July 31, 2014

Govt to ANSA McAL: “Don’t come talk to me,” if your documents not right

Cabinet Secretary,  Dr Roger Luncheon

Cabinet Secretary,
Dr Roger Luncheon

Pharma supplies pre-qualification

Head of the Presidential Secretariat and Cabinet Secretary, Dr Roger Luncheon, is calling on ANSA McAL Trading to publish the documents which would support claims that the Trinidadian conglomerate has passed the Health Ministry’s pre-qualification process to supply medical drugs.

Last week, Dr Luncheon had announced that Cabinet had given its no-objection for NEW GPC INC to be pre-qualified along with an international group of pre-qualified providers. These include the Pan American Health Organisation (PAHO), Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), World Health Organisation (WHO), and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

Under the new process implemented by the Ministry, NEW GPC was pre-qualified for the period 2014-2016.

However, ANSA McAL, one of seven companies that tendered for the bid, is claiming that it passed the pre-qualification process, and signalled its intention to write the National Procurement and Tender Administration Board (NPTAB) to enquire where they had gone wrong in their bid.

According to Managing Director of ANSA McAL, Beverly Harper, ANSA McAL was sure it had met all the criteria required for pre-qualification, hence they were awaiting the five-day rule of the board before they submit a formal complaint to the NPTAB.

At this week’s post Cabinet briefing, Dr Roger Luncheon told media operatives that if ANSA McAL is sure that they have passed the pre-qualification stage, then they should publish the documents they tendered.

According to the evaluators report which this newspaper has seen, ANSA McAL was disqualified from the onset after failing to provide manufacturer’s authorisation of the drugs – a key criterion in the bidding exercise. This was a threshold issue that was not satisfied, so that there was no need for the evaluation panel to investigate further.

The company is one of two that have raised objections after failing to qualify during the exercise – the other being the International Pharmaceutical Agency (IPA), which although meeting all the administrative requirements of the examination, failed miserably with its storage facilities.

As regards IPA’s storage facility at Eccles, East Bank Demerara, the evaluators said the building is a recently built two-flat steel structure with the upper level only partially constructed. According to the evaluators, the total floor space is more than 30,000 square feet, but it is not a developed, functioning warehouse.

“It is currently used for the purposes of manufacturing and storage of bottled water, and has equipment installed and strewn around the ground level,” the evaluators said in their report. The evaluators said too that there is a concreted driveway from the road leading to the building and a “purpose-built” fence around the premises.

Regarding another facility on Camp Street, Georgetown, this proposed space, the evaluators said, consists of five discreet storage areas located in the upper floors of the company’s head office that are currently used as storage for drugs.

The space allocation, the report continued, is “stingy and the ambience sub-standard”.

The evaluators also observed that there is inadequate space for the movement of personnel within and into the storage area, no signage to provide guidance generally, boxes with materials thrown about and not properly stored, poor ventilation and poor housekeeping in the general store area, and the floors were not clean.

Responding to ANSA McAl’s claim, Dr Luncheon said that if the company had indeed produced all the required documents, but the procedure was not followed, then it is indeed a failure of the evaluators.

He explained that there are three main categories that were focused on when evaluating the pre-qualifying applicants. One of these has to do with the routine documents such as Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) and National Insurance Scheme (NIS) compliance, bank statements, among other documents. He said that most of the bidders would have passed this stage.

Another entails the specifics of the sector and industry. Dr Luncheon noted that the issue of safety is of utmost concern, particularly with counterfeit drugs, and it is important for Government to have access to all documents regarding the origin of the drugs from each of the bidders.

“If you want to sell drugs to the Government of Guyana, if you don’t produce a piece of paper telling me where those drugs come from and that the manufacturer authorised you to sell it to me, you ain’t talking. Don’t come talk to me,” he stated.

He went on to say that the other category has to do with the pharmaceuticals themselves regarding their procurement, handling and storage. “Those are the areas where the evaluators would be examining your submission and determined if indeed you are suitable for prequalification,” he stated.

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Congress Place shooter nabbed at CJIA

The man who fired the shot on Sunday at Congress Place

The man who fired the shot on Sunday at Congress Place

Moments before boarding a Travelspan Flight destined for John F Kennedy International Airport on Tuesday, the perpetrator who discharged a round during the last day of the People’s National Congress/Reform Congress was nabbed at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA).

