker and its owner (facilitated by his aged house slave) as just “good business sense” to make money – let the Trotman coverup be an object lesson.

The Muckraker’s part and parcel of the conspiracy that’ll leave no stone unturned; do whatever it takes – even sell its firstborn into slavery, to depose the PPP/C Government. And since the armed attempt failed – and don’t think the Muckraker wasn’t directly involved: check WikiLeaks – the political Opposition must be supported in whatever they do.

So we have the attempt by lawyer Jaya Manickchand to give a “heads up” to a colleague so as not to embarrass him – being turned as the biggest smokescreen to hide the allegations from the public. Just because the individual happened to be related to a Government Minister – then the allegations have to be a “PPP/C political hatchet job”?!!

Imagine out of all the people in the world, the PPP/C tracked down a young man in Trinidad – who Trotman admits he knows –- and gets him to start making allegations about paedophilia to Jaya against the Speaker!!!???

And six years ago, the PPP/C planted Jaya in the legal aid office so that she’d meet Welshman, the abused boy?? What a party!! But maybe Trotman’s betrayal of his colleague Jaya’s tipoff is poetic justice. Jaya was ready to “recuse” herself from the case – when the oath she’d taken as a lawyer, compels her to represent whomever asks for representation.

But we believe people who’ve allowed themselves to be titillated by the Muckraker – and unwittingly allowed it to define their reality – will now have the scales drop from their eyes. They’ll now see that even though it will cost Mook Lall money – he’ll refuse to print the sordid details of the betrayal of a young boy’s trust by one placed on high.

…on climate change

But if the Muckraker achieves definitional power in Guyana by pandering to the lowest common denominator here – what’s going on in the “climate change” arena takes “self-serving behaviour” to a whole new low.

After a century and a half of the now developed world belching billions of tonnes of carbon dioxide from their factories and vehicles, they accepted they’d precipitated an unprecedented global warming that could wipe out life on Earth if left unchecked.

They promised to clean it up. Now is not the time to get into all the numbers that they are throwing out – that’s just to confuse everyone they want to fool. The bottom line of all the “talks” we’re getting reports on from the sidelines of the UN General Assembly is they’re welshing on their promise. But you’d never know it if you read their media that dominates our news – even in little backward Guyana.

All we can say is, “Countries of the Third World, unite!!! You have nothing to lose but your air!!”

…on No-Confidence Vote

The AFC’s No-Confidence Motion’s now up in the air. APNU says the Local Government Elections are just as important as the General Elections. And with their votes…we know who defines what’s important in the Opposition!

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Boat gone a watah…

…PNC cyaan turn back

This Eyewitness is very much aware that in Guyana, folks are very sensitive about being called names. So he’s going to quote the most eminent and respectable US President Barack Obama who, referring to Sarah Palin – his Republican opponent, said, “You can put lipstick on a pig – but it’s still a pig”. The point the President was trying to make – the same as this Eyewitness – is that making superficial changes to something doesn’t change its real nature.

Your Eyewitness has the PNC in mind. It went into the last elections as APNU – but the “lipstick” of a few “paper” coalition partners didn’t fool anyone. Quick now?? What’s the name of the outfit Keith Scott heads??

Where’s JFAP? GAP? The WPA?? Well, we know where the WPA’s four members are. Rupert Roopnaraine has announced he won’t be returning. David Hinds has announced he’s building “Black Consciousness” and is very critical of APNU in general and David Granger in particular. Bulkan…hey!! Was he ever WPA?? Kwayana is over in mellow California.

So let’s quit this nonsense of talking about “APNU”, when you know and this Eyewitness knows that we’re really talking about the PNC. And we can now discuss this “hurricane of protests” – a phrase beloved by Granger – the PNC’s launched across the country. We’ve already expatiated at length that launching protests is not just an itch with the PNC. It’s in their political DNA.

Well, day one of the PNC’s protest is over. If the truth be told, this Eyewitness was looking out for an event in Linden. This would’ve shown whether there’s any spunk left in a party that’s been defeated at elections the last five times in 20 years. And is so ashamed of its past, it had to deny its own name!! And give seats to “parties” that can’t even muster a hundred votes between them!

