October 24, 2014

The ultimate sacrifice…

…for the Mook

It’s clear that the Mook over at the Muckraker is running scared. For years he’d been playing big and bad – and not only because he had big guts and bad breath! – but mainly because he’d snuffed out the life of a young man in McDoom and gotten away with it.

He felt he was untouchable. But now that one man – the GRA boss – had finally decided he wouldn’t put up with his bullyism just because he could scandalise people in his Muckraker – people were beginning to see he was just a quivering coward at heart.

With jail time staring him in the face on tax fraud charges, he was trying every which way to wriggle out. The Mook was still using the Muckraker to intimidate others … but it was now more bluster than anything else. His desperation could be seen in the new tactics his loyal house slave editor had come up with.

There was the defence that “other people are also involved in the car scam”. “OK,” said the GRA chief. “We knew that and we’ve a whole wider investigation going back to 2010!!” The moral question, of course, is whether two wrongs make a right.

And the legal question, more to the point, is that other people breaking the law ain’t no defence. When tried and proven guilty – it’s still jail time for the MOOK.

Then the house slave came up with the scheme to paint the Mook as being persecuted for publishing the slanderous bilge in the Muckraker!! That earned snickers all across the land. As if everyone and their stepdaddy didn’t know that to the Mook it was just a case of terminal jealously and envy at others doing better than him!

But the most revealing act of desperation was when the Mook and his house slave had one of their Voyeurs suggest that folks should come up with more novel ways of supporting the Mook. Like fasting!! And not any old fasting – but fasting to the death like that Wayne Kublalsingh chap over in Cuckoo land otherwise known as “Trinidad”.

When no one volunteered, the Voyeur actually accused Guyanese of being selfish!! But since the particular Voyeur had previously compared the Mook to Gandhi (yep!! that’s true), why doesn’t he have Mook the Martyr become a real martyr (to his own cause of course) by imitating Kublalsingh??

At a minimum, the wanker could certainly use the weight loss!

…by Man Man

The Voyeur’s call for someone to sacrifice themselves for the Mook reminds this Eyewitness of his CSECs, back in the day.

He’d read Naipaul’s Miguel Street. It had to do with the life and times in one of the streets in the slums of Port of Spain. One of the funniest pieces was about Man Man who decided to imitate the ULTIMATE sacrifice. Jesus Christ being stoned on the Cross.

We could see the Mook being the local Man Man – who was also seen as a “mad man”.

“Some men put up the cross and tied the Mook to it.

The Mook said, “Stone me, brethren.”

The women wept and flung bits of sand and gravel at his feet.

The Mook groaned and said, “Father, forgive them, They ain’t know what they doing.” Then he screamed out, “Stone me, brothers.”

People began flinging really big stones at the Mook, aiming at his face and chest.

The Mook screamed, “What the hell is this!?? Get me down quick and I go settle with that son of a bitch who pelt a stone at me!” Then he began cursing so loudly and coarsely that the people stopped in surprise.”

The Police took away the Mook.

And that’s the problem with charlatans, ain’t it?? Truth will out.

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Cart before the horse…

…by Nagamootoo and Co

Some folks think this Eyewitness is too harsh on that dyspeptic duo, Nagamootoo and Ramjattan. But it’s not personal – it’s just that they shoot from the hip so frequently it’s impossible to take any of their utterances seriously.

Take this No-Confidence Motion that suddenly became their panacea for all that ails Guyana. As we’ve pointed out ad nauseam, this was just a throwaway comment that Nagamootoo’d made to the Stabber when they gave him some gratuitous free publicity.

They’re all Opposition, aren’t they? Everyone with the slightest connection to Westminster politics knows about No-Confidence Motions. You’d think these two “seasoned” politicians – got to be 50 years of being in Parliament between them!! – would’ve picked up a thing or two, no?? From the mess these wankers have found themselves in on the issue, it’s clear that all these two impostors know are the WORDS – “no confidence”.

And they probably thought they referred to their psychological state of mind!! But even before we get to the motion, look at how they didn’t even know the ground rules for reconvening Parliament!! How in God’s name could they promise their supporters that the motion would be debated on October 16?? Not “sometime in October” or “when Parliament reconvenes” – but October 16!! Ramjattan, even let on – wink, wink – as to how he had some “secret” information!

