April 28, 2015

The Stockholm Syndrome…

…and Vanessa

As regular readers would know, this Eyewitness has a soft spot for Vanessa Kissoon. “That girl got spunk!!” just about summarizes his sentiments on her. Such women were in the forefront of all the “uprisings” in Georgetown in past centuries – whether it was the “cent bread” riots or the “or Angel Gabriel Riots”. Even though they might’ve been called “centipedes” they stood up for “their own”.

But it’s a bit pathetic – and chilling – to witness how she’s not only been muzzled – but has been conditioned, almost zombie like, to spout nonsense on women – fed to her by Granger and troops.

Just check out the letter she just wrote on the Ramsaran-Nageer fiasco: “These women need to walk away from a party that sees them as vessels to carry out thuggery.”

Now don’t get this Eyewitness wrong. As he’s already said, Ramsaran should’ve resigned immediately after he threatened the female activist – and when he didn’t, should’ve been dropped.

Even “provocation” as a limited defense to bring down murder to manslaughter has been abandoned in enlightened jurisdictions. Adults just have to control their anger. But Vanessa Kissoon wasn’t just THREATENED by big (male) ones in her party – Oscar Clark, the General Secretary, actually twisted her arm and pulled out the keys to the PNC’s Linden office from her.

That’s not just possible assault (did Nageer feel in imminent danger of physical harm?) but ADTUAL battery in which she WAS physically harmed. Shouldn’t she’ve filed charges on Clark as she urges Nageer to do on Ramsarran?

Then, of course, there was the banishment to the back bench wasteland of Parliament by Granger. Did he ever even explain why? Like she said of Nageer, her “only threat was exercising her constitutional right to free speech in conducting her civic duty”. In her case, as Minnette Bacchus elaborated, of representing her constituency.

Did Granger even offer her a “half-hearted excuse” by lying about the reason why she was not placed on the Candidates’ List? It appears that Kissoon’s suffering from “Stockholm Syndrome” where she’s been held hostage and brainwashed. Ignoring her own abuse by Granger and other PNC men cannot only be because she’s “muzzled by the hand that feeds her”.

She should take her own advice: “Abuse of women will only stop when we together get men to understand that it is not a do what you want with me or do what you feel with me and you can get away with it. We are known to have mouth and we must speak! Let our men hear from us that enough is enough.”

Tell that to Granger and Oscar Clark. Go girl!! Free Vanessa!

…and Ramjattan

This Eyewitness has wondered aloud before as to the whereabouts of Khemraj Ramjattan. Remember him? The once and future leader of the AFC? The man who feared he’d be “dead meat” if his outfit ever hitched up with the PNC-led APNU?

One day the fella is in the news and in everything like “pot salt” and the next day (the day after Nagamootoo’s whimsical wedding to Granger at Whim, to be exact) he dropped off the grid!

Well, after some serious investigative work (frequenting the rum shops of Georgetown, to be exact) your Eyewitness was able to run Ramjattan to the ground. He’s being held in one of those back rooms at Congress Place in Sophia.

Seems he couldn’t deal with being relegated as a non-entity after the wedding – and started to protest and mouth off. Much like Vanessa Kissoon after her back-bench banishment.

He’s being brainwashed into the Stockholm Syndrome. Expect him to emerge soon and start singing hallelujahs to Granger and Nagamootoo.

It’s a shad, shad shituation!!

…and Lalloo

OK…OK…Your Eyewitness is just kidding!! Lalloo’s case is more mundane…the abused boy (someone used tweezers on him) who becomes the abuser. Also shad, shad…

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…in sheep’s clothing

If old Shakespeare’s to be believed, “a rose by any other name would smell as sweet” but it seems that Granger would have us believe the PNC by any other name wouldn’t be as treacherous.

But this subterfuge didn’t begin with Granger. Hoyte, however, was a bit more coy with his “PNCR” and the Freudian “PNC-R1G”. Granger decided to go the whole hog by bringing in a few “paper parties” and baptising the PNC as APNU!

But now that he’s taken to quoting Obama, he should know the great man’s take on such cons: “You can put lipstick on a pig – but it’s still a pig!” The whole point of the renaming of the PNC, of course, is part of the frantic effort to “rebrand” the party in such a way that folks wouldn’t associate its past atrocities with the present incarnation.

