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Public consultation on Ebola set for today

Cabinet Secretary, Dr Roger Luncheon

Cabinet Secretary, Dr Roger Luncheon

Head of the Presidential Secretariat and Cabinet Secretary, Dr Roger Luncheon on Wednesday announced that the Government plans to convene a public consultation to brainstorm anti-Ebola strategies.

Dr Luncheon, who was at the time speaking at a Post-Cabinet press briefing, said the “public consultation” will include all members of civil society.

The Cabinet Secretary underscored that the consultation is being done in an effort to ramp up Guyana’s preparedness strategy,

It was noted too that the consultation will see ideas being brainstormed for the “implementation of a menu of measure, comprehensive enough to ensure the health of Guyanese”.

The consultation session is set to commence today and will be chaired by President Donald Ramotar.

Amid criticism of the work at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport to keep out the deadly Ebola virus, President Ramotar on Monday visited the port of entry to check on the preparations to address the medical requirements of any air travelers suspected of being infected with the disease.

He also praised the efforts being made to address any possible Ebola cases locally.

The Head of State had a firsthand look at the CJIA preparations. He said he was constantly being briefed on developments in the health sector, and Ebola is a major concern for the Government. The health, transportation, and security sectors and other stakeholders are involved in the effort, the President said.

“I’m very happy that this work is going on, and the seriousness with which it is being taken, as it’s important,” he said.

Recently, President Ramotar addressed the nation and called for broad based support from all stakeholders to help to prepare for the fight against any possible Ebola outbreak.

Many have heeded this call, the President said, including the political Opposition.

“I have had conversations with the Opposition Leader and he has assured me of his full support in this regard. I’ve also spoken to the leader of the AFC (Alliance for Change) who also assured me of their support, and I plan to have meetings later this week with other stakeholders.”

The main purpose of his visit to the facility at the CJIA was to check the response of the Government structures to make sure they are fully ready and taking all precautions to try and keep this disease out of Guyana.

In terms of cost, the President said that Government will do whatever is necessary to protect citizens and expressed the hope that any requested budgetary allocations would not be cut by the political Opposition.

The ongoing preparations, Health Minister, Dr Bheri Ramsaran stressed, were an “all-Guyana national effort”. Hundreds of persons have already received training to deal with any suspected Ebola cases, he added.

Meanwhile, the World Health Organisation (WHO) said there has been a decline in the spread of Ebola in Liberia, the country hardest hit in the outbreak.

The WHO spokesman Bruce Aylward said he was confident the response to the virus was now gaining the upper hand. But, he warned against any suggestion that the crisis is over.

He said the new number of cases globally was 13,703 and that the death toll, to be published later, would probably pass 5000.

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President stands by AG

… as Opposition parties call for sacking

By Devina Samaroo

President Donald Ramotar

President Donald Ramotar

President Donald Ramotar on Wednesday maintained that Kaieteur News Publisher Glenn Lall broke the law when he wiretapped a conversation between one of his reporters and the Attorney General Anil Nandlall.

“It was illegal,” President Ramotar said, referring to the recording which Lall has rendered in filing a complaint with the Police alleging that Nandlall made threats on his life and those of his staff.


“Clearly what was done to the Attorney General was an illegal act to record him without telling him he would be recorded,” the President told reporters at the Guyana International Conference Centre.

He said the conversation was not meant for the public’s ears and that “this serious breach exemplifies that persons do not respect the laws of the country”.

While the President repeatedly described the act as illegal, he said it was for the Police to take any enforcement action.

WPA Leader, Dr Rupert Roopnaraine

WPA Leader, Dr Rupert Roopnaraine

“The Police are supposed to take legal actions, not me,” Ramotar said when asked. The President stressed that what was done was illegal: “You seem to be missing the point. It was illegal… That’s the first point we must deal with,” he said.

On Monday, hours after the recording was made public, Government said, in a statement, that the recorded conversation was manipulated and distorted by Lall.