This Eyewitness is reminded of the Irish theologian who calculated – with seeming exactitude – that the world was created on October 23, 4004 BC!! That’s today folks!! The problem with Nagamootoo and Co was that October 16 came and went – and they still haven’t a clue as to when Parliament will convene.

Maybe they thought their old ex-leader Raphael Trotman, as Speaker, might give them a free pass. But they should’ve known he’s distracted by pleasures past being regurgitated by a certain abused Mr Welshman! Poor fella. Even after the most cogent explanation that it’s not his call, Trotman’s still seeking “explanations” from “other sources”.

But back to the No-Confidence Motion. Which Parliament won’t even get to when the Government decides to reconvene Parliament. Were Nagamootoo and Ramjattan really so naive to think that because the PNC said they “supported” the motion, they’d actually let the AFC trump them on an initiative?? Jeez!! They’re competing for the same set of votes, thank you!

We wonder what other hare-brained scheme the firm of Nagamootoo and Ramjattan will come up with next? Pulled from their back pockets of course!

…on following up on threat

There’s a lot of hot air being spouted – as red herrings, (which are very stink) – about “the media being under threat”. Not many are taking this seriously. They know it’s Burnham’s old spin doctor (not “witch doctor”) who’s now earning his keep as the Mook’s house slave. The Police promised they’re following up on the Muckraker’s Mook Lall’s threat to the GRA chief.

So what’s taking them so long?? Ahhh…the wheels of justice turn slowly, but grind very finely. The seriousness of the threat to the GRA head to a large extent depends on its source. They’re not going to worry too much if Mother Teresa had made the threat. The Police must be checking the Mook’s past to see if he’s a fella who makes good his threats.

And that’s where the vigilantism to which the GRA head alluded becomes important. It’s undisputed Lall had killed a man in Mc Doom in cold blood because he felt the fella had wronged him .The GRA boss should be worried??

But we know the Police are following the trail. There’s no statute of limitations on murder.

…on poop

Your Eyewitness is also a fan of the “Health Capsules”. Today he learnt that most humans dump about two pounds of poop daily while elephants clock in at 300 pounds. With all the sh*t he spouts, we guess that makes the Mook a certified elephant!

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…of a comrade

The testimony of the widow of Dr Walter Rodney, Dr Patricia Rodney, at the Rodney CoI, was a study in grace and courage. “Grace”, not to show any bitterness at the odious betrayal of the principles her husband had died for, by his erstwhile comrades. Some of whom were in the room with her. And courage, to face those “comrades” down and insist there be a Commission of Inquiry into the “murder most foul” of her husband.

After so many false starts, she had to’ve had doubts as to whether there’d ever be any closure on that tragic event. In 2005, after the Government had set the ball rolling on an Inquiry, she’d agreed that Rupert Roopnaraine – pretender to the Rodney banner – would work with her to set the Terms of Reference for the Inquiry.

That initiative went nowhere, because Roopnaraine diddled and dawdled, since he knew the revelations would prove fatal to the PNC in the upcoming elections.

He was more solicitous of the effects on the PNC’s electoral fortunes than the need to seek justice for his fallen comrade! Mrs Rodney eventually faced these Pharisees in the WPA down and crafted the ToRs with the present Government, and hence the present CoI.

Finally! No thanks to the WPA. But knowing what was coming down the pike for the PNC, Roopnaraine, now a full-fleshed and open coalition partner of the PNC in APNU, essayed another betrayal of the world-famous scholar who’d been cut down in his prime.

He claimed Rodney was “stockpiling arms”… thus giving the PNC and its army (as Granger recently argued) a plausible reason to go after Rodney. Mrs Rodney confirmed what every other WPA activist has asserted: the claim was a figment of Roopnaraine’s imagination. Patricia Rodney, a nurse while married to Walter Rodney, must be saluted for raising her children with great dignity and success – even as she earned her own PhD.

But she made one interesting revelation in her testimony: just before he was murdered, Dr Rodney had decided to emigrate to Zimbabwe. This meant the great champion of Opposition to the PNC dictatorship had concluded that there was not much more he could do to help remove the PNC dictatorship after his bold push in 1979.