Lindeners aren’t afraid to call a spade a spade. Even in his heyday – a year after the town was named after him – Lindeners went on strike against the PNC Government of Linden Forbes Sampson Burnham. Today, all we’ve heard from Linden was that there was a “walkout” from a “campaign” meeting – which most likely was a “mobilisation” meeting for the “hurricane of protest”.

It was, therefore, not surprising to this Eyewitness that the “protests” elsewhere – including Georgetown – were more of a weak fart than any “hurricane”. And that’s what you get when you put an old fart at the head of your party.

But that also can be dangerous. The weak leader might just feel compelled to do some very foolish things to prove he’s not an invertebrate. Like riots and arson.

…on Muckraker’s obsession

This Eyewitness has commented before on the unhealthy obsession Mook Lall, over at the MuckrakerKN has with former President Jagdeo. It doesn’t matter what or where the occurrence or negative event – with the Mook, there’s only one answer – Jagdeo did it!! The wanker probably sees Jagdeo in every shadow at night. Maybe that’s why he has to drink himself to sleep – every night.

Look at the last ants’ nest he’s poking concerning the GRA Boss and the Attorney General. Claims he had “incontrovertible evidence of a plot to destroy the Kaieteur News”. And who’s behind the plot??? Did you have to ask?? Jagdeo, of course!

So on Monday, the Kaieteur News printed the “proof” which purported to be an e-mail from the GRA Boss to Jagdeo. It had the redacted tax details of the Stabroek, the Guyana Times, the Chronicle and THE KAIETEUR NEWS – “deleted”.

Yesterday, however, without even an apology to the people of Guyana, much less Jagdeo, the Muckraker explicitly admitted the details on Kaieteur News were never sent to Jagdeo!!

So the question is, was Jagdeo getting the details to “destroy” the other papers??

Ahhhh. What a tangled web the Mook weaves when he tries to deceive…!!!

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…of paedophilia

Raphael Trotman said he didn’t molest the boy who said he did. Now we can’t know conclusively right now as to who’s lying. Trotman said he has God on his side so he’ll be vindicated. Well, we do know that God is here, there and everywhere, so presumably God is also on the side of the young man – who said his childhood was taken away from him.

With this accusation of paedophilia and the name of God being invoked, we can’t help connecting the sordid accusations with what played out with similar accusations against priests in the Catholic Church. What started as the whisperings by some in the USA in 1985 eventually turned into a tidal wave that ended with the first resignation of a Pope in more than 500 years.

The first reaction of the Church was to deny the acts occurred and to claim the boys making the allegations were “troubled” or had faulty memories. Of course they were “troubled”!! If this Eyewitness were continuously molested from childhood by a figure he was taught to trust – he wouldn’t only be troubled: he’d probably be stark raving bonkers – with an AK 47 in his hands, seeking vengeance!!

The Church then tried to silence the tsunami of accusations that surfaced – with money. Sounds familiar? In the US, the Los Angeles Church, in one settlement alone paid US$660 million to hundreds of accusers. Pretty soon reports from Ireland, Germany and practically every country with Catholic priests, started to surface. The molestations couldn’t be denied. But the press that exposed the rampant paedophilia could be castigated!! The messenger can always be blamed.

The then Cardinal-to-be-Pope Ratzinger of Germany (who would resign a decade later), protested: “I am personally convinced at the constant presence in the press of the sins of Catholic priests, especially in the US, is a planned campaign… Therefore one comes to the conclusion that it is intentional, manipulated, that there is a desire to discredit the Church.”

In Guyana, Trotman has moved for, and been granted an injunction, to prevent the boy from telling his story. This is reprehensible. This is the power of money exhibiting itself. If as Trotman says truth (not to mention God) is on his side, what has he to fear from the boy revelations??

Then he and his party, the AFC have tried to connect the rape-and-paedophilia accusations to the office of the Speaker and the pending No-Confidence Vote. What the hell does one have to do with the other??

