July 23, 2014

“I don’t pick delegates” – Clarke

PNCR General Secretary Oscar Clarke makes a point during the press conference

PNCR General Secretary Oscar Clarke makes a point during the press conference

PNCR leadership elections


…amid charges of “phantom” groups being created

By Michael Younge

People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR) General Secretary Oscar Clarke has sought to pour cold water on the concerns raised by the party’s Region 10 representatives who accused several persons at Congress Place of attempting to “fix” the vote ahead of the party’s 18th biennial Congress this weekend.

The Region 10 PNCR Committee has accused the Central Executive Committee (CEC) of allegedly trying to rig the elections for the Leader and Chairman at this weekend’s Congress billed for Congress Place, Sophia. Committee members Leslie Gonsalves and Maurice Butters made the allegations, and told media operatives on Monday that approximately 90 delegates were listed to participate in the upcoming Congress; however, the Linden Committee was recently informed that only 60 delegates would be admitted.

Clarke, questioned by Guyana Times about the allegations made against the party’s CEC and the Congress Committee via reports in the media, responded, “Where is that report?”. He then emphasised, “I have not seen that report.”

Clarke, who heads the Congress Committee, denied knowledge of a reduction in the delegates’ representation for the region. He said no report about rigging or fixing of votes at the upcoming Congress was raised by the group.

“What they have raised with me is the question of the delegates’ representation and the number of persons who will be attending as delegates,” he said circumspectly, as he determinedly avoided addressing the specific questions being asked.

Padding the lists?

Clarke also said he was unaware about the existence and emergence of “phantom groups” at Linden which the regional group said were being planted to pad the lists with delegates and more support for Granger and his loyalists at the Congress.

“Their concern is that some of the persons who they would like to be chosen as delegates were not, but I told them that I do not chose the delegates,” Clarke explained. Questioned further about the measures in place to ensure the integrity and fairness of the electoral process at the highly anticipated Congress, Clarke pointed in the direction of Michael Sommersal who he said was responsible for the process and is the Congress’ returning officer.

“Whatever arrangements he puts in place I am sure will be adequate,” Clarke said. He declined to say how many party cards were processed to date, with the new accreditation criteria including identification cards. The General Secretary advised that it was an ongoing process and no delegate would be disenfranchised once they follow the clearly established process.

On Monday, Butters said records show that the PNCR has a membership of approximately 800 persons in Linden, but the Central Committee is insisting that the membership is smaller; hence, only 60 delegates would be allowed to attend.

Gonsalves said: “It is clear that the PNCR is fixing the upcoming elections. Well, the motives are simple, if you are reducing a group in terms of its delegates from in excess of 90 to 60, it is obvious you are saying to yourself, if you allow them to get 90, they are going to have their way in terms of winning whether the leadership or Chairmanship of the party,” he contended. He said the current leadership of the party is doing all in its power to “call the shot”.

According to Butters, it was discovered that the PNCR point person Sandra Jones, who has been accused of creating major division in the district, is hand-picking persons from the original list submitted by the Linden PNCR Committee.

Meanwhile, the PNCR on Tuesday disclosed that three persons have been nominated to duel for the party’s top leadership post. General Secretary Clarke announced that Party Leader David Granger, Aubrey Norton and newcomer Sharma Solomon have accepted nomination and will vie for the position of leader this Sunday.

Granger’s inability?

This aspect of the election is perhaps the most important and comes amid widespread concerns being expressed about Granger’s inability to properly manage the affairs of the party. He is accused of employing an elitist approach which sees him disengaging the party’s grassroots support base.

As the Congress draws near, Granger’s faction that is controlling Congress Place has already been accused of “fixing” the vote with the aim of returning him and several of his loyalists to the PNC’s Central Executive and key office portfolios.

Meanwhile, Basil Williams, Aubrey Norton, and Sharma Solomon will also vie for the post of Party Chairman at the Congress. Stanley Paul, George Norton, and Volda Lawrence have accepted nominations to contest the post of Vice Chairman. Ninety-one other persons will compete for a chance to take up the 15 leadership spots on the party’s Central Executive.