Another tact by Granger towards the same end was to have his newfound soul mates Nagamootoo and Ramjattan plead with Guyanese that they have to “forget the past”. As with all good PR feints they don’t spell out exactly which parts of the “past” they want folks to “forget”. Cause you’re not supposed to repeat that which you want to bury. In this instance the PNC’s atrocities from the 60s to the 80s.

Ramjattan and Nagamootoo have their own reasons for wanting that that particular slice of history to be forgotten: they’d spent decades stridently lambasting the PNC for “rigging” “assassinations” and other thuggish behaviour. Wouldn’t do much for any shred of credibility still remaining, would it? Hypocritical opportunists!

But recently, new columnist (and old letter writer) Rakesh Rampertab’s brought out a concrete instance of the duplicity of Granger on this matter of the PNC name: Granger doesn’t want folks to forget ALL of the PNC’s past – just the sordid sections.

In a grandiloquent and otiose echo of his hero Burnham’s “Declaration of Sophia”, Granger came up with his own “Declaration of Vreed-en-Hoop” in which he exhorted the faithful to remember the “many accomplishments of the PNC in Government”.

So the “good” must be remembered but the “bad” forgotten?? Even when the “bad” such as rigging elections is practiced by the leader of the PNC Granger against his own people? Ask Aubrey Norton!

But even more chillingly, Granger declared explicitly: “The experiences of our history…have refined and revived our Party’s ideology.” And that’s precisely the point being made by those who point out you just can “forget history”.

Here, Granger’s assuring us that those “experiences of PNC’s history” – including rigging, murders, arson, assassinations, etc have “refined…PNC’s ideology”.

By whatever name it’s called.

…in wolf’s clothing

Say what you want about Nagamootoo and Ramjattan, they’ve never hidden their ambitions. That they just couldn’t because of “over vaulting” is neither here nor there. These fellas lust for power and make no bones about it.

It was so when they were in the PPP/C and Jagdeo eclipsed their presidential ambitions. It was was so when they pushed out Trotman from the AFC. And it was so when they abandoned their “dead meat” fears and bargained their assumed “11 pert cent” for the Presidential spot with APNU.

We all knew they didn’t get it – but Granger would have to be deaf, dumb, blind and dumb (like in daft!) to think they’ve given up on being President. Like Burnham who lost out to Jagan in 1955…Ramjattan and Nagamoottoo are just biding their time. And plotting and scheming.

When the split finally happened in 1957, Burnham revealed he’d been lining up allies like Latchmansingh as far back as 1952.

Yon Nagamootoo and Ramjattan have a mean and hungry look!! Beware May 11!!

…as mosquito

There’s a new species of mosquito in Guyana. If bitten, it introduces a disease that makes you become a wastrel, avoid responsibilities and spew filth all the time.

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APNU/AFC Manifesto madness…

 …on sugar
The confusion reigning in the newly cobbled coalition-for-convenience – the PNC-led APNU/AFC – is exemplified by their policy of sugar in their Manifesto. Even before the Manifesto, we saw their leaders speaking in many tongues.
Granger was all for privatisation…he felt sugar workers were earning too much…etc, etc. Nagamootoo, sweating that his promised 11 per cent was evaporating like high wine from an open bottle (you have to use similes the fella can appreciate…and he sho’ does appreciate his high wine!) was all for trying to “save” the industry.
So in the Manifesto, we now have Granger (presumably) going along with not throwing sugar under the bus. But like the fella who’s forced to marry a gal he thought was a dog (what was that about the AFC’s nominee for Speaker??), you could see Granger’s heart isn’t really in it.
Conceding the need for mechanisation in the industry, the Manifesto claims that rather than change the cane-beds to accommodate this (as the PPP/C’s been doing) we should change the type of crops planted that are best suited to the old (Dutch) beds.
And this is SAVING the sugar industry? This is like a paraphrase of the old slapstick comedy: “Don’t raise the bridge – lower the river!!” So isn’t this like ABANDONING the sugar industry for the old PNC “diversification” strategy??
Remember black eye peas (not the band!), red beans and tilapia?? OK Granger. You were there when that strategy was launched…quick now…why did it fail?? And you won’t dispute that it did FAIL, would you? And will fail again.
But the kicker is their solution in the “short term”: produce ethanol rather than sugar! Makes you understand how far these wankers have their heads up their nether orifice! The elementary question would be “from where would you get the ethanol?” Sugar cane, no??
BUT THE PROBLEM IS THAT THE FACTORIES DON’T HAVE ENOUGH SUGAR CANE!!! How the arse will you gain by “producing” ethanol rather than sugar if you don’t have the input material – cane?
And secondly, what do you gain “in the near term”, when the cane still has to be chopped, and pressed for the juice? The only step saved in the separation of the sugar crystals? And where and with what are we going to be producing the ethanol? We’ll need huge investments in distilleries? Who’s gonna supply the capital?
Looks like what all his old comrades in the PPP/C’s been saying about him is true; Nagamootoo doesn’t know his ass from his elbow. And doesn’t mind Granger telling him to push one into the other!