If they feel there’s a connection, then he should recuse himself forthwith. It’s not as if another (PNC) Rasta won’t take his place!!

…of the (inconvenient) truth

The Opposition has a letter-writing stable – headed by Asquith Rose and Sase “Thunderbolt” Singh – that churns out letters daily to the press. Most of their output is biased, but in the offering yesterday in the MuckrakerKN, they broke their own record for inaccuracies.

They moaned that workers get five per cent salary increases while inflation’s at 16 per cent!!! The inflation rate for the last decade hasn’t even touched five per cent – and this year even the IMF projects it’ll be 3.5 per cent. They claim rural folks can’t get to banks! Have any of these wankers returned to Guyana in the last decade?

But what takes the cake is their grief for the closure of the PNC’s GNCB (Co-op Bank) by the PPP/C in 2003, because it was lending money to “poor folks”. Maybe they think folks have forgotten that the bank was bankrupted by the billions that were lent to party favourites – and never collected.

…of high handedness

(Full disclosure: This Eyewitness freely admits he’s on the side of the underdogs in most disputes where power is overwhelmingly on one side.) So like Komal Chand of GAWU asks, “How can you get justice when one fella in the dispute can (and did) fire the other chap??”

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Let’s have some sanity…

…about priorities

After years of reports of the sexual abuse of children, it’s yet not surprising that very few of the newspapers focused on the young man who said he was raped by the Speaker when he was yet a child. The cynosure of all eyes and discussion was the “big man” is alleged to have performed the dastardly act. The dominant thrust is what’s gonna be the political fallout.

Paedophilia, it seems, doesn’t warrant the same amount of attention as “how many votes would be lost or gained to one party or another?” But if we’d paid any attention to the news reports – not only locally but internationally – we wouldn’t be surprised. Quick now – about how many children were molested by how many priests and bishops of the Catholic Church?

We don’t have the faintest clue – because most of the newspaper reports were only concerned about the impact of the “scandal on the Church”! The poor boys were just so much collateral damage…regrettable but unavoidable. And this is what we suspect will happen here. Here’s a young man, who – even the accused Speaker admits – is “troubled” and “unstable”.

Will anyone find out when this boy became “troubled and unstable”? Was he always like this?? Is there a history of the boy being in the company of the Speaker?? Was he pampered with gifts as he alleges?? In a word, as we should have learnt from the copious reports on paedophilia, was he “groomed”, by the accused.

As the Speaker said, there must be an investigation into the allegations. The matter, we are told, has been turned over to the Police, but we hope it doesn’t become another “cold case”.

The truth of the matter is that unfortunately, paedophilia is alive and well in Guyana. But most folks automatically assume that it’s young girls being molested. And Lord knows there’s enough of that. But it’s happening to too many of our young boys – who, even more than the girls are too ashamed to speak of “it”. And who’re even more damaged because the act all too often – as it evidently did in the instant case – take away the “manhood” of the victim.

The trajectory of their lives is irretrievably altered – for the worse. But it’s said behind every dark cloud, there’s a silver lining.

We hope that in this very dark and cloudy episode we might have the silver lining of the veil of hypocrisy being finally ripped from the faces of those who would so callously violate our young men.

…on national symbols

Today, your Eyewitness read a very dispiriting letter in the Stabber News. An official of ACDA objected to the Culture Ministry’s proposal to have a fence erected around the 1763 Monument – popularly known as the “Cuffy Monument” because of the statue symbolising the 1763 Rebellion.

Now we’d assumed that after the 2013 sprucing up of the surroundings of the monument (250th Anniversary), the Ministry’s trying to preserve the ambiance achieved then.

But hey!! We have no problem with citizens complaining about the plans of officialdom – it’s our money being spent! No? But what we do have a problem with is when one group tries to expropriate a national symbol for their own group exclusively.

Sure, Cuffy was an African Slave who rebelled – but we’ve placed his statue at the Square of the Revolution to remind all Guyanese that the 1763 Rebellion is the heritage of ALL Guyanese.