The 18th biennial Congress will be held from Friday, July 25 to Sunday, July 27 under the theme: “PNCR For National Unity, Good Governance, and Development”. More than 1000 Delegates and Observers from the 10 Administrative Regions of Guyana, as well as the North American and UK Regions, will be participating. A statement from the party said Granger will be expected to make an analysis of the political and economic situation in Guyana and outline his vision of the way in which the party will prepare itself to tackle the numerous challenges of the coming years.

“We anticipate that this will be a wide-ranging address which will lay the basis for the policies of the PNCR as it, along with A Partnership for National Unity (APNU), prepares itself for elections, both local and national,” the statement read.

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It’s all in the name!

Dwayne Bravo

Dwayne Bravo

– “Trinidad and Tobago” re-added to Red Steel

By Reuben Stoby

Writer Janet Kalandranis wrote in her column Beneath the Brand that a name is an extremely important asset of any brand. “Pick the right name and it could mean success; pick the wrong one and the brand could never get off the ground”.

Dwayne Bravo and many cricket fans in Trinidad and Tobago and outside of the Region, who were outraged at the dropping of the Trinidad and Tobago moniker from Red Steel by the Government of the twin-island republic, probably support this theory to some degree and would now hope that their team, with their satisfied fans behind them, avenge their recent heart-breaking loss to the Guyana Amazon Warriors when the two teams meet on Thursday.

The public relations arm of the Limacol CPL disclosed via a press release on Tuesday that the matter regarding the naming of the Red Steel franchise has been resolved and that the team will once again proudly bear the name of Trinidad and Tobago Red Steel.

The re-addition of the Trinidad and Tobago moniker to the Red Steel could not have come at a better time as the team prepares to host Guyana Amazon Warriors at the Queen’s Park Oval on Thursday

The re-addition of the Trinidad and Tobago moniker to the Red Steel could not have come at a better time as the team prepares to host Guyana Amazon Warriors at the Queen’s Park Oval on Thursday

Limacol CPL had earlier agreed to omit the words “Trinidad and Tobago” from the name, based on a request from the T&T Minister of Sport Anil Roberts. This had not gone down well with West Indies ODI and Trinidad and Tobago Red Steel skipper Dwayne Bravo, who publicly expressed his disagreement with the decision by Roberts.

Bravo had also said he was prepared to deal with the consequence of his disagreement.

“I got some news this morning and I was very disappointed to hear that Trinidad and Tobago has been removed from the Red Steel team,” Bravo had stated.

“I think whoever made that decision, it’s uncalled for. Ninety per cent of the team are from Trinidad and Tobago. We are using the national colours.

“All the other islands are proud to use their country’s name, whether it is the Barbados Tridents, the Jamaica Tallawahs, why not Trinidad and Tobago Red Steel?” an emotional Bravo had stated.

He had also said his “players are very disappointed…Everyone is disappointed.”

Roberts had followed up with a letter to the management of Red Steel, Limacol CPL Chief Executive Officer Damien O’Donohoe and Trinidad and Tobago Cricket Board President Azim Bassarath in which he disagreed with Bravo’s comments.

Shortly after, the Limacol CPL said they were respecting the wishes of the Trinidad and Tobago government and dropping the Trinidad and Tobago moniker from Red Steel as requested.

Turn of events

The turn of events, however, could not have come at a better time as the Trinidad and Tobago Red Steel prepare to host Guyana Amazon Warriors at the Queen’s Park Oval on Thursday. It had needed some heroics from Ronsford Beaton, a Super Over, and the mystery of Sunil Narine to get past the Red Steel on Thursday last.

Limacol CPL Public Relations Representative Antonia Graham confirmed on Tuesday that the Red Steel have indeed been given permission once again to use “Trinidad and Tobago” in their name.