What had changed?? Rodney would’ve realised by then – for him to do things like testing walkie-talkies – that he could not count on those who shouted, “Revolution!! Revolution!!”

They’re still among us. Beware!!

…and double-edged swords

Young people say, “Payback’s a bitch!” Old people say, “What goes around, comes around.” And of course there’s always Malcolm X’s “chickens coming home to roost” prediction. We’re talking about the firestorm that’s engulfing David Granger over his cavalier (we’re being kind, here) treatment of his erstwhile Linden “constituency”.

Thing is, it was Granger who “bigged up” Solomon and Kissoon and the rest of the Linden posse. Things were sweet when Granger basked in the reflected glow of their extremist behaviour that got three innocent lives snuffed out. He could’ve manned up and told the people that the electricity equalisation was not such a bad thing – and that he’d given his word to the President of Guyana on the matter.

But Granger took the easy way out – encouraged widespread destruction of property and other illegalities. He didn’t realise that once he went down that road – there was no turning back. Any reasonable response to the Government’s initiatives would be dubbed a “betrayal”. He “tried a thing” at Congress to reassert his authority. But that only backfired.

He has a tiger by the tail…but it’s a tiger he created!!

…by Mook Lall

Mook Lall’s taking down the old couple who were his pawns on the duty-free car scam. These folks didn’t declare to the US IRS where they got the US$200,000 in cold cash to pay for the Lexuses in the States.

This means “forfeiture of property” and “jail time”.

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…of Guyana

This Eyewitness is an avid reader of the “Ripley’s Believe It or Not” feature in this paper. He learns something every day. Yesterday he learnt that the Romans, like most ancient peoples, had a god of animal sh*t. Really!! His name was Sterculinius.

Actually, he was the god of “manure” but since those ancient folks didn’t have ammonium sulphate and such like – he was really in charge of animal sh*t. If you wanted more horse manure, for instance, you just invoked Sterculinius!

And if you think about it, Sterculinius is alive and well in Guyana – just think of the person who spews more sh*t in Guyana than anyone else – the Muckraker” owner Mohan “Glenn” Lall, aka the Mook. He proved that people like to hear sh*t…why else do you think they pick up the Muckraker??

And the thing is, Lall, knows he’s full of sh*t. Look at the last PeepMan column – which he concocted with his house slave Adam Harris. The real PeepMan has more sense than to spout the sh*t there.

Can you imagine defending the Muckraker by invoking the standards of “professionalism”?? This isn’t just “bare faced” but because of the volume of sh*t spewed, it’s also “bare assed”. The Muckraker is about as unprofessional as you could possibly get. There isn’t a week that goes by that the Muckraker isn’t offering an apology for some faux pas or the other. Professionals give a sh*t about what they’re doing. The Muckraker dumps sh*t on what everyone else’s doing.

And one thing about sh*t – once it starts running, it’s hell no hell to stop the flow. When it flows from Sterculinius, it’s impossible to stop. The fella’s the GOD of the nasty stuff, isn’t he?? So listen to this sh*t as the Mook explains his massive wealth in his “dem boys seh”:

“I born in business and grow up in Stabroek Market”!!! Born in “business”?? Is this what they called Wakenaam then?? “Business”? This is a fella who couldn’t rub two cents together when he came barefoot to town?? Business??

The question is how’d he move from selling bora and shallots to owning billions?? The US Embassy’s political officer, in the ‘WikiLeaks’ cables on Guyana a few years ago, identified the Mook as a “backtracker, having links to the criminal underworld”. He also revealed that Lall regularly snitched on his “friends” in the business community.

The spewer of sh*t knew what he was talking about when he confessed, that “how he get he money is no secret!!”

…in Parliament

It could be that like Chickungunya and Ebola, this Sterculinius thing is catching. And it depends on how close contacts you maintain with the infected persons. Sh*t, after all, can only be spurted so far!!

Ever since Ralph Ramkarran quit the PPP/C because he couldn’t live up to the party’s strict policy on “criticism and self-criticism”, he’s been courting the Opposition. Of which, of course, Mook Lall’s a card carrying member. And lo and behold, Ramkarran began spouting a whole lotta sh*t!