“There are many ways for a keen listener to discern the said manipulation. For example, a listener to the manipulated conversation would easily recognise that on many instances the person’s voice at the other end of the conversation was inaudible,” he said.

President Ramotar clarified what was meant by the statement:

“It was taken out of context. What is being done is to take everything out of context, that’s why we talked about manipulation. We’re not talking about doctoring the tape. We’re saying it’s not contextual,” he noted.

In his Police complaint filed on Monday, the Kaieteur News owner claimed the Attorney General was aware of a scheme to destroy him and his newspaper.

Lall, in his short statement to the Police, further claimed that he received several warnings of the imminent danger that threatens his life, and this danger also encompasses the numerous staff at his Saffon Street, Charlestown, Georgetown media house.

Meanwhile, the two parliamentary Opposition parties Alliance For Change (AFC) and A Partnership for National Unity (APNC) have both defended Lall and called on Ramotar to sack Nandlall.

Ramjattan had accompanied Lall to the Police when the AG made the report.

AFC Leader Khemraj Ramjattan

AFC Leader
Khemraj Ramjattan

In its defence of Lall, APNU said the Attorney General as head of the Guyanese Bar and the Government’s legal adviser holds a pivotal position in the maintenance of law and order in this country.

“He has breached that trust reposed in that Office by the Guyanese people and must perforce pay the price. APNU calls for the immediate resignation of Anil Nandlall from the Office of Attorney General of Guyana.”

Also defending Lall, for its part, the AFC said it was shocked beyond disbelief at the conversation between the AG and the reporter.

The Working People’s Alliance (WPA) – a key part of APNU – also defended Lall in a separate statement, saying it was convinced that the recording was genuine and was appalled by the Government’s decision to question the authenticity and accuracy of the transcript and recording and to stand by Nandlall.

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Illegally intercepting communications

With Internet Communications Technology (ICT) transforming the world as we know it, it is not surprising that the technology would be abused for purposes for which it is not intended. There will always be those who will seek to subvert mechanisms for their own gain and nefarious purposes. In the instance of intercepting communications, so as to gain an advantage in what economists call the information asymmetry, it probably began with eavesdropping at keyholes.

As the technology of communication moved from the oral to the written form, “steaming open” letters became common for the curious – even as various “seals” attempted to prevent this intrusion on privacy.

The telephone speeded up the communication cycle but also brought in the “wiretap”, in which a device “intercepted” the electrical pulse carrying the message and recorded it for later listening. In light of what had preceded it, the invention of wireless communication almost inevitably brought into being new ways of capturing the message unbeknownst to the sender.

In the United States, these interceptions received early legal censure as the US Supreme Court, from the “penumbra” of the US Constitutional Bill of Rights, created rights to “privacy” of individuals that were violated. These were severely punishable. In Guyana, as argued by Anil Nandlall, then a lawyer in private practice, Guyana did not have such laws of privacy on the books.

The comments were occasioned by calls from the People’s National Congress Opposition, because of an intercepted conversation between then Commissioner of Police (and now PNC MP) Winston Felix and PNC MP Basil Williams (now the PNC Chairman) in which the former was captured revealing very sensitive information to the latter, on a massacre in Agricola.

The subsequent debate on persons’ right of security in their communication and the Government’s need to intercept such communications for national security purposes was taken seriously by the Government when it passed the “Interception of Communications Act 2008”. The Act spelt out under which conditions the latter might be effectuated and violations of the former might be prohibited in Section 3.

Section 3(1) warns that “a person who intentionally intercepts a communication in the course of its transmission by means of a telecommunication system commits an offence and is liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding five million dollars and to imprisonment for a term not exceeding three years.”

This Monday, the owner of the Kaieteur News, Glenn Lall, submitted a recording of a telephone conversation between the Attorney General and one of his senior reporters. In another section of the press, Lall is quoted as admitting, “Most of the reporters have equipment that has the capability of taping all incoming and outgoing calls.”

Since the reporter was acting as an agent of Lall, with equipment provided by Lall, Lall is unquestionably responsible for breaking the present law by “intentionally intercepting” a communication from another person.