“We would particularly like to thank Gary Griffith for his timely intervention in this matter and for his support in bringing it to a positive conclusion,” said the statement from the press release.

Limacol CPL CEO, Damien O’Donohoe, also made his input saying: “On behalf of the entire CPL team, we would like to extend our sincerest thanks to the Honourable Prime Minister of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, Kamla Persad-Bissessar, and her Government for their ongoing support for Limacol CPL and in particular her help in restoring the Trinidad and Tobago Red Steel name to the franchise.”

O’Donohoe added: “We are absolutely thrilled that the Red Steel will once again proudly bear the name of Trinidad and Tobago Red Steel, and, with three home games this week, we are in no doubt that this news will give Captain Dwayne Bravo and his team an extra boost in their efforts to take home the title of Limacol CPL Champions 2014.

“We wish them all the best and would like to thank the fans in Trinidad and Tobago for their fantastic support.”

 Limacol CPL also said it can now concentrate its efforts on ensuring that the remainder of the tournament is a resounding success and that cricket fans across the world enjoy it to the fullest.

Bravo was confident that when his team got to Trinidad for the three “home” games, that the public would get behind the side. That may be true but you get the feeling that with Trinidad and Tobago re-added to the team name, national pride would be boosted and so would be the loud support for the home team just as was the case in Guyana.

This could very well make the difference on how well Trinidad and Tobago Red Steel perform in their home games, again, just as was the case with the Amazon Warriors in Guyana!

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“9 out of 10” rating for Limacol CPL security

For most persons it was a smooth process through the turnstiles

For most persons it was a smooth process through the turnstiles

– Vyphuis applauds security team

By Avenash Ramzan

Security Manager of the Guyana leg of the Limacol Caribbean Premier League (CPL), George Vyphuis, has given the security team a high rating following the conclusion of three highly successful games in the country.

Vyphuis, who was in charge of ensuring all security plans were formalised and executed, was a very pleased man on Sunday night following the completion of the games here.

Guyana hosted three games involving the home franchise team Guyana Amazon Warriors, against Trinidad and Tobago Red Steel last Thursday, St Lucia Zouks on Saturday and defending champions Jamaica Tallawahs on Sunday at the Guyana National Stadium.

George Vyphuis, DMS

George Vyphuis, DMS

“Like anything else, when we started we had teething problems. We call them pot holes, the second day we filled them and today [Sunday] we delivered,” Vyphuis said.

He continued, “Like anything else you would never get 100 percent, but should I rate ourselves, I would say we finish at nine…nine out of 10.”

Vyphuis, the former Commander of ‘A’ Division, reported that there were a few minor hiccups, but nothing to severely test the security plan that was in place as persons were generally cooperative.

One of the concerns that arose was persons from some areas turning up at the venue without tickets, as they were sold out.

He added that the support from the Guyana Police Force and private security was crucial in ensuring the success of the three days, as the team did a fantastic job in handling over 40,000 people who passed through the turnstiles.

“What I want to say is we’ve worked as a team and we’ve delivered. I want to say thank you to the private security, the Guyana Police Force. We’ve worked as [a] team, Commander Hicken and his team, Mr Austin and his team worked very hard to make sure that Guyana delivered. And if you look at the crowd we were not dealing with 50 and a hundred, we were dealing with thousands,” Vyphuis commented.

He added, “Every match we had thousands and today’s [Sunday] match we had a sold-out stadium and we managed it effectively. Of course, you would have people trying to sneak in here and sneak in there. These problems we have to deal with until we could do things to make sure our stadium can have some of the right facilities then we would be able to move it to another level.”

Like last year, the security arrangements were once again followed, allowing for a smooth flow of persons and vehicles to and from the stadium.

Vyphuis was part of the local Limacol CPL Operations team that included Sabrina Panday, Reon King, Andrew McKend, Natasha Khan, Kirk Douglas and Nafeeza Rodrigues.