…on cultural diversity
The Manifesto promises that the goal of its members will be “to acknowledge, embrace and celebrate our ethnic diversity”. Well that sho’ does sound good, doesn’t it? So can we now expect Moses Nagamootoo – Prime Ministerial Candidate of the PNC-led APNU/AFC to “acknowledge, embrace and celebrate his ethnic identity”?
After all, you can’t have “diversity” celebrated if you have folks denying their heritage, can you? Especially top leaders!
Fact of the matter is the problem with the policy is precisely what has happened to fellas like Nagamootoo. When he was growing up whimsically in Whim, he was just like any little “Indian” boy.
But when he came to “town”, folks like Granger – who set the standards of what was “couth” and “uncouth” – convinced him he had to deny his ethnic heritage. That was uncouth! You better not say “watah”…make sure it’s “watuh”!!
This Eyewitness doesn’t expect Nagamootoo to shed the skin he’s grown…it’s not just old dogs and new tricks and all that. The fella’s now just full of self-hate!
…and false bravado
The PNC-led APNU/AFC coalition promised in their manifesto that “within 100 days” they’ll “liberalism the telecommunications and ICT sector”.
Did they tell this to GT&T?

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…leaked or leaking?

David Granger’s complaining his Manifesto was “leaked”. But he should be more worried about how leaky it is!! All that happened is that the folks out there got a sneak preview of what’s ahead for them – if by some miracle he and Mr 11 per cent get into office.

Right off the bat, this Manifesto’s like no other ever seen in the history of party politics – which introduced Manifestoes. And it’s not because it’s “historic” in the usual sense of the word!

Up to now, Manifestoes spell out the party’s programme that they plan to roll out in their next five years. If people like what they’re seeing they’ll vote for that party. So Manifestoes are all about developing the country economically, socially, politically, culturally and every other ‘-ally’ you can think about!

In fact, it was for this reason that Chief Justice Chang slapped down the Opposition for chopping the Government’s budget.

In effect, the Opposition was “crafting” the programme of the Government on which the electorate had put them into office based on their Manifesto. But in this “leaked” PNC-led APNU/AFC coalition Manifesto all of that thinking has been thrown out of the window.

Instead, occupying centre stage is an extended section describing how the spoils of office would be divvied up between APNU and AFC!! This is déjà but all over again!!

The two parties negotiated for over a month in a hot sweaty room – and while people thought they were hammering out a programme of action for developing Guyana – the framework of a Manifesto, in other words – it was finally revealed that they’d agreed on not a single developmental initiative – just who was going to get what big positions.

Developing themselves is what it turned out to be. And it all had to do with rewarding Mr 11 per cent and his cohorts!! But they didn’t stop at positions…their Manifesto also goes on to describe the role of a “referee” who’ll mediate between APNU and AFC!!

Can you believe that? We heard about the announcement of the “marriage” – even thought just the month before AFC leader Ramjattan had ventured that the AFC would be “dead meat” if that was ever consummated.

But all the promises of positions obviously worked since there was the “Wedding at Whim”. And these are modern times – so what the Manifesto’s describing is the “pre-nuptial” contract.

And if PNC leader Granger and his band of merry military men ever decide to screw Mr 11 per cent and the AFC crew …they have a referee who will twist the screws on the APNU boys.

But then again, maybe they don’t mind getting screwed!