He started to do it on his blog…called Conversation Tree. But the sh*t was so much, the poor tree promptly died? True story, check it out! Anyhow, not to worry when you have the Stabber and the Muckraker on the Dark Side. They BOTH began carrying Ramkarran’s sh*t.

Most recently, the crap that the Speaker can summon Parliament any time he pleases!! And prorogue it too??

Ramkarran might as well bring back Burnham as Trotman. Didn’t Rodney say everything Burnham, touched turned to sh*t??

…and the masses

Mook “Sterculinius” Lall, really needs to get his sh*t together. Here he’s trying to convince folks that he only evaded taxes because he wants to “save democracy”!! Jeez!!! There’s only so much sh*t people can take.

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… in cricket

Some say WI cricket reached its low point after our great run between 1975 and 1990 when we absolutely ruled the cricket roost. But this Eyewitness believes we finally have a defining moment that we’ll all look back on as to when we really hit rock-bottom. It’s October 17, 2014 when the WI team walked off the field in the middle of a tour of India.

The entire sorry episode illustrates the rot that’s overtaken WI cricket – and it’s not confined to the performance of the players on the field. Whether we like it or not, cricket’s a professional sport today. But those who control the sport in the Caribbean – the WICB and its territorial affiliates – insist on using their colonial “amateur” institutions and habits to run the game entirely for their own aggrandisement and benefit.

In this modern professional era, the players aren’t going to lower their eyes, doff their caps and say, “Yes, sah!!” to whatever the WICB says. Let’s take the latest straw that broke the players’ backs in India.

The WICB negotiations with the WIPA – supposedly representing the players’ interest – were never even accepted by the WIPA’s Board!! The agreement was signed by WICB President Dave Cameron and the head of the WIPA – Wavell Hinds. Back in mid-September.

The WIPA never had this agreement ratified by the players as a group. And with good reason. As Captain Bravo wrote, “The players will not accept any agreement it has had no input in, did not give its consent to and which would infringe on its rights.” The players only saw the new agreement when they’d already arrived in India – and they immediately expressed their disagreement to Hinds. Not surprisingly since their fees for Tests/ODIs and T20s were slashed by 65 per cent!!

In Bravo’s letter to Hinds, he also objected to the clause where the WIPA not only received three per cent of the players fees but an ADDITIONAL fee of US$500,000 IF the new fee structure remained in place. While many will say the players could’ve waited until the tour was over, it must be stated that they did offer a way out of the debacle: retain the old fee structure until they returned.

Very bluntly, the WICB wasn’t even willing to work with the WIPA – just with Wavell Hinds – to ram an unacceptable “agreement” down the players’ throats.

This will not do. Justice demands the players must be involved.

… on Parliament’s reconvening

Ralph Ramkarran twisted his ears, fell on his knees and “beg pardon” because he allowed the date for reconvening Parliament to remain at the discretion of the Government. Well, he actually did not just allow, it was his “omission”. But you could tell he’s ruing the day he didn’t do more to sandbag his erstwhile comrades while he had the chance.

Ramkarran also implicitly bitch-slapped Lalloo Ram when pointing out that – as your humble Eyewitness did yesterday – the Standing Order (SO) that Lalloo’d quoted only allows the Speaker to intercede IF the Government had fixed a date to end the adjournment. But being on the same side (the DARK SIDE!) of Lalloo nowadays, he didn’t mention the wanker’s puerile intervention.

So what did Ramkarran recommend in the end?? That Parliament should change the SO on adjournments so that it doesn’t say a recess ends until “a date to be fixed”. Which gives the Government power to decide. Well, heck!! Parliament can do what they want with the SOs – unless they conflict with the Constitution.

So in the meantime, Ramkarran invokes a Deus ex machina (where’s he’s the God in the machine (Constitution) to call on the Speaker to just fix a date! Envy is so corrosive!!

…on MP selection??

Lalloo Ram thinks new MPs must be “more competent, qualified and committed”. The poor, pathetic wannabe (anything with some status!) just disqualified himself on all three grounds!!