In his newspaper, however, Lall claims that the “Interception of Communications Act 2008” has “no relevance since the communication (on his tape) was not intercepted.” This assertion, however, is clearly rebutted by Section 3(4): “For the purpose of subsection (1), a communication shall be taken to be in the course of transmission by means of a telecommunications system at any time when the system by means of which the communication is being or has been transmitted is used for storing the communication in a manner that enables the intended recipient to collect it or otherwise have access to it.”

Since Lall’s instrument was definitely part of a “telecommunications system” that was “transmitting” a communication” and also used for “storing the communication in a manner that enables the intended recipient to collect it or otherwise have access to it”, there is absolutely no ambiguity as far as the law of the land is concerned, that the owner of the Kaieteur News illegally intercepted a communication. And he should face the consequences.

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Kaieteur News’ open agenda is to destabilise the PPP/C Government

Dear Editor,

Since its birth, the Kaieteur News has been bent on sensational journalism without any effort to ascertain the veracity of its publications.

The newspaper is hell-bent on “being deliberately obtuse, appealing to emotions, being controversial, intentionally omitting facts and information, being loud and self-centred and acting to obtain attention.

“Trivial information and events are sometimes misrepresented and exaggerated as important and significant, and often include stories about the actions of individuals and small groups of people” the content of which is insignificant (Wikipedia’s definition of sensational journalism).

I guess some sections of the public are happy with this, since it ‘makes their day’. On the other hand, the majority of readers know for a fact that many times the source of information is so obscure that it must be concluded that they are non-existent.

Today, the newspaper’s open agenda is to destabilise the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) Government, simply because its owner can no longer get what he wants from the Government. If I could recall the refusal of a radio licence was the last straw that broke Lall’s back.

His vengeance not only became personalised but his vicious attack on the Government and Ministers and the social and economic development of this country can only be regarded as unpatriotic. Lall has become indistinguishable from people such as Ramjattan and Nagamootoo.

The present piece of Kaieteur News’ sensational journalism is with regard to the Attorney General (AG) Anil Nandlall. It is with much trepidation that I listened to the ‘doctored’ recording of an alleged conversation between a Senior Reporter and the AG,

Then recently, I was shocked by the extreme level that the Kaieteur News can go to sensationalise this alleged conversation between the AG and the Reporter. The headline reads, “Attorney General reveals plans to ‘hit’ Glenn Lall, KNews”.

When the transcript is read, any reasonable man will conclude that there was no such plan. All one can discern is a general statement hinting at the probability of a recurrence of what took place in August 2006 when some six workers were murdered in cold blood at the newspaper’s Printery.

It was alleged then that it was a drug deal that went sour. The purported hit plan is an assumption that if Lall continues to use his newspaper as a weapon, then someone may repeat what had happened before.

The person alleged to be the AG did not say that he will take a weapon and start to kill Lall and his workers. It is a severe strain on one’s intelligence to match the content of the article with the heading of that article. The content simply does not support such a heading.

This reminds me of what my grandfather used to say: “Goat s**t does wait fuh breeze blow.”

Now I want any reasonable person to analyse the audio recording itself. The transcript itself given in the newspaper recorded numerous instances where the Reporter’s comment or reply was recorded as inaudible.

This is even more pronounced when the audio recording is heard – one can hardly discern what the Reporter is saying. The pertinent question here is: Why is it that the voice purported to be that of the AG is loud and clear as opposed to the voice of the Reporter?

This is deliberate doctoring so that only one side of the conversation is given so that listeners will be unable to understand why certain replies were purportedly made by the AG!

The entire dialogue should have been presented to the public. But this is how the newspaper deceives its gullible readers. It is also clear that the responses were carefully orchestrated and prompted by the Reporter to elicit the intended response and capitalise on it, having gained the confidence of the other party.

This is a heinous display of deceit and poor journalistic ethics and professionalism.

It was a private conversation and should not have been brought to the public’s attention and moreover it must be recalled that in any private conversation expletives are used and in this case it was the newspaper’s Reporter who began the use.