…and money

This Eyewitness knows that all the Opposition PNC-led APNU/AFC coalition can do is to make promises. And more promises! The PPP/C on the other hand, has been in Government for the last 20 years (you can’t count the last three, can you?) and had been executing one project after another. And so for sure they’ll be a few stumbles.

The question for the Opposition that folks have to ask…is whether the promises are realistic. The first one should do with money: where will they get all the money to cover just the salary increases they’ve promised?

When you add Public Servants (what…15,000?) teachers (10,000+), Policemen (3500+), etc, all promised another $10,000 per month EACH, you’re talking about a hefty sum.

And since there weren’t enough “big” positions around for the big egos in the coalition, they had to create a dozen or so new ones! With big President-like salaries.

Which, the Manifesto didn’t say, was going to be reduced! Quelle surprise!

…fake out??

There are some old heads who swear that APNU/AFC’s “leak” was just a manoeuvre to gain some free publicity. And to float some balloons in the meanwhile as the PPP/C launches.

What about more time to deconstruct!!

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Minister Bheri Ramsaran came up against a buzzsaw and not surprisingly, emerged rather bruised and bloody. Here was Ramsaran all the way up at Whim to protest Lalloo Ram’s use of his little bit of learning (VERY little bit) to silence former President Jagdeo from identifying the Opposition’s racial incitement.

In what can only be described as a surreal turn of events – Lalloo’s alleging Jagdeo actually was the one racially inciting!

Ramsaran’s the Health Minister and it seems that a full time activist, Sherlina Nageer, thinks that stripped him of his right to protest. So she demanded (while he was expatriating to reporters as to what had brought him to that neck of the woods), why wasn’t he attending to pressing health matters.

She was quite persistent…not to mention strident. Ramsaran lost his cool…which quality he’d never demonstrated that he possessed in abundance. Even he realised his ejaculation was out of place – because he apologised for the remarks. But the damage had been done. You can’t go around telling folks that you’ll slap them and have them stripped – especially women.

God knows that violence against women has been more than amply exposed as one of the blights of our society – and every other society. And that’s especially true for a politician running for elected office.

And Nageer knew this and it’s clear that she also knows Ramsaran. When they sneeze up north, it’s said that we get a cold down here in the boons.

Up there, women’s/feminist/LGBT activism has literally been refined into an art form that’s aligned to several other protest movements. And Nageer has chosen to take not just a leaf, but their entire playbook to push her causes in Guyana.

She first came to this Eyewitness’ attention when back in 2012, Stella (you DO remember Stella, don’t you) awarded her a “woman of the year award”. Seems that she was behind the “Occupy GT” after the Linden protest killings.

We don’t have to tell you it was a riff on the “Occupy Wall Street Movement”. Nageer described herself thusly: “One half cracked girl who daringly confronts hypocritical politicians, Police, and pimps.”

Since then Nageer has ratcheted up her in-your-face approach to protests – even though she hasn’t reached the “bare-it-all” stage now common abroad, much less the actual performances of Russia’s Pussy Riot. We’re sure it’s in the works. But Nageer knew what she was doing…Ramsaran just fell for it.

Politicians will have to get used to this form of “free speech”. In the meantime, this Eyewitness advises (gratuitously) Ramsaran to step aside.

There’s a time and a place for everything.


Your Eyewitness just read that PNC’s Linden “fireball” Vanessa Kissoon, who’s been repeatedly doused by David Granger, also gave some gratuitous advice while she was at Merriman’s Mall grounding with the “sisters”.

She advised PPP/C’s PM candidate Elizabeth Harper to “speak out” – especially against abuse against women. She implied Harper was being gagged.

Well, Harper proved her wrong almost immediately. She strenuously censured Bheri Ramsaran for the remarks described above. No beating around the bushes here! And so it’s only fair that Kissoon holds herself up to the same standard she sets for “the sister” Harper.

Did Kissoon say or didn’t say that Granger was lying in his teeth when he claimed he left off her from the APNU’s list because she was a “two-timer”?? Amna Alli’s a two-timer and she’s still there, ain’t she?

C’mon Kissoon. You said you had Sandra Granger’s back (from any abuse by Granger). Who has your back?