…on fabrications

The “emails” purported to be between the GRA Commissioner, the Attorney General and former President Bharrat Jagdeo are so patently fake!! Can you imagine fellas conspiring to break the law – which could ruin their careers addressing each other as “Dear AG” and “Dear CG”??

Then Anil Nandall READS an offensive article in the KN – but is waiting on “clippings” from CG?? And where’s Jagdeo’s email address? What a tangled (nasty) web…

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The trouble with being…


No, not Clive Lloyd. He’s doing quite well, thank you. The new mandarins at the WICB seem to’ve recognised the worth and integrity of this regional cricketing genius. They’ve evidently tasked him with reviving our fortunes in the one thing we used to do better than anyone else in the world: cricket. No. We’re talking about Clive Thomas – unquestionably the most prolific economist in the modern Caribbean.

Thomas is as indigenous an economist as you can get and while he’s accepted a host of “visiting professorships” across the globe, the good doctor has always called Guyana “home”. Just out of grad school, “The Dynamics of West Indian Economic Integration”, he produced in collaboration with Havelock Brewster back in 1967, stands as a testimony of “what could have been” if it hadn’t been ignored as a template for all subsequent integration movements.

But unlike what he and other social “scientists” would have us believe, Thomas’s claim to “objectivity” in his writings crumbles into dust when examined even cursorily. We’ve already pointed out the cognitive dissonances he’s obviously subjected to as he tries to project this “objectivity” in his weekly column in the Stabber News.

Knowing that most folks just glance at his headlines – or, at best, skim though his articles (let’s face it – economic analyses filled with tables and stuff aren’t seen as exactly “sexy”, are they?) he buries findings that contradict his newfound ethnic bias. And trumpets his bias in the headline.

This week, his headline screams: “Inequality, poverty and the flaunting opulence of the newly-rich”. Can’t miss the “flaunting opulence”, can you?? He “explains”: “to the poor struggling masses, the perception of an inexorable rise in the flaunting opulence of the newly-rich amongst us leads not only to resentment, but also to feelings of societal marginalisation and exclusion.”

Trouble is, the “perception” – to use his word – is formed by fellas like him writing slanted articles like the instant one! And this gets picked up and exploited by the provocateurs out there.

Before 1992, as a staunch Marxist, “ethnicity/race” was just an “epiphenomenon” to Thomas. Now, as a member of ACDA, “ethnic” disparities in wealth and poverty are his métier. Yet it’s only as a throwaway last line he mentions that after the PNC’s 28 years, the ethnic breakdown in poverty was Indians 33.7 per cent, Africans 43 per cent and Mixed 44.7 per cent.

By 2006, under the PPP/C, it was Indians 30 per cent, Africans 31.6 per cent and Mixed 33.7 per cent!!! Where’s the “objectivity” in hiding that now there’s no ethnic disparity in poverty??


David Granger just called Clement Rohee “distracted and weak”. Talk about the pot calling the kettle “black”!!! Sigmund Freud had this theory about “projection” as a defence mechanism in some people. Fella reportedly has secret feelings about being a homosexual but is ashamed because he’s taught it’s an abomination. So he “projects” these homosexual desires to others – whom he dislikes. In fact, he may become a champion AGAINST homosexuality!

Now Granger’s been dogged by accusations of being “weak” ever since Burnham catapulted him over a dozen senior officers to make him the head of the GDF. He was always seen as a desk-bound officer, commanding very little respect from the troops. He was just slavishly loyal to Burnham. Hoyte refused to appoint him as his Chief of Staff.

Right now the “weak” taunts dog him wherever he goes. Even the Stabber News – where he used (?) to write editorials, had an editorial yesterday about his weakness. And he’s now so “distracted” by the challenge from the AFC.

So the wanker projects “distracted and weak” to Rohee!!


Prezzie is one heck of a nice fella. Remember how he started the Tripartite Talks after the last elections? Well, we hope he remembers how he was kicked in the teeth by Granger and Ramjattan afterwards.

So with the new olive branch to Granger – forewarned should be forearmed.

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