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St Lucia Zouks coach appeals for crowd support

St Lucia Zouks coact Matthew Peter Maynard and  captain Darren Sammy

St Lucia Zouks coact Matthew Peter Maynard and captain Darren Sammy

– Matthew Maynard says “support is crucial”

Maybe realising how the strong crowd support gave the Guyana Amazon Warriors a major boost during their games at home, St Lucia Zouks head coach Matthew Peter Maynard has urged Zouks fans to come out in solid support of the team.

The St Lucia Zouks have lost all of their games so far- against Jamaica Tallawahs and Guyana Amazon Warriors.

“We know things are not off to the best start but we will pick up the pace. We promise to impress especially at home, so please come and support us at the Beausejour Stadium,” Maynard appealed during an interview with the www.cplt20.com team.

In the meantime, however, St Lucia Zouks will face Barbados Tridents today at the Kensington Oval in Barbados.

“I am very upbeat ahead of this encounter the boys have been working very hard and I see it all on their faces from that loss to the Amazon Warriors that they want to get a win soon. They have the drive, the hunger, the desire and the determination to do so. So I’m confident the first win for us is not far away and that we will impress.”

Maynard, who was the assistant coach last season to Sir Andy Roberts, is now in the hot seat this season as head coach and says he is relishing the role. “It is a role which I have embraced greatly and one that I am enjoying, so I am hoping we can reap the rewards soon.”

The former England International, who made his debut against the West Indies in August 1988, said he is hoping to have Kevin Pietersen in the Caribbean very soon.  “The English T20 League is going to come to a short break soon so we will be delighted to have Kev on board for our home games next week. He is truly someone who adds a different dimension to our team, so I’m looking forward to him flying to St Lucia.”

The match today between St Lucia Zouks and Barbados Tridents starts at 16:00h.

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CWSS, Waramadong, Bush Lot and BV reach semi-finals

Some of the action during the game with Beterverwagting (purple) and St George’s at Camp Ayanganna (Carl Croker photo)

Some of the action during the game with Beterverwagting (purple) and St George’s at Camp Ayanganna (Carl Croker photo)

Digicel Schools Football….

By Treiston Joseph

Region Four Champions Beterverwagting (BV) Secondary held on dearly to a 1-0 lead to boot reigning Georgetown champions St George’s Secondary and qualify for the semi-finals of the Digicel Schools Football Tournament, which continued at the Camp Ayanganna Ground and three other venues across the country on Tuesday.

BV were always searching for the opening goal as they kept tremendous pressure on the defence of St George’s with continuous attacking plays.

St George’s custodian at one point was even moved to the point of frustration just before the end of the first half, when he had to save back-to-back shots on goal to keep the game scoreless after his defensive back line played lackadaisically.

On the resumption of the second half, BV kept up their probing attack especially with runs down the left wing and searching balls into the middle.

They did this until a through pass found Paul Kingston in the 18-yard area. Kingston placed the shot to the right hand of the diving St George’s keeper to score the game’s only goal in the 69th minute.

St George’s would have their best chance 10 minutes later with a free kick just outside the 18-yard box, but skied the shot over the cross bar.

Meanwhile, in the other national quarter-final games, Bush Lot defeated Annai 3-2 to move into the semi-finals while defending champions Christianburg Wismar Secondary School (CWSS) dismantled Vryman’s Erven 8-0.

Last year’s finalists Waramadong Secondary also made it to the semi-final round of the national tournament after cruising to a 4-nil victory against Leonora Secondary.

The semi-finals will be held on Friday.

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Annual cycling camp picking up pace

 Some of the young participants with National Cycling Coach Hassan Mohamed

Some of the young participants with National Cycling Coach Hassan Mohamed

By Avenash Ramzan

Close to three dozen young riders are being edified on the fundamentals of cycling as the 38th annual Teach Them Young cycling programme gains momentum in week two at the inner circuit of the National Park.

National cycling coach Hassan Mohamed, who has been conducting the programme since its inception in 1977, described the turnout as “reasonable”, noting that the inclement weather and the fact that persons were unaware that the programme started may have been the reasons for such a small group.