The use of expletives is quite normal; a daily interaction between people who are quite familiar with each other. Therefore, I do not see the ‘holier than thou’ attitude of some people and the emphasis on the use of expletives in the article.

It is also clear that the newspaper by the very content of its article on the alleged tax scam by Kamal Mangal viciously and intentionally provoked the Attorney General by continuing to address Mangal as the “AG’s uncle” and expressly trying to connect the AG with the alleged re-migrant scam.

This was deliberate and wicked and it was meant to rile the AG and any reasonable man would have become angry at such insinuations. It is also evident that on many occasions the newspaper was used as a weapon to attack people personally and there is nothing patriotic about that.

A patriot should pay his taxes!

It is now evident that the newspaper has its own plan to destabilise this country and that plan began with a crusade against business and Government officials, and now the venom is spewing in all directions.

In this case, it is simply greed for material things! In Dr Ramayya’s words, “everyone should have a piece of the pie” (DTV Channel 8, Saturday, October 25).

Just read between the lines!

Yours sincerely,

Haseef Yusuf

AFC Councillor

Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne)

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Demand for service determines sections in GRA that function during lunch hours

Dear Editor,
The Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) has taken note of the letter written by Nicholas McDavid to the press on October 27, claiming that staff of the GRA were “out to lunch” when he went to transact business on October 24.
Mr McDavid acknowledged that he went to the office at the time of the lunch break, but did not specify the particular section in the GRA that was unavailable at the time.
The GRA appreciates the feedback and will continue to endeavour to institute change with the taxpayers’ comfort in mind.
It should be noted that management is serious about the rules and regulations governing the semi-autonomous body and would move with haste to launch an investigation, if warranted, into claims of misconduct by staff.
The GRA understands the importance of quality service, especially in an organisation that is responsible for tax administration, revenue collection and the promotion of voluntary compliance.
The GRA also shares Mr McDavid’s view about the need for the right business ethics and mentality.
At the same time, the GRA is concerned that Mr McDavid might have created a vague impression when he stated, “I have never been to any country, in all my travels, where you cannot make a business transaction because every single person has gone to lunch at the same time!”
It is on this basis that the GRA is compelled to remind McDavid and all those who are ignorant of the rules, about its statutory work hours. These rules, I am sure Mr McDavid would agree, are common in several other institutions.
The working hours are from 08:00h to 15:30h from Monday to Thursday and 08:00h to 14:30h on Fridays, with a one-hour lunch break from 12:00h to 13:00h.
It should be noted, however, that because of the proportionally large numbers of taxpayers at the GRA on a daily basis some sections like Registration, Licence Revenue (Application and Renewal) and the Cashier Departments remain functional during the midday recess to expedite transactions.
Such a deliberate decision took into consideration, congestion, waiting time and the difficulty with parking on the busy Camp Street area, as Mr McDavid admitted to have experienced in his letter.
The GRA regrets the inconvenience Mr McDavid might have experienced and can only urge that he makes a fervent effort to visit the agency during the normal working hours since the information contained in his letter indicates that the transaction he wished to carry out was not one which is facilitated during the lunch hour.

Submitted by
GRA Public Relations Department

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The Kaieteur News dilemma

Dear Editor,

There are so many angles one can take from this taped cellphone conversation reportedly involving Attorney General (AG) Anil Nandlall and Reporter Leonard Gildharie, which is why mine will surely not be the first nor last.

After listening to the recording of the conversation, there are a few observations and several inconsistencies which lead me to believe that this conversation was made in jest.

It is actually the reporter who sets the tone by responding to a question with a question, “How the ***k I misquote the man?”

This tone and language would never occur in a professional conversation and I am inclined to believe that it was a ‘gaff’ between two friends, even though they work in different settings and in varying positions.

The reporter not once referred to the AG in his official capacity but rather by his first name.

So how did a private conversation between two friends end up in the hands of Glenn Lall? The reporter did express concerns that contrary to the belief of the AG, Lall “has friends” who are capable of tapping someone’s phone and worriedly hinted that this could be the case during their discussion.