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Where ignorance is bliss…

…you’ll find Lalloo Ram

This Lalloo Ram fella just doesn’t know when to quit. It’s clear he has what Freud described as “masochistic tendencies” which in its extreme form can become a “death wish”. The wanker just opens himself to ridicule so often there can’t be any other explanation. He’s so desperate for some ass-whipping, it doesn’t matter that he’s seen as an “ass”. Like everyone in the S&M trade, it’s a compulsion.

So after being bitch-slapped for his accounting and legal pretensions, he presents himself for some more blows in the area of Parliamentary Procedures. It could be he’s become bassidy after all the pummelling. We know the brains of boxers literally spin around as they’re hit on one side of the face to the other. But we guess in the world of the masochist in pursuit of gaining some recognition, “no pain….no gain”!

Lalloo Ram dares to ask why the Clerk of the National Assembly doesn’t have the Speaker reconvene Parliament to allow his friends in the AFC to move their “no-confidence” motion. Ram, as the neophyte dabbler in Parliamentary Affairs he is (as in law) quotes (as if he’s a legal Columbus discovering Parliamentary Rules of Order) the very same order (8-2) that the Clerk had cited for his decision.

It’s obvious one of them’s wrong – and as the Clerk explained, it sure ain’t him. But what else is new? The masochist just wants to be bitch-slapped.

The quoted Rule states: “If, during an adjournment of the Assembly, it is represented to the Speaker by the Government, or the Speaker is of the opinion, that the public interest requires that the Assembly should meet on a day earlier than that to which it stands adjourned, the Speaker may give notice accordingly and the Assembly shall meet at the time stated in such notice.”

Like the neophyte he is (so eager he is to show off his “learning”) Lalloo misses the import of the caveat that the Speaker’s “discretion” in reconvening Parliament is contingent on the date to which “it stands adjourned”!!! And it’s the prerogative of the Government in power to set that date!!

Old parties like the PNC with institutional memories, know this and that’s why Granger had to concede the point. Even Ramjattan followed suit when he noted that Parliament is “reconvened by the Prime Minister”. And that why’s he begged Granger to “lobby” for him.

Poor masochistic Lalloo…Maybe he can now solicit some more bitch-slapping by defending Mook Lall for tax-cheating. Did you notice he wasn’t at court with the Mook’s riff-raff?

…don’t tell the PNC different

Minette Bacchus keeps pleading with Granger to change his tune with the PNC’s Linden supporters. Concerned PNCite Bacchus is deathly afraid if snap elections follow the no-confidence vote (whenever!!) the PNC could lose at least two seats in their “traditional” stronghold.

After all, they only snagged those folks from the AFC after the very persons Granger locked out of his meeting worked their butts off in 2011. But Minette forgets that Granger’s only following in the footsteps of his mentor – the founder leader Burnham. Not so incidentally, the same Burnham Minette defends so tenaciously.

When it came to Lindeners, Burnham believed in “tough love”. The same year, that the folks in the mining community named their town after him, Burnham nationalised the bauxite industry – including the workers’ pension! The newly named Lindeners went on strike. Burnham had the Police unleash dogs and water hoses on them and threw them in jail. See Kwayana’s “The Bauxite Strike and the Old Politics”.

To Granger, just locking the gate on the Lindeners is being “kind”!!

…make wild allegations

Kwayana complains the PPP/C’s “exploiting” the Rodney CoI’s revelations. He claims no one did the same for Robert Gates’s testimony against the PPP/C? Did he fall asleep during Basil Williams’ histrionics??

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Baring of chests…

… (partially) by Kwayana

Eusi Kwayana is an old codger from back in the day. But it seems he still can raise the hackles of some in the country – and simultaneously, praise. Could be it’s because “back in the day”, he was quite a lightning rod – if not the chief cook and bottle washer – for the racial divisions we’re still fighting 50 years later. And suffering from.

In a letter published prominently in the Stabber a couple of weeks ago, he wrote about visiting the Doobay Dialysis Centre in Annandale, which adjoins the Sage’s native Buxton. He reminisced that back in July 1963, the visiting British Secretary of the Colony, Duncan Sandys had arranged for him to shake the hand of Doobay’s father – a rather famous Annandale Pandit – on the bridge between Buxton and Annandale.