…hatchet man

OK…so Republic Bank “adopted” the Promenade Gardens when they opened their headquarters opposite it back in 2008. And has been pumping money into its upkeep. So what’s with the award to Hamilton Green??

Is that for making Georgetown into Garbage City even though Central Government’s pumping billions into its upkeep??

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The PNC-led APNU/AFC’s trying to convince the Guyanese public that it didn’t comply with the requirement for its list to have at least 30 per cent women because of “an oversight”.

Oversight my eye!!

This Eyewitness has been pointing out for over a year now about the “anti-woman” stance of PNC leader David Granger. For all his talk about being a follower of Forbes Burnham, that dictator knew and acknowledged the influence of women in general and that of women in his traditional constituency in particular.

But Granger’s misogynic to the core…and PNC women know what Africo Selman said about him is true to the bone. He wants to keep women “in their place – that is to be “barefoot and pregnant”.

“Barefoot” so that they’ll stay in the house and “pregnant” so that they’ll be busy “minding” baby. How else can you explain that the coalition had to rush …after nomination day…to “find” women.

If they spent a whole month negotiating with Nagamootoo just to get a wish and a prayer that he’ll bring in 11 per cent Indians. Then gave him 40 per cent of the seats. How come women who’re 50 per cent of the electorate wasn’t on anybody’s agenda??

We’ll tell you why – because the PNC of Granger blasted well take their “eyes pass” women, that’s why. Nagamootoo made sure AFC’s women were on the list. But this Eyewitness is personally very disappointed that Vanessa Kissoon didn’t take the advice offered by Africo Selman.

Selman didn’t tell Kissoon to leave the PNC and join the PPP/C. Just that she should take into consideration all the slights that Granger had dumped on her and take a stand against his high-handedness.

More importantly, suss Granger out by showing what a liar he is for claiming she was left off the list because “she’d been in Parliament twice”. Rather than because she wouldn’t get on her knees and beg “forgiveness” for representing her constituency and her conscience.

It was very poignant to see Kissoon lumped with the “other women” at Merriman’s Mall and obviously being forced to eat “humble pie”. How many roads must a woman walk down, before they see her as equal?

But it had to be rubbing salt into PNC’s women’s wound at not only being excluded from the list – but to be told that the men present were going to become “honorary women”. Really?? So they’ll now be treated like yesterday’s leftovers by Granger?? And they’ll be put on the back bench in Parliament if they speak up? Or have Oscar lock them out from the PNC’s office??

Listen Granger…gwan one side!

…AFC Leader?

OK…OK…Your Eyewitness knows you dear readers must think he’s on some kinda weed or something. Honourable Ramjattan???? Well, the fella’s a Member of Parliament, ain’t he?? And they’re all “honourable men” aren’t they?? But then again they’re called that only by each other and “self praise is no recommendation”, is it?

Anyhow, where the heck IS Ramjattan?? Has he gone AWOL or something??? Or is he just sulking? Just the other day, your Eyewitness heard Ramjattan was going to be at Plaisance to speak at the PNC-led APNU/AFC meeting.

So he ambled over. Not just to see how Ramjattan was taking his displacement by that old faker Nagamootoo, but (to be honest) the line-top at Plaisance is a fun spot. Your Eyewitness can bend his elbows before and after all the sh*t is spewed!!

But will someone solve the mystery before your Eyewitness puts out a missing person claim with Police??


David Granger’s getting ridiculous on the debate he’d agreed to engage President Ramotar in. We know he’s a plodding and ponderous speaker and all that – but still…why doesn’t man up and face the fire.

Isn’t he embarrassed to be hiding behind Mrs Harper’s skirt?? Peek-a-boo…we see you!!

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The generals…

…in denial
Seems that some top fellas from the Disciplined Forces are a tad miffed because former President Jagdeo said that SOME in their ranks are hand in glove with bandits of this country.

They huffed and puffed in righteous indignation. As if, not so long ago, “kick down the door” bandits weren’t synonymous with Soldiers and Policemen in some communities! But from even more recent happenings, we’ll let the words of one top brass speak for himself.