Ever since the shooting incident, the Police have been hunting for Linden Primo, but he disappeared until his arrest on Tuesday evening.

Members of the Criminal Investigations Department have launched an investigation into the shooting incident and have since confirmed that no firearm licence was issued to the said individual.

One source confirmed that the man is being grilled by CID ranks at Police Headquarters and he is expected to be slapped with two charges – discharging a loaded firearm in a public place and possession of an unlicensed firearm.

Hours after the shooting incident at Congress Place, party leader David Granger told media operatives that the internal security of PNCR has launched an investigation surrounding the incident.

Party Chairman Basil Williams is on record saying that the shot was fired in the air after there was a “situation” at one of the polling stations. He said someone was in “danger” of being trampled; hence, the unknown individual fired a shot into the air to disperse the crowd.

Williams told reporters that the shooter was no way connected to the PNCR Administration. Guyana Times understands that the man was a member of the Returning Officer Team. In responding to the outcries, the man reportedly fired a single shot into the air.

Former General Secretary Aubrey Norton moments after pulled out of the leadership race, but not before condemning the shooting incident, saying that there were other ways in addressing the issue.

Norton said he cannot recall during his tenure with the party that a gun had to be used to restore law and order.

“A gun should not have been used… not at all, you’re trying to say to me you need to shoot a gun to restore order,” questioned Norton, adding that “there should be no shooting at congress place”.

Former Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly Clarissa Riehl has also criticised Granger, contending that he is too “aloof”, while nothing that he should have been able to calm the crowd down.

She said while the pandemonium was ongoing at Congress Place, Granger was having refreshments with another senior member and a security official.

The single gunshot caused the delegates attending the conference to scamper for cover.

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Rejected beggar stole bag, pulled cutlass on Police – court told

A man accused of robbing a vendor who turned down his request for $20 and drawing a cutlass on Police subsequently was remanded to prison on Wednesday.

Kwame Bruce appeared at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts before Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry after being charged for larceny and possession of offensive weapon.

It is alleged that on July 29 at the Stabroek Market, the defendant stole a bag containing $24,000 and four Suriname dollars, property of Dhanraji Singh, and on the said date, was also found with a cutlass.

The facts of the case are that Singh was selling items at a stall when Bruce asked her for $20 and she refused. The defendant then picked up Singh’s bag, which was on the stand and ran away. Singh raised an alarm and the Police in the area responded which was when Bruce drew the cutlass. Other persons assisted in subduing Bruce and taking the said object away from him.

Bruce pleaded not guilty to both of the charges laid against him.

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$1M bus shed commissioned at Supenaam

Local Government Minister Norman Whittaker addressing the gathering

Local Government Minister Norman Whittaker addressing the gathering


Commuters traversing from Supenaam and Parika will now be accommodated under a comfortable waiting area at Supenaam, rather than standing in the sun for hours until a boat is loaded.

This was made possible through the commissioning of a $1 million, spanking new bus shed, compliments of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

The structure was funded by the UNDP in collaboration with the Local Government Ministry, Youth Empowerment Programme. The structure was constructed by Mohamed Ramjohn Constructing Service.

Speaking to Charity residents, member of the Speed Boat Association and other Governmental officials, Local Government Minister Norman Whittaker said the building is the product of a partnership arrangement.

The spanking new $1 million bus shed

The spanking new $1 million bus shed

The Minister said it is the impact of the project that is important, noting that “passengers must be able to make maximum use always of Government facility”.

Whittaker said commuters’ in-transiting at Parika and Supenaam will be the main beneficiaries. He called on residents and operators to be part owners of the bus shed, and make sure that the facility does not become the property of vagrants.

The Minister said a recent survey conducted showed that youths makeup 60 per cent of the composition of Guyana. On this note, he said the future development of Guyana lies on the shoulders of youth.

Young people

He said the Regional Democratic Council should fully utilise the skills of young people within the various communities. He commended the efforts of Gangadai Persaud, of the Youth Empowerment Programme, who participated in the UNDP training and was part of the team that put together the bus shed project.

Meanwhile, Region Two Chairman Parmanand Persaud speaking at the occasion, said prior to the construction of the shed, passengers utilising the service had to wait in the sun for a boat to load.