Currently, the only legal way to intercept a phone call is by the security agency, being the Guyana Police Force, requesting permission from a High Court Judge after providing enough reasons why this should be the case.

So it appears that the AG was correct when he stated that “the man’s (Glenn Lall) view is that he is above everybody else, that he is above the law and that he own this newspaper and he could buse everybody”.

Now there is much emphasis being placed on the aspect of the conversation where the AG reportedly warns his friend of a scenario of what might possibly befall the news entity if it continues along its current path of creating stories based on lies.

While he pointed out that several former and current Government officials have stayed quiet against an onslaught of attacks against them by the Publisher of Kaieteur News, the paper/publisher now shifting their attacks to persons outside the Government is an entirely different kettle of fish as not everyone will react the way the PPP/C Government has done for the past several years.

In fact, the AG is heard twice saying that he has spoken to both Glenn Lall and Adam Harris of such a possible scenario. So while the AG was warning the reporter, we must understand that he had warned the entire entity by relating his concerns to both the publisher and editor-in-chief. Hence, what he said in the conversation was simply a repetition of his earlier interactions with the two.

But how does that discount the fact that the AG is heard saying that “there is a simple way of dealing with a situation, you know, I tell Glenn already…he knows my capacity and I know his…me nah got to go to court every day and issue press statement; I don’t have to revert to those methods”.

Some have jumped to surmise that this is a threat and is vindication of what Glenn has been contending and is currently contending.

A closer inspection of this particular quote would reveal that the AG is saying that he has already told Glenn of whatever he is specifically referring to.

If the publisher of Kaieteur News felt this was indeed a threat, he never made this public as all he has said to date is that ‘friends’ of his had warned him of a possible plot. So why was no mention ever made by Glenn of both instances of such a conversation with the AG, if he took it as a threat?

Further, knowing that Lall was already told by the AG of such a possible scenario and of which was simply repeated in the conversation, why did Lall only choose to break down in tears while speaking to the media quite some time after?

Did he break down in tears during his conversations with the AG? It appears not, which simply adds to a growing perception that this incident was carefully stage- managed.


Rommel Roopnarine

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Major cases pile up on DPP

DPP Shalimar Ali-Hack

DPP Shalimar Ali-Hack

Several major criminal matters are still awaiting legal advice from the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions, even as the chambers could soon be called on to advise on two possible cases stemming from the Kaieteur News Publisher’s alleged illegal wiretapping of a conversation between one of his reporters and the Attorney General.

Attorney General Anil Nandlall has already signalled his intention to test the strength of the 2008 Interception of Communications Act as he moves against Glenn Lall who allegedly illegally recorded the private conversation he had with Kaieteur News Senior Reporter Leonard Gildharie last Saturday.

The gist of the conversation was evidently related to the $100 million duty-free scam in which Lall is presently enmeshed and before the courts. The Interception of Communications Act of 2008 prohibits the interception of communications unless a warrant is issued by a judge based on an application.

The law is also clear that any recording or tapping of citizens’ private communication must be authorised by the Chief-of-Staff of the Army, the Commissioner of Police, and the Commissioner General of the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA). However, these officers would first have to apply to a judge for a 90-day warrant to intercept communication, which will be illegal otherwise. According to the law, anyone found guilty of illegal wiretapping would be liable to a fine of $5 million and a jail term not exceeding three years. A judge, before granting the warrant, the law states, must be satisfied that the information obtained would likely assist investigations. There is also a proviso vesting authority in the Minister of Home Affairs in the case of national emergencies. Additionally, personnel acting in good faith under the ambit of law would be immune from liability for their actions.

GRA Commissioner General Khurshid Sattaur

GRA Commissioner General Khurshid Sattaur

Speaking with Guyana Times on Tuesday, the Attorney General indicated that he was in discussion with his lawyer and will soon be making a complaint to the Police. He is confident that given the provision in the law, Lall was in serious breach. Once the case is investigated, DPP, Shalimar Ali-Hack would be required to advise the Police on possible charges.