He’s “Voice 1″ while “Voice 2” is a PNC big wig…now both on the PNC-APNU/AFC list.
Voice 1: Wha goin on?
Voice 2: I deh.
Voice 1 :… Yeah. Anyway I see you busy; #1 seh he had to call you or something.
Voice 2: Whey he deh?
Voice 1: Me ain’t know if he geh you. I tell he….
Voice 2: He run away when all this gun play teking place?
Voice 1: (Laugh) he…(muffled)…(laugh).
Voice 2: Yuh laugh eh?
Voice 1: (Laugh)
Voice 2: (Muffled)… watch the move good, but yuh all ain’t mek no statement about them eight people wa dead you know (in Agricola).
Voice 1: I did saying the same thing.
Voice 2: Yuh all aint mek no statement.
Voice 1: I did saying the same thing, they aint mek no statement deh.
Voice 1: But, am…
Voice 2: Yuh all playing dangerous games.
Voice 1: No, I don’t check pun da PR thing, but ah gon gaffa find out from them in the morning.
Voice 2: You all shoulda been the fus people fuh run in deh. That is a Black people community.
Voice 1: You help, well, you give….
Voice 2: Banna, banna, I ….
Voice 1: You give me information.
Voice 2: I, eh eh (cough) I, I deliberately….
Voice 1: I know.
Voice 2: I, I deliberately turn the thing away… (from the Government/Home Affairs Minister).
Voice 1: I know.
Voice 2: From it…(muffled).
Voice 1: I know.
Voice 2: But now I can’t do duh because the facts coming out.
Voice 1: Uh hmm.
Voice 2: So, but on in the interim, in the initial stages I…(muffled), I made a firm decision that me ain’t saying nothing, but them people, I turning them away.
Voice 1: Uh hmm, I realise duh.

The fact of the matter is we’re seeing a double standard in operation by these “professionals” from the Disciplined Forces. All three were around when former President Desmond Hoyte reminded them of their loyalty to “kith and kin”.

Was that not worthy of protest? Was Hoyte not also out of power when he made the statement, no?

…and incitement
Lincoln Lewis has shed his trade union cover and is now wallowing in politics.
“Wallowing” as in “dirty” politics. So he oleaginously joins the yelps from the paper generals about Jagdeo’s supposed “incitement”. Never mind they totally decontextualised the words. So suddenly Jagdeo is about to precipitate a new Rwanda and Bosnia here – complete with ethnic cleansing and everything.

But who’s been more incendiary than Lewis? For over a decade he’s been preaching about the PPP/C committing “economic genocide” against African Guyanese. Just last week, he claimed “the $2.5 billion bauxite industry pension plan, the largest single pool of money that was owned primarily by Africans, was broken up” by Jagdeo.

Apart from the entire claim being false, why so gratuitously haul in “Africans” in the same “sensitive time” that he claims Jagdeo is exploiting??
But what we’re seeing unfolding in Guyana today is that only one side of the political divide has the right to speak…and it sure as heck ain’t the PPP/C.

…and selling out
Yesterday, we mentioned the duplicitous role the I-News outfit was playing in Guyana. But one tipster mentioned it was actually an “incestuous” role….hence the “I” in I-news. Incestuous? Like when you’re screwing your own!!

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Your Eyewitness is told that power’s like sex…the more you get, the more you want. And we know there ain’t no end to what some folks would do to get either. And sometimes one for the other. Anyhow, as the elections unfold, it’s becoming ever clearer that all is not what it seems especially as to “who’s with who”. Take the PPPC.

Almost a decade ago (Imagine that!! How time flies when you’re having a good time!) Khemraj Ramjattan quit the party when he was outed as “carrying news” to the US Embassy.

His resentment at Bharat Jagdeo shooting past him in the party hierarchy to the very top had eaten away at his guts. (Rum had already taken care of his liver!!) He formed the AFC – swearing on all sort of holy books that he and his chum from the PNC would never join the PNC or PPP/C. But he’s now gone past being in bed with the PNC over the last three years – he’s now joined at the hip. Quille surprise!!

That circumstance, of course, came to pass courtesy of his old buddy Moses Nagamootoo. He quit the PPPC when he didn’t get to be the top dog after Bharrat Jagdeo demitted office. Claimed he’d heard “voices” – that Cheddi’d promised him the job. But Cheddi never smoked weed or anything! Anyhow, some people thought the PPP/C had now been purged of weevils from within.