Persaud said the region, along with the youth involvement, decided to use the $1 million to construct the waiting area. He noted that the construction of the waiting structure was monitored by the community.

He pledged the Region Two Administration’s support in refurbishing the male and female washroom facility located aback the waiting shed, and said meetings will also be held with hire cars operators to also construct a car park area.

“We can’t fund all the projects, we need assistance and am thankful to UNDP,” Persaud noted.

He also noted that approval was granted to the Supenaam Speed Boat Association by the Public Works Ministry for the construction of their own wharf.

Other projects

UNDP Deputy Representative Chisa Mikami said the commissioning of the bus shed is the first out of six regional projects under the Youth Empowerment Project, which was launched in 2013.

Mikami said the UNDP is pleased to be associated with the project and working with youths. She said the UNDP recognised that most youths are unemployed, and as such, projects must be implemented to keep them occupied.

The UNDP official said the project aims at improving youth capability as well as building social relationship with community members. She said the project will have tremendous benefits to residents and commuters.

The bus shed is a 20X15 passenger shed and will facilitate approximately 25 passengers. She called on the Regional Democratic Council and the Neighbourhood Democratic Council to maintain and upkeep the facility.

Attending the commissioning ceremony of the bus shed were Regional Vice Chairman Vishnu Samaroo, Permanent Secretary Collin Croal and UNDP Analyst Trevor Benn.

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Green Jah mekkin tings disappear

Green Jah does mek he mark every where he go and wid every ting he do. Since he days in de Harmy, he been mekkin he mark.Tings just gotta way of happening once Green Jah deh bout. Yet some people in Green Jah own party does seh he too easy. Old people seh easy snake does bite hot, and old people always right.

Green Jah so hot he does mek tings melt and disappear. Green Jah been in de Harmy when Rodney disappear. As soon as Rodney disappear, Gregory disappear. Now that de Rodney COI in progress, Gregory file disappear.

It look like some people can mek tings disappear even when dem not around. After all, Green Jah leff de Harmy a long time now, but tings still does disappear.

A lotta tings (and people) also disappear when de Pee-N-Cee was in power. That was because de Pee-N-Cee had de power to mek tings disappear. Green Jah was de man around since then. In fact, in de Pee-N-Cee days, even de money from de Guvament Treasury used to disappear.

Burnt Ham had every body in de dark and dem never used to see when tings disappear. But now it gotta lotta tings comin to light. So tings disappearin in front of people eye and nose. That is whah happen at de Con Gress.

De other day, Green Jah mek people votes and memberhsip cards disappear at Con Gress. Then he mek dem disappear too. De Linden people had to disappear in Linden, and de Plaisance man had to disappear wheh ever he come from. Even de Youth man had to disappear.

But one person Green Jah can’t mek disappear is de Kiss woman. He wish he could kiss she good bye and call it George. But no matter whah Green Jah do, de woman gon re-appear. Oscar de bite man try, but de Kiss woman ain’t no Rodney.

Ting-a-ling-a-ling…friend tell friend…mattie tell mattie! In fact, it look like Green Jah and Oscar might disappear from the party long before de Kiss woman disappear!

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Mon Repos man fined for passport fraud

A Mon Repos, East Coast Demerara joiner was fined $39,000, with an alternative of three months in jail, on Wednesday after he was convicted of one count of passport fraud.

Michael Mendonza, 38, of Lot 134 Mon Repos, appeared before Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts and pleaded guilty to the charge.

The charge, which was read by the Chief Magistrate, stated that on August 7, 1998 at Georgetown, the defendant signed a written declaration for the purpose of securing a new Guyanese passport in the name of “Robert Mendonza”. The name that the defendant had used happened to be his brother’s name. In addition to knowing that the information was false, the defendant had signed for a passport before.

He admitted that it was a mistake and said that he is sorry. He was represented by Attorney Paul Fung-A-Fat who requested leniency from the court.

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Guyanese students witness launch of space rocket

The Guyana team that witnessed the launch of Automated Transfer Vehicle (ATV) into space from Europe’s Spaceport, Centre Spatial Guyanais in Kourou, French Guiana   

The Guyana team that witnessed the launch of Automated Transfer Vehicle (ATV) into space from Europe’s Spaceport, Centre Spatial Guyanais in Kourou, French Guiana

– Europe’s Spaceport in French Guiana

A group of science students from Guyana got to witness the launch of an Automated Transfer Vehicle (ATV) into space of an Ariane 5 ES rocket from Europe’s Spaceport, Centre Spatial Guyanais in Kourou, French Guiana.