Over the years, the camp would usually attract well over 40 young aspiring riders.

When Guyana Times Sport visited the National Park on Tuesday morning, most of the youngsters had already left for out-of-school lessons, while the few who remained were seen training with the older cyclists, who usually take part in the programme.

“It’s a reasonable turnout, but like I said parents can still come and register their children to be part of the programme. We don’t want to turn anyone away, because at the end of the day we’re looking to grow the sport of cycling,” Mohamed said.

The long-serving national coach said he is still open to persons wishing to join the camp, noting that the registration process is simple as all they need to do is turn up at the National Park between 09:00h and 11:30h Mondays to Fridays.

The course is free, but the participants are required to be in possession of a bicycle, be it BMX or racing bike, and protective head gear.

Apart from instilling discipline into the youths, Mohamed explained that there are several other areas of the sport he will be focusing on during the National Sports Commission- sponsored activity. These include the basics of the game such as balancing the bike, learning the art of pedalling and adjusting the bike to ensure maximum performance.

Boasting that the nursery is the oldest in the Caribbean, Mohamed said the programme has served its purpose over the years, which is to consistently produce cyclists who can go on to represent the nation at international competitions.

“The records are there to show and anyone can challenge that. Almost all the riders have passed through this programme,” Mohamed declared. The academy, which started on July 14, will conclude on August 31.

While the youngsters will be educated about the intricacies of the game, they will also be afforded an opportunity to test their skills in a competitive environment, as there will be several 11-race programmes hosted during the eight weeks.

The first champion to emerge from the programme in 1977 was former President of the Guyana Cycling Federation and lecturer at the University of Guyana, Hector Edwards. He was followed by Leo Ramalho, who has since ventured into the sport of rifle-shooting.

Some of the other notable names whose foundation came as a result of the programme were the Fiedtkou brothers- Noel and Marcus, Byron and Bertram James, Dwayne “Road Hogg” Gibbs, Godfrey Pollydore, the late Troy Humphrey, Linden Dowridge, Eric Sankar, Warren McKay, Daniel Ramchurjee, Shane Boodram, Alanzo Greaves, Geron Williams, Robin Persaud and Enzo Matthews among others.

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Canada-based coach preparing IGG basketball team

Lugard Mohan

Lugard Mohan

By Treiston Joseph

The services of Canada-based coach Sherlon Chance has been engaged as the Youth Basketball Guyana (YBG) continues preparing the Inter-Guiana Games (IGG) basketball team for the tri-nation event scheduled for August in Guyana.

Chance is being assisted by the experienced Lugard Mohan to get both the male and female players ready to entertain their opponents.

Guyana Times Sport visited the practice session on Tuesday and observed that the females were displaying good ball-handling skills and understanding of the game, while the men were gelling well with each other.

The Guyana-born Chance, who has coached multiple teams in Canada and the United States of America, noted that he was impressed with the intensity of the players but said there were areas that needed to be addressed.

“I’m very impressed with the speed, intensity has picked up a lot over the last couple of days, just a couple of little things that got to be worked on but I think I corrected a lot of those things, defence, talking to each other… communication is very important in basketball, so we are trying to get that over with them that they got to communicate, share the basketball and work together as a team,” Chance stated.

Further, Chance pointed out what was the major difference between the teams he coached outside of Guyana and the current IGG team.

“It’s ok to run up and down and play scrimmages all the time, but if you don’t have the basics: dribbling, passing, teamwork, shooting, if you don’t have the basics then the scrimmages don’t help…so you need to combine the fundamentals along with the playing.

“I think that’s the biggest difference that I’ve noticed is fundamentals, a lot of the guys are weak with the basic fundamentals and that is what I want to bring to their basketball,” Chance noted.

With the team looking to run a system based on ball movement and cuts to attack the basket, Chance talked about the potential of the team.