As a seeming throwaway comment – but quite calculating, because it is designed to throw dust into the eyes of the present generation – Kwayana allowed that, “At the time, July 1963, I was in the bad books of both the PPP and the PNC and belonged to no organisation.” We’re supposed to conclude that the Sage of Buxton was “neutral”. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Firstly, Kwayana was not a member of the PPP, because he’d abruptly quit that party after Burnham did. And why was Kwayana not a member of the PNC, which he’d help found and was its first General Secretary?? In the lead-up to the 1961 elections – after which the British had promised the winner would “lead Guyana to Independence” – the then Sidney King called Burnham a “traitor” for agreeing he’d accept independence under Jagan – if the latter won.

Even Burnham couldn’t stomach such blatant race hate and kicked Kwayana out of the PNC. Kwayana promptly proposed – along with his hatchet man from the New Nation, Nicholson – aka “Vigilance” – to partition Guyana into three parts. And as for Kwayana “belonging to no organisation”, is Kwayana now denying forming and running the African Society for Racial Equality with Nicholson then??

Fact of the matter is that the British by 1963 were working with the US to get rid of Jagan and the PPP Government. Kwayana was more than happy to work along with them since he and the British had the same goal – GET JAGAN!!!

That’s what the old codger (dodger?) didn’t say. We wonder why?

…by man of the cloth

A “man of the cloth” – a Bishop Ivan John – also bared his chest in the letters’ pages. But his comments were quite a tad less self-serving than the Sage of Buxton’s. From his comments, the Bishop is a self-made man, like Kwayana. But noting all the negativity that’s been bandied around in Guyana, he asked a simple question: Aren’t things in general better today than they were just a short while ago?? John was too kind to add… “under the PNC”.

And that’s a question that most of the enemies of the PPP don’t want to hear. Like Kwayana, their hatred of the PPP is so great that they’d rather cut a deal with the devil (again like Kwayana) to get rid of them. Doesn’t matter what the consequences will be for Guyana. Like with Kwayana, that’s just “collateral damage”.

And that’s why we picked up on Kwayana’s sanctimonious piece. Modern imitators like Ramjattan and Nagamootoo are totally consumed with power. And they’re willing to do whatever’s necessary to get back at their erstwhile comrades – who they blame for their impotence.

As for PNC/APNU? They’re simply following their Master’s script.

…and more

This newspaper carried an interview with the schoolgirls caught “in flagrante” in the viral sex video. What was most amazing was that there was no evident contrition – much less moral regret – for their act. Seems that their friends let THEM down and not the other way round.

Go figure!

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Henry Jeffrey seems bent on providing grist for this Eyewitness’ mill. The fella’s been given a lifeline by the Stabber from the obscurity to which he was consigned after failing at four separate Ministries of Government. (This must be some sort of record, no??)

Now you’d think he’d use the opportunity to show he’s not such the wanker he was made up to be – like giving away the Caribbean store to the Europeans during negotiations for the EPA. But all he’s done is prove Jagdeo should be given some sort of medal for putting up with him for so looooong!

In his latest polemic against the Government, “Sub-optional policing”, Jeffrey purports to look at our crime statistics. Which he claims should be “more longitudinal” to be “meaningful”. Well, if Jeffrey would take the time to collate the data issued annually, wouldn’t that be “longitudinal” enough for him?

But hold it!!! Isn’t that what he did when he looked at our murder rates from 2000 to 2012?? This Eyewitness has heard of lies, damned lies, and statistics. But Jeffrey has invented a whole new category – longitudinal statistical goddamned lies!!

Just look at what the fella – who insists he has a “doctorate” – did with the statistics. First, he avoided comparing us with other South American countries – even though he conceded that Brazil’s, Venezuela’s and Columbia’s crime rates are higher than ours!! Says we’re more “Caribbean”. But with South American drugs being funnelled through our borders because of the American pressure in Columbia – you’d think we’re comparable, no?? Well, “no” if you go by Jeffrey.

But even with the Caribbean comparison, he claims we had the fastest rise in number of murders since 2000. Yet Trinidad’s murder rate rose by almost THREE times and ours less than TWO TIMES! So he makes the “exception” for Trinidad!! Hey! If Jeffrey’s going to make exceptions in every category he creates, why the heck does he bother to “compare”?? The wanker just wants to appear “scientific” by throwing out “statistics”.