But there are now some serious doubts. Folks are wondering what the heck’s going on with this new internet news outfit – I-news. Word is that it’s that somebody “inside” is either running the show or leaking some serious info to it. Now that wouldn’t be so strange excepting that more often than not, the leaked news is always twisted to push the Opposition’s agenda.

Problem is, all that twisting seems to have gotten all the sneaks who actually do the dirty grunge work have gotten all twisted about standards. Half the time their “stories” are just that: stories. Like in tales or fables. They’ve become the butt of some serious snickering when they show up with real news folks.

The thing about it is that all real news folks know that everybody comes from some where. Everybody’s got a point of view or pushes someone’s point of view. What bothers real news folks is that the I-news crew plays both sides against the middle. And they see that kind of behaviour as real lowdown.

But in the news business there is one rule that everyone accepts as the gospel truth: time is longer than twine. And all will come out in the wash eventually.

…civil society groups

Isn’t it remarkable how these “civil society” groups are sprouting up all over the place overnight?? Like mushrooms. And what’s even more remarkable is that none of them have a single member that’s even remotely close to the PPP/C.

Take this last one that demands “elected (officials) be directly accountable to the people”. So we’ll all gather at the Square and pull lots? Anyhow, it’s just the process of how these groups are mushrooming that’s piqued his interest.

The Guyana Human Rights Association seems to be the moving force. Guess the GHRA’s still focusing on political “rights” as usual. Wonder if that poor fellow who was violated over in Vreed en Hoop has any rights worthy of protection. But what the heck…the GHRA knows best.

Before this there was the Blue Caps, the Guyana Youth Council, the Women’s Roundtable, and so many others that one just can’t keep track of them.

Save to note that mushrooms do tend to grow on dung.


Your Eyewitness was pleased to see that Vanessa Kissoon was so much in praise of David Granger at the PNC’s women’s meeting. Is her transformation a case what the Bard wrote about in “Taming of the Shrew”??

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…and repeating wrongs
David Granger has adamantly refused to even consider whether the PNC, which he leads, should apologise for the pains it inflicted on this country. He asks, “Apologise for what?”

Well we hope the imminent arrival of President Jimmy Carter will nudge his memory about one the most egregious PNC transgression – election rigging from 1968 to 1985. If he’s still memory challenged maybe he can speak to Rupert Roopnarine.

Roopnarine was one of the leading lights in the then Opposition PCD grouping which petitioned every world leader and their uncle to bring back “free and fair” elections to Guyana.

But hold it!! Roopnarine just joined the ranks preaching enforced amnesia – he declared at Plaisance that Guyanese should “let Burnham rest in peace”. Maybe he saw as to how Nagamootoo’s self-inflicted PNC amnesia catapulted him to capture Granger’s affection.
But “rigging” was only one of the PNC’s atrocities. There was massive corruption in the Public Service when you had to bribe to get a licence to even sell sugar cake. Or bribe Police when you bought smuggled goods and was caught.

Most of the trade unions were corrupted to support the PNC…as were the Army, Police and the National Service. Do we really have to go on? Your Eyewitness stands in danger of puking if he does.

There’s a universal school of thought that says unless a person admits mistakes made or wrongdoing done, there’s no chance of changing behaviour. Think about it. If you admit you did something wrong maybe your conscience may brick you if you’re tempted again?

But if you don’t, then you’ll just keep on keeping on. Granger’s recalcitrance is sending a signal to his soldiers that once they get into power they can bring back the old days and old ways.

Did you, dear reader, see the missive from ex-Lieutenant Oliver Hinckson – the fella who was on the treason and gun possession charge during the criminal attacks on the State? Hinckson dismissed concerns about the “militarisation” of Government with APNU being chock full of army types as “much ado about nothing”!! Quelle surprise!!

But what was revealing was he insisted that officers in the Government would being “discipline”. The 67-year old would remember this was the justification offered by Granger in the course he taught to the army back in the day when he was in charge of “ideological orientation”.
It was Burnham’s rationale for the militarisation of the entire society. If Granger is allowed into Government, history will repeat itself. As both a tragedy and a farce.