“To be honest with you, over the last two days they have really impressed me, they are starting to think which is what I want them to do, as a coach I can’t tell the players exactly what they need to do on the court, they have to learn to think for themselves and I noticed that they are beginning to do that a lot… so as long as they keep thinking and moving the ball I think they have a good shot,” Chance highlighted.

Meanwhile, Audrey Doorn, who was a part of the 1996 Caricom female championship team and is also a part of the group visiting with Chance as part of the John Rimple family reunion, said helping to develop the IGG team is being seen as a wonderful opportunity to give back to the country.

“We all share the same passion. When we heard about the team in training, and although this was the time to be here for our family reunion, we thought what better way to give back to our country than to work with this wonderful group,” Doorn stated.

Doorn also revealed that it was the Tourism Minister Irfaan Ali who set the link between the group and the YBG to conduct the training sessions. There is also a plan to donate items to various elderly persons.

The Guyana team for the Inter- Guiana Games will continue its preparation for the event which is set for the first weekend in August.

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Veteran Mike Guyadin wins BK Golf Tournament

Mike Guyadin

Mike Guyadin

A veteran golfer and winner of over 20 competitions, Ground Supervisor of the Lusignan Golf Club, Mike Guyadin, called on all his experience on Saturday last to outplay the field and win the BK Group of Companies-sponsored golf tournament at the Lusignan Golf Course.

The staggered start Medal Play format competition began at 08:30h, much earlier than usual, as some golfers wanted to be at the National Stadium, Providence to witness the Limacol CPL match between the Guyana Amazon Warriors and the St Lucia Zouks later that day.

A brief shower did delay the start of play, but the golfers’ enthusiasm was undiminished. They came to play and that they did.

“It was a very enjoyable and refreshing game,” said Club President David Mohamad, “especially with the fine condition the ground was in.”

Guyadin, whose last win was the Maurice Solomon and Associates-sponsored tournament in March, was himself elated at the level of his success at the BK tournament.

“My play today [Saturday] was incredible and amazing,” he explained. “I came expecting to enjoy a good game of golf, but this was truly my day. I parred the front nine [with three birdies and three bogeys), producing a gross 35, then scored 40 on the back nine, but even parred one hole there after getting a penalty in that hole. This was my best game ever!”

Guyadin had a gross of 75, playing from a handicap 15. He ended with net 60 to crown a fine day on the course.

David Mohamad

David Mohamad

Mohamad, with a handicap 23, netted 66 for second spot, while Carlos Adams, with handicap 27, brought third with net 67.

Mohanlalall“Santo” Dinanauth emerged as the player with the best gross of 75 like Guyadin, but scored a better back nine. Nearest-to-the-Pin was also won my Dinanauth, who himself has won over 15 competitions.

Briony Tiwarie, presenting the prizes to the winners on behalf of her father and the BK Group of Companies, indicated that while it was her first time at the club, it would not be her last.

“I knew very little about golf until today. Thanks for the hospitality of the LGC personnel and President David Mohamad, I have today learnt some things about the game, and I do find it very interesting. I am representing my father here today, but pledge that my own company would also contribute to the golf club in the future,” she said.

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Eight grader sponsors volleyball tourney in Berbice

National Cycling Coach Hassan Mohamed (right) presents the trophies on behalf of his daughter Arianna to BVA President, Gregory Rambarran

National Cycling Coach Hassan Mohamed (right) presents the trophies on behalf of his daughter Arianna to BVA President, Gregory Rambarran

It’s not ‘Ripley’s believe it or not’, a Grade Eight student of the ISA Islamic School of East Street, Georgetown, is indeed sponsoring a volleyball tournament in Berbice organised by the Berbice Volleyball Association (BVA).

Volleyball enthusiast Arianna Bacchus, who is the daughter of national cycle Coach Hassan Mohamed, says she is impressed with the work being done by the BVA, but would like to see more females playing in competitions, hence her decision to sponsor a competition.

The BVA, in its ongoing efforts to attract more girls to the sport of volleyball, will be holding the competition for females on August 10 at the Port Mourant Training Centre (PMTC) Court in East Berbice.