Historically, what they witnessed was the last of the European Space Agency’s (ESA) ATV project, with the launch of ATV- 5 on Tuesday en route to the International Space Station.

 Named after the Belgian scientist who formulated the Big Bang Theory, ATV Georges Lemaître is the fifth ATV built and launched by ESA as part of Europe’s contribution to cover the operational costs for using the International Space Station (ISS).

The rocket lifted off precisely at 23:47 GMT on July 29 (01:47 CEST July 30, 20:47 local time July 29), and carried a number of spare parts for the ISS, along with ration, oxygen and air for the crew on board the ISS.

This trip was planned and organised by the Public Works and Communication Ministry, and facilitated by the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority in conjunction with the Education Ministry.

This collaborative effort saw each student, who brought first in his or her respective region during the Education Ministry’s National Science and Technology Fair 2014, being selected to be part of this historic event.

Team leader and Trip Coordinator, Senior Air Traffic Control Officer (Guyana Civil Aviation Authority) Courtney Frank said that the Public Works and Communication Ministry through subject Minister Robeson Benn commenced a series of initiatives designed to engage Guyanese students in various scientific experiences to further stimulate their interests in the sciences.

“Our Ministry covers quite a lot of technological ground in Guyana, particularly, in the areas of engineering, meteorology and aviation. Being able to expose some of our science students to the experience of witnessing the launch of a rocket into space is but the beginning of a long and fruitful relationship we expect to have with the Ministry of Education, as we continue to collaborate on other projects,” Frank said.


Top students, who represented their region at the National Science and Technology Fair 2014, were thrilled by the experience of seeing a rocket launched into space, before their very eyes. Making the trip to the European Spaceport, Centre Spatial Guyanais in Kourou, in French Guiana were students from across Guyana: Vivian Henry (Region One – Santa Rosa Secondary); Devindra Persaud (Region Two – Abrams Zuil Secondary); Laksman Ramdat (Region Three – Zeeburg Secondary); Kenya Maynard (Region Four – President’s College); Jeremy Baran (Region Six – Berbice High School); Shonetta Tyrell (Region Seven – Three Miles Secondary); Travis Warner (Region Eight – Mahdia Secondary); Leana Lindie (Region Nine – St Ignatius Secondary); Jahni Williamson (Region 10 – Mackenzie High School); Nicolas Elliot (Georgetown – Queen’s College); and Dwight Ferguson (Georgetown – St Joseph High).

Students were accompanied by Assistant Chief Education Officer (Secondary), Leslyn Charles, along with two teachers, Colin Moses (St Stanislaus College) and Kamini Ramrattan (Richard Ishmael Secondary).


“This is just amazing. I am lost for words. I will always remember this moment,” said Vivian Henry. “This was a thrilling experience for me. Witnessing this live is momentous. I am really happy to be a part of this experience,” Laksman Ramdat said, while Leana Lindie contended, “I am shocked. I never dreamed I would have witnessed this. I am very happy to be here to share this experience with other students from Guyana.”

Those are just some of the comments made by students immediately after they witnessed the launch of ATV – 5 Georges Lemaître, as it was launched into space.

The experience captivated the students immensely and it is expected to remain with them for quite a long time.

ATV Georges Lemaître is due to dock with the station on August 12 and will remain attached for up to six months before leaving with waste material for destruction, along with the spaceship during atmospheric re-entry.

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Virtues have eluded the planners, leaders of PNCR

Dear Editor,

I have been a member of the People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR) for the past 22 years and I can say without fear of successful contradiction that the last two Congresses – 2012 and 2014 – were the most vulgar and despicable events in the party’s 57-year history.

Congresses are nostalgic moments for party members. They create an environment for building camaraderie with comrades from across the country, sharing experiences of working in the field, sharing best practices in political work, recommitting and rededicating ourselves to the party, and, most of all, making critical decisions to charter the political course of the party for the next two years.

Unfortunately, these virtues eluded the planners and leaders of our great party on the last two occasions.