…on unbridled power
The PNC-led APNU/AFC keeps harping about the PPP/C wanting to hog all power. They’re just projecting their own totalitarian tendencies. Rather than listen to their talk it’s better to watch their walk on this question of power. What did you say?? That they never had power?
Well, you forgot that did have power in the last Parliament with their one-seat majority.

And what’d they do? Well stomped on the convention that the Speaker goes to the party with the most seats – the PPP/C. They rubbed salt in the wound of democracy by seizing both the Speaker and Deputy.

They then seized control of ALL committees while thing to grab Executive power by trying to craft the budget through chops. The courts slapped them down and saved our democracy.

They also tried to blackmail the Government on the AML/CTF Bill – and when the Government didn’t give in, subjected us to sanctions. Trotman just claimed they’ll introduce “checks and balances” in Government.
They mean AFC will write the “checks” and APNU cashes them from the “balances” in the Consolidated Funds! Greedy wankers!

…and power hunger
Lalloo Ram took what appeared to be an “equal opportunity” swipe at the PNC-led Opposition. The poor, pathetic old codger so wants a job. Will somebody please make him dog catcher or something?

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Dangerous game…

…by Roopnarine
This Eyewitness knows these are stressful times for Rupert Roopnarine. Right now he has to be very sheepish about placing his daughter on the APNU list when the rest of his comrades are baying at the PPP/C – with pitchforks in their grubby paws – about “nepotism” and what-not, for placing their scions on the PPP/C’s list.
And here it was Roopnarine’d been quite tickled to have at least one offspring follow in his footstep. At least Granger hadn’t told him anything seeing that HIS son-in-law was a candidate!!
But that was not his main source of agony and angst. All his life he’d been the bridesmaid and never the bride – until Granger came along. OK. So he’d had to frame his old school chum Rodney as “collecting arms” for revolt to get into bed with Granger.
But this was politics, no? He’d read somewhere that you had to be prepared to make Faustian bargains. But he’d though that was just a figurative expression: this Granger was proving to be a real literal Faust.
Here it was, he’d sold his friend down the river, and was shunned by all his old “progressive” friends …and for what?? Granger had dumped him like a month-old salara for that Moses Nagamootoo. He had to find a way to get back into the swing of things.
But old men don’t think anymore – they just remember. And Roopnarine, who’s got to be in his late 70s, has evidently remembered the “revolutionary” times back in the day. So he’s singing his revolutionary song whenever he gets a chance on the hustings.
Over in Essequibo, he called for “revolution” in the shadow of Damon. And last Friday night he called for revolution at Plaisance of the East Coast. And this is where he’s fanning a smouldering fire…not just basking in an old man’s nostalgia.
This Eyewitness has been pointing out the context in which these statements are being made. Just as in other non-rigged elections after 1992, the PNC (and APNU+AFC is nothing but the PNC with lipstick) has been “guaranteeing” their supporters “victory”. When the inevitable defeat strikes, the anger from the disappointment will boil over into violence.
Against whom?? Well, it’s always against those who would’ve been identified as having thwarted them from their expected victory, no? And that’s the PPP/C and its supporters. This time, the ranks of APNU are even more swollen with ex-members from the Disciplined Forces than in 2011.
And then you had the ex-Chief of Staff of the Disciplined Forces provoking the Police. What now??

…over development
Well, the Marriott’s not only a done deal…it is a done deal that’s been done well. And we’re happy that the President and all the speakers at the opening ceremony gave credit to Winston Brassington.
Presidents and other policy makers may dream dreams and have visions… But unless you have people like Brassington to execute the plans and make them into reality – it just remains a dream.
Burnham, for one, had a lot of dreams – some would say he was full of it. But how many became reality?? Hydro? Aluminium smelter? Bicycle factory? Glass factory?? Tilapia farming?
Not a single one of them moved from his head into the real world. Winston Brassington took the vision of Presidents Jagdeo and Ramotar to bring a world class hotel to Guyana and made it happen.
The small man can now be a real man and have dinner just like anyone else at the seafront Marriott. Thanks to Winston Brassington.

…on names
Your name’s part of your being. Barrington Braithwaite referred to a “Rhyaan Shaw” in a letter. Last we heard Rhyaan, even though a writer, hadn’t filched George Bernard’s patronym. But was it a Freudian slip?
Maybe Barrington might take a hint from Malcom Little who at least chose an “X” for himself.

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