Lall himself had accompanied by Alliance For Change (AFC) Leader, Attorney Khemraj Ramjattan to file a complaint with the Guyana Police Force against Nandlall for alleged threats contained in the taped conversation. This too could reach the DPP chambers soon.


And if those were not enough, the DPP is currently reviewing the file on the investigation into allegations that Speaker of the National Assembly, Raphael Trotman sexually molested Johnny Welshman when he was 12. Police wrapped up their probe recently and sent the file for the DPP’s review. There has been no word yet on this.

Speaking to Guyana Times last week Wednesday, Crime Chief Leslie James revealed also that while the Police have not been able to contact the young man’s father, who is another of his alleged abusers, Trotman and another accused man, Colin Wilson, were interviewed by the Police.

Johnny Welshman

Johnny Welshman

Trotman has so far denied the allegations made by Welshman as “wicked assertions”, positing that they are being peddled by “an unstable young man, who appears to have a troubled mind”. He also claims that the allegations against him are politically motivated.

However, Welshman has alleged that years of being raped and physically abused as a child have left serious emotional scars. Depression, post traumatic stress disorder, behavioural problems, poor self-esteem and thoughts of suicide are the key psychological effects of childhood sexual abuse, and Welshman has evidently been through all of that. Welshman had detailed that he was first sexually molested by a close relative at the age of eight while he was a student at the St Agnes Primary School. But this, he said, was just the beginning, contending that the relative’s friend, from Yarrowkabra, used him as a “toy” for sexual gratification. He alleged that at the age of 12 that Trotman sodomised him, after becoming knowledgeable of the acts committed on him by the close relative and the other man. The young man said that as a child he, along with his brother, was encouraged to visit Trotman’s office on South Road.

Threats against Sattaur

Additionally, the DPP is also yet to advise on whether Lall should face charges for allegedly using threatening language against GRA Commissioner General Khurshid Sattaur. The file on this case was initially sent to the DPP chambers on October 14 and returned to James on October 15. Based on reports received, the DPP would have returned the file to the Police requesting clarifications on several aspects of the allegations. The Police, on the other hand, would have included that information requested by the DPP and resent the file to her chambers last Wednesday. With the necessary clarifications noted, the DPP will now decide if there is enough evidence to institute charges against the publisher of the newspaper.

Guyana Times understands that according to the Customs Act, Lall could spend up to three years in prison for attempting to impede Sattaur from the discharge of his mandate and issuing threats to him via the telephone in August. Sattaur had made a complaint to the Brickdam Police Station when the incident occurred. Up to last week, Sattaur told this newspaper that he was fearful for his life given recent revelations about Lall’s involvement in the vigilante-style killing of an East Bank Demerara resident years ago.

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Govt mulls extraditing couple in remigrant scam

Kaieteur News Publisher Glenn Lall

Kaieteur News Publisher Glenn Lall

A US-based Guyanese couple who allegedly facilitated Glenn Lall defrauding State million in taxes through the importation of two luxury vehicles through the remigrant scheme could be extradited from the US, sources close to Government has said.

The couple Narootandeo and Gharbassi Brijnanan had fled the jurisdiction when word got out that a probe had been launched against Lall and despite them being charged on several counts of tax fraud, they were not present at the first hearing last month.

Guyana Times was told that authorities here have been trying to locate the couple and could move towards activating the extradition treaty Guyana has with the United States to have the couple brought back here and charged.

Sources at the GRA believe that the absent couple could possibly stall the case, which could temporarily let Lall off the hook. Lall and his wife, Bhena Lall are jointly charged with the couple.

“We are looking at ways in which we can get the couple stand in court and extradition is definitely an option,” a source said. Guyana has a valid extradition treaty with the United States, which was amended back in 2009 to correct a lacuna that had prevented Guyana from extraditing fugitives wanted in the United States. The case comes up back on November 24.

The tax regulatory body is claiming that remigrant couple, of Number 61 Village, Corentyne, Berbice, had imported two Lexus LX 570 motor vehicles into Guyana.