However, some phenomenal things occurred prior, during, and immediately after the just-concluded Congress, but have escaped the attention of the media and political analysts. In my respectful view, there is still hope for the future of the party.

These phenomenal events commenced with the diligent and tireless pursuit by the Region 10 Chairman Sharma Solomon and team up to the ninth hour, to get the party leadership to create an even playing field and to stick to the rules of the party as a means of bolstering the party’s image.

These efforts clearly demonstrated that no longer young people are prepared to sit with their hands folded and a finger on their lips and accept mediocrity and blatant disregard for the rules.

Then despite the impending disenfranchisement, a group of energetic, creative, and passionate young people from Linden initiated the creation of posters capturing relevant quotations from speeches of former leaders of the party to illustrate the point that the party, the PNC, was built on the shoulders of great men and women whose adumbrations are still relevant and can be used as a point of reference and guide for the party in resolving the present challenges it faces.

One such quotation was from the late President Hugh Desmond Hoyte, in his 13th Biennial Congress Address in 2002, when he said: “Change is as necessary a part of politics, as it is of life. Those who do not change become dinosaurs, irrelevant and eventually extinct. If we do not adapt to new circumstances, new challenges, and new responsibilities, we cannot survive, much less overcome.”

The extension of a hand of comradeship by Member of Parliament Vanessa Kissoon to General Secretary Oscar Clarke clearly signalled that it was not a case of her holding no brief for her colleague and that she saw the issue as her expressing her view. They disagreed on those issues and she has moved on with no animosity between them.

The final phenomenon that attracted my attention was how the appointed leaders of the new executive of the party, at a post-Congress press conference, were busy digging in their heels, establishing authority, dismissing credible claims by party members and passing the buck for the causes of the occurrences at Congress with spurious and puerile claims.

Solomon, on the other hand, rose to the occasion and outlined a way forward for the party, emphasising the need for resolving the present challenges, strengthening the party, preparing it for the next general and regional elections, the giving of the required leadership, and most important of all, uniting the party.

These occurrences clearly illustrate that a bright future for the PNC is still assured, despite the desperate and vulgar attempts by some in the present leadership to suppress opposing views, to marginalise young leaders, to cling to control of the party at all costs, and to manipulate processes.

There is a group of visionary and pragmatic young leaders who are still prepared to put their shoulders to the wheel, swim against the tide, defy all odds and work in the best interest of the party, its membership and people of Guyana.

Interestingly, Solomon, who is the eldest of this youthful cadre mentioned, is 35 – 26 and 45 years junior, age wise, to Granger, Basil Williams and Clarke, respectively. Thus he has youth, energy, a committed constituency, and a fertile political brain that will be an asset to the party long after these leaders.

The resolve by these emerging leaders should not and must not go unnoticed, and they should be assured of our support.


Bevon Currie

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African Emancipation: Time for compensation

Dear Editor,

Hundreds of books on history and emotion have been written about the abominable slave trade and its consequences on millions of people rooted out of their ancestral continent – their families, their culture and legacy, which led to the devastation of their continent by conquistadores and slave traders, who blighted their continent with wars and capitalistic devouring of their enormous wealth.

Even to this day, this blight, this curse, this scourge of thievery of human flesh, sold in the slave markets is evident.

Africa was bled of the best of their sons and daughters of the tribes, nations, and countries that make up the continent of the great contributor to human civilisation, education, and wisdom.

It was the European’s eye-pass to wish to enrich their countries and persons, and build their own civilisations and great cities; their great railroads and subway systems; their bridges and dams by stolen; beaten; broken; raped; hanged by the neck, feet and ribs; starved black flesh, at times hanged in public for display in the most ruthless and sickening manner to create fear and terror in the hearts of those who might rebel.

Every people, as now evident in Palestine, will rebel once they are subjected to the whims and fancies of others, makers of evil and seekers of personal aggrandisement. So rebel they did, and escape they did, and the terror unleashed at times was so reprehensible of those who were the masters and who considered themselves better, that they descended to the worst of bestialities to maintain control and build more wealth for themselves and their countries.