But the final straw was his “explanation” for the rise in murders here – without once mentioning Hoyte’s “slow fyaah, mo fyaah” strategy from 2001. Was it coincidence or serendipity that this was when the years of living dangerously in Guyana began?? So what happened in 20a02-2003 when the murder rate spiked to its highest ever?? Did it have anything to do with the bandits in Buxton??

Could it be that the guns brought in and handed out to child soldiers created a structural pattern of violence in Guyana??? Akin to what happened in Jamaica with the political creation of “garrisons”??

Enquiring minds want to know, Jeffrey!!

… Opposition coordination

Looks like the AFC and APNU have their signals crossed on the No-Confidence Motion. Here it is, the AFC’d declared with absolute confidence that Parliament was going to convene on October 16 – -and THEIR NO-CONFIDENCE MOTION WAS GOING TO BE DEBATED. They gloated about the Government weeping and wailing and gnashing their teeth. But today’s the day – October 16. So where’s the motion?? Who’s gnashing their teeth??

The only “motion” we’re having today is the “belly-wuk” of Ramjattan and Nagamootoo!! Nasty!!! Now we’re hearing they “pressing” for October 22 or 24. We suspect they might be pressing some kind of plug into their nether orifice. Because it’s obvious that APNU and Granger have an agenda of their own, and they’re more than a little miffed that the AFC insists on upstaging them.

It’s clear that APNU will make it clear to the AFC troglodytes as to “who is man”. And it ain’t Nagamootoo, for sure!!


After the Chronicle made it clear from their Mc Doom article that Mook Lall of the Muckraker was not a fella to make threats lightly, shouldn’t the Police take his latest threats against the GRA Commish more seriously?? Or do they want to see another smoking gun??

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The hypocrisy…

…of the media circus

The Stabber came out with an Editorial that’s so unctuous, they made Uriah Heep look like a Drill Sergeant. Commenting on the media circus over the viral video of the school children making out in their school uniforms, they claimed they’d been “reminded of the weakness of the libertarian theory of the media”. Which, they said, was “often prone to ruinous recklessness…(and) can be risky in a society”.

How much more hypocritical can you get?? The Stabber’s been part of the vicious tag team with the Muckraker and the rest of the Opposition to rip apart the fabric of the society by advocating the Constitutional Order be abrogated.

These are the people who used the libertarian theory of the media to go after the Government so mercilessly, it’s a wonder guillotines have not been erected around Stabroek Market. And they’re now crying crocodile tears about some children letting their hormones get the better of them??

Fact of the matter is, you can’t just preach an expedient observance of the rules of the society. Children see the hypocrisy of the adults around them. Take the Stabber’s take on the alleged tax fraud committed by the owner of the Muckraker. They know Glenn Lall is blowing smoke up someone’s behind, with his cries about the GRA out to “ruin” him. Even if the tax guy was sharing out information of the media’s figures – he kept mum on the Muckrakers’, didn’t he?? What’s to ruin??

And just look at the media circus around Glenn Lall that the Stabber gave such extensive coverage. This “support” was so obviously orchestrated that it wasn’t even funny. But not a word. All the local suspects were present – Benschop, Lewis….But hold it!! Where was Kissoon?? Was he banished by his “Boss Man” after he pointed out the fella was too cheap to hire proofreaders?? But back to the moral hypocrisy of the Stabber.

What’s their proposal to correct the “weakness of the libertarian theory of the media”?? When the General Secretary of the PPP/C Clement Rohee suggested that there ought to be some kind of “media regulation” to keep the Muckraker and the Stabber from destroying the reputations of everyone they disagreed with, the Stabber hoped that this was “totalitarianism”.

So does the Stabber think that a responsible press will arise out of their whimper of “kids gone wild”?

The truth of the matter is that even in the Stabber’s “motherland” – jolly old England – they’ve had to impose media regulations to stanch the excesses represented by the hacking of phone calls by Murdoch. So is the Stabber going to call for the same after Glenn Lall’s hacking of GRA’s emails??