However, the two vehicles were not kept or used by the remigrants and Gharbassi reportedly does not have a driver’s licence. This is in breach of the Customs Act and the conditions of the grant of the duty-free concession.

GRA has said that investigations had revealed that the vehicles were being driven by Lall and his wife and they were seized at a house in Nandy Park. The four persons are charged with two joint counts of knowingly committing fraudulent evasion of import duties.

The charge stated that between June 18, 2013 and September 21, 2013, together with others unknown at Lot 200-201 Camp Street, Georgetown, they knowingly aided and abetted each other, in the fraudulent evasion of import duties of customs due and payable to the Revenue Authority on one Lexus LX 570 motor vehicle registration number PRR 8398 with engine capacity 5700 cc, Chassis number JTJHY7AX6 D4094851 and number JTJHY7AX6 D4096745.

The Lalls are charged jointly with two counts of knowingly dealt with goods with intent to defraud the revenue of duties on the said motor vehicle.

The particulars of the offence read that between June 18, 2013 and August 30, 2014, at Lot 110 Regent Street, Charlestown, Georgetown, they knowingly dealt with goods with intent to defraud the revenue of duties on one Lexus LX 570 motor vehicle bearing registration number PRR 8399 with engine capacity 5700 cc, Chassis number JTJHY7AX6 D4094851 and number JTJHY7AX6 D4096745.

Additionally, the Brijnanans were jointly charged with the offences of making and subscribing to a false declaration. The charges alleged that between June 18, 2013 and September 20, 2013, at Lot 200-201 Camp Street, Georgetown, Demerara, a place in the Georgetown Magisterial District, they made and subscribed to false declarations on one Lexus LX 570 motor vehicle with engine capacity 5700 cc, Chassis number JTJHY7AX6 D4096745 to be US$44,158.00 and one Lexus LX 570 motor vehicle with engine capacity 5700 cc, Chassis number JTJHY7AX6 D4094851 to be US$44,158.00, contrary to Section 217(1)(a) of the Customs Act Chapter 82:01.

Lall and his wife were also recently sued by acting Town Clerk of the Mayor and City Council Carol Sooba for the sum of $ 5,660,142 and $60,142 for unpaid rates and taxes for the years 2004 to 2013 in relation to their property at 24 Saffon Street, Charlestown, where Kaieteur News is located.

The case is currently being heard at the Georgetown Magistrates Court. In a defence filed by attorney at law Khemraj Ramjattan, the Lalls claim that they had a “set off” arrangement with the City Council and they are not indebted for the taxes and that they repaid these taxes by publication of advertisements in the Kaieteur News.

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Businessman on $1M bail for causing death charge

The matter is to be recalled Friday for statements, and the commencement of trial on November 19.

The matter is to be recalled Friday for statements, and the commencement of trial on November 19.

Twenty-two-year-old Brandon Rahaman was placed on $1 million bail when he was called to answer a causing death by dangerous driving charge, on Tuesday morning.

The young businessman, of Lot 56 Robb Street, Lacytown, Georgetown, appeared at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts before Magistrate Judy Latchman after the matter was transferred by the Chief Magistrate, Priya Sewnarine- Beharry.

It is alleged that on March 17, at Houston, East Bank Demerara, Rahaman drove motor pick-up GRR 4883 in a manner dangerous to the public, thereby causing the death of Wazim Mohamad Hassan.

The matter was prosecuted by Inspector Joel Ricknauth who requested that the Administration of Justice Act (AJA) be applied. The defendant, after taking advice from his attorney, Basil Williams, indicated to the court that he would like for his matter to be heard in the Magistrates’ Courts. With that, the defendant pleaded not guilty to the charge.

Attorney Williams requested reasonable bail for his client. He told the court that his client has been reporting to the Police and assisting with the investigations, highlighting that he is not a flight risk.

Inspector Ricknauth told the court that he had no objections to bail, but asked that the defendant report to the Brickdam Police Station and lodge his passport.

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