The strength and power of their economies, the ability to make bombs and nuclear warheads, guns that fire hundreds of rounds per minute, and cannons and tanks that can demolish countries with fierce ferocity; Apache helicopters that stand in the clouds and target villages; navy ships that stand hundreds and maybe thousands of miles away, with their satellite commodores in the stars for precise targeting of individuals and buildings, villages and countries. Their great universities; their institutes of law and academia; their laboratories that create viruses to wipe out humanity, the same that experiment on humans in countries in Africa; and their nuclear bombs that can destroy humanity and the earth 15 times over, are all possible because of the abuse of black human flesh in bondage for hundreds of years.

Even modern-day Africa is manipulated, used and abused by the so-called developed world for its oil, uranium, diamonds, gold, amazing animals, and other minerals and resources.

Ladies and gentlemen of Guyana, Government of Guyana, the Embassies of nations which enriched themselves from the blood, sweat and tears of Africans, and the world, it is time for compensation.

The black descendants of the African Diaspora must be compensated. Pay up and free your minds, your souls, descendants of the European slave-masters. The monies and wealth wasted in military campaigns, the manufacture of viruses to wipe out humanity; the monies for manufacture of mass killing machines can be best utilised to rid yourselves of the atrocious memory and guilt, that what you live, eat, inherit and enjoy, are the fruits of sin, the great abomination of theft of human flesh, European banditry and mass theft of lives, and destruction of nations.

Black people, descendants of slaves, you can never be truly free, unless you agitate, demand, fight, and take it to the highest courts of the world, that you be compensated for the worst bondage of humans, your forefathers, known to man in history.

Please use this day of yours for goodness, for great reflection and prayers for your ancestors, please be careful, and do not consume the obnoxious spirits that were created by the slave masters in the form of rum or alcohol to control your people.

Educate your children; be moral so that your children and even ours could be inspired as my ancestors were of your ancestors when they came to Guyana. Your ancestors were our first teachers and guides to this wilderness for my people when they came, and they became friends, midwives, and taught them survival in the new land.

The Indians of Guyana owe the Africans for being the teachers and counsels, and for the representation when our ancestors were being abused by the Europeans accustomed to slavery, though slavery was abolished.

The greatest drummers in the world are Indians and Africans; put them together and the legacy in music is historical and alluring, even mystical. Together, our peoples, all peoples in this great and beautiful country of ours called Guyana – all the peoples, I emphasise – must work in national cohesion to transform this fertile and “opportunised’ land into glory, and an example for humanity, as we must strive to live in constant harmony, peace and goodwill.

We need each other in Guyana; we have learned that we cannot live without each other, brother unto brother and sister unto sister. As we used to sing in the Guyana National Service, “Let’s build this land, Guyana free!”

Praise to the stoic African ancestors, and blessed be their descendants. Thank you, God.


Roshan Khan


Electric Mosque

Teachings of Islam

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Candlelight parade, cultural show to usher in Emancipation

Region Two…

The Essequibo African Association will be hosting a candlelight parade proceeding from Damon’s Cross, La Belle Alliance Square to Anna Regina Car Park (Damon’s Monument) on Thursday night.

This will be followed by a cultural show and libation ceremony.

According to a release from the Association, the candlelight parade is expected to attract a large crowd and persons are expected to walk along the Public Road with lighted candles and bottle lamps to the car park.

The parade will begin at 20:30h and will be accompanied by drumming.

At the Anna Regina Car Park, a grand cultural show featuring African dances, songs and poems will be held. The occasion will be attended and addressed by several Governmental officials.

According to a release, at midnight, a libation ceremony will be held around the Damon’s Monument to usher in Emancipation Day celebration on August 1.

At 08:00h, members of the Association, along with residents will attend a church service at the African Culture and Education building at Henrietta, while at 10:30h; senior citizens will be served with lunch at the Queenstown Community Centre.

The Association will also hold an Emancipation fair at the Anna Regina Car Park from 16:00h that will conclude Emancipation Day celebrations.

According to the release, on August 2, a concert will be held at the Queenstown Community Centre ground while on the next day, a Fun Day will be held at the same venue.

The celebrations will continue on August 11 with a Damon Road Race from Capoey to La Belle Alliance on the Public Road. On the same day, a wreath-laying ceremony will be held at the Damon’s Monument, followed by a camp fire along with a bar-b-que at West Bury Square near Dartmouth Village.

The celebrations will continue at Dartmouth on August 12 with a cultural evening at the 8