…on paedophilia

This Eyewitness is returning to the allegations of paedophilia made by the young man Welshman against Speaker Trotman. He’s doing so because he’s just appalled by the stance of the legal community and all the other “do gooders” out there – individuals and organisations. This Eyewitness cannot believe that the GHRA, for instance, can maintain such a deafening silence at this horror story that occurred right in their neighbourhood.

This is out and out hypocrisy. We’d expected the lawyerly top heavy AFC would rally around Trotman. After he’s a “founder leader” and if he goes down, they go down! This isn’t just hypocrisy; it’s survival by whatever means necessary. We also didn’t expect anything different from APNU. Didn’t Granger choose Trotman for the Speakership??

But what’s hurtful is that even those folks who cry out for the brutalised dogs in the streets have been silent on the cries of this young man. Just because the perpetrator of his pain is a “big one”.

***Don’t cry for Welshman, Guyana. Weep***.

…on Sarwan

Did you read the cri de coeur from Ramnaresh Sarwan? How could Guyanese allow this player to be used, abused and discarded by Cricket Guyana Inc??

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Go girl…

…but not in PNC

Last week, we commemorated “International Day of the Girl Child”…but it seems somebody forgot to tell David Granger, chief cook and bottle washer of the PNC. Or then again, he most likely just ignored it, since he’s not shown much regard for girls – or females on the whole for that matter – in the PNC. At least not those who show they have a mind of their own and won’t be anybody’s doormat.

Look at what’s going down at Linden. There’s this young woman Vanessa Kissoon who most people think just appeared after the Linden protests when she goaded Lindeners into the illegal blocking of the bridge to the interior. Good PNC material you’d think, no?? Good also for Granger who’d been accused (and still is) of being an invertebrate, right?? Well if you go by how Granger treated her subsequently, you’d be completely wrong.

And it wasn’t just Kissoon fighting off the Police at the bridge like a modern day Guyanese Horatio, she’d fervently defended ROH Corbin – Granger’s sponsor – back in the day. That is, in 2007 when Corbin had come under fire from the party’s faithful for…well…for not being CORBIN!!! Ever since he’d taken over from Hoyte, the PNCites had been holding their breaths waiting for the “real” Corbin to reveal himself. They’d become not only blue in the face…but quite apoplectic, if you don’t mind.

But there was Vanessa Kissoon, a slip of a girl then, defending Corbin down the line. And it had an effect…even though Corbin had to bow out and place his proxy Granger on the throne. The thing is, with fellas like Corbin (who’s still pulling Granger’s strings) they don’t really remember what you did for them – it’s not even “what did you do for me recently”. Their rule is: “know your place”. And for the girl-who-was-now-a-woman Vanessa, that place was where you’re the Leader’s footstool, who does as ordered.

No question asked. Especially with Granger who expected responses from subordinates when told to jump be limited to “How high, sir??!!” Especially when you are female. Kissoon’s mistake was not to fall in line with the females in the inner circle – Ammna Ally and Volda Lawrence. And most recently, Sandra Adams, who was brought back from New York and made “Coordinator” of Region 10 for the PNC.

Kissoon had the temerity to think because she was elected as the regional representative of Region 10, by the people of Region 10, she should have that job!!! And that she could support the likes of Aubrey Norton for leader.

Females can be so naive!!!

…from NY

Minette Bacchus, we’re informed, is the nom de plume of the wife of a rather prolix Guyanese leader and lives over in New York. But please don’t knock her for that. With her own frequent letters in the press defending the PNC, at least she’s following matters “back home”. And let’s face it – it’s become almost normal for spouses to be living apart when it comes to New York!

Anyhow, Minnette really skinned up Granger over his dissing of the aforementioned Lindeners – of which Vanessa Kissoon is one. She sarcastically allowed that “by academic certification Mr Granger is a historian” but does his cause no good by pissing off and dissing on Linders whose votes he’s gonna need a little way up the road.

But Ms Minette doesn’t seem to realise that Granger’s “cause” and the PNC’s “cause” might not be coincident. This Eyewitness had written at length on the elitist bias of Granger as opposed to the rank and file PNC members. Minette ought to also interrogate his gender bias.

…from Brazil

Even though third place Marina Silva endorsed Aecio Neves, we’re still backing incumbent Dilma Rousseff in the runoff/faceoff on Sunday. We do believe that girl power will triumph!!

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