The tournament is open to all females attending schools in the Berbice area. Teams are expected from Lower Corentyne Secondary, JC Chandisingh Secondary, Port Mourant Secondary, Comprehensive High, Canje Secondary and Winifred Gaskin Memorial Secondary. At stake are trophies for the top three teams and prizes for outstanding individual performance as Setter, Spiker, Server and Most Valuable Player.

The action is scheduled to commence at 10:00h and all teams are urged to be punctual.

Meanwhile, the BVA is continuing to hold coaching sessions for females, especially those at the Under-16 level at the PMTC Court and the Port Mourant Secondary with the aim of identifying talent to form an Under-16 female squad. Persons interested in joining the sessions can contact Godwyn Allicock on 337-4774 or Levi Nedd on 641-9592.

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Headquarters and ‘A’ Division level on lead

Kevin Bayley sprints to the finish to win the ‘A’ Class 800 metres

Kevin Bayley sprints to the finish to win the ‘A’ Class 800 metres

GPF Athletics Championships…Day One


– Guyana way ahead in ‘A’ Class competition

Headquarters and ‘A’ Division ended the first day of the Guyana Police Force (GPF) Athletics Championships tied on 91 points after eight events on Tuesday at the Police Sports Club Ground, Eve Leary.

‘A’ Division had a comfortable 91 to 74 points lead before the final event of the day, but failed to score a point in the female discus event won by Country Division’s Latoya Rodney with a throw of 29.87 metres. Edol Castello and Donna Ferguson of Headquarters finished second and third following throws of 26.59 metres and 26.21 metres, respectively.

Country Division was third with 40 points, while ‘B’ Division finished fourth with 36 points.

Guyana ended with 97 points in the ‘A’ Class competition with Trinidad and Tobago second on 27 points. Antigua was third with nine points and St Vincent fourth with four points.

National middle-distance athlete, Kevin Bayley continued to prove he is in the upper echelon of 800 metres running in the country after tactically taking apart the event to win the ‘A’ Class version of the event in a time of 1:59.3s.

Trevor Scotland was second in a time of 2:01.1s, while Sheldon Maison was third in 2:08.8s to help Guyana take a big lead in the ‘A’ Class competition.

National junior middle-distance athlete Grivon Grant won his 800 metres in 2:02.6s for Headquarters with a sensational sprint to the finish to outlast ‘A’ Division athletes Jayon Johnson (2:04.2s) and Nathaniel Giddings who clocked 2:04.8s.

Jonella Jonas was in form today as she easily won the women’s 3000 metres by approximately 200 metres, seemingly expending little effort for the win that finished in 12:11.5s. Shion Boyer was second in 13:01.3s while Dellie Williams was third in a time of 13:10.6s.

Keith Roberts easily won the men’s ‘A’ Class long jump with a leap of 6.83 metres to finish ahead of Larry Josiah (5.96 metres) and Maison (5.88 metres).

The men’s ‘B’ Class long jump was more competitive when Joshua Joseph burst into the sky and landed in the pit for a jump of 6.93 metres for Headquarters while Yoel Benjamin of ‘A’ Division was second with a leap of 6.87 metres. Trevor Williams was third with a leap of 6.72 metres.

Julio Sinclair continued to dominate the men’s discus field with a throw of 38.73 metres to win the men’s ‘A’ Class competition and finish ahead of Cordell English who threw 37.66 metres for second while Ronald Payne was third with a throw of 35.13 metres for a Guyanese sweep.

Warren Duncan of Headquarters displayed his skill in the men’s discus, winning the ‘B’ Class event with a throw of 31.89 metres to top Gregory Harper who threw 26.11 metres. Colwyn Leacock was third with a throw of 25.64 metres.

Both the 100 and 400 metres heats were also contested today with the finals for that event set for the final day on Friday.

Meanwhile, the athletics championships will continue today from 10:30h at the same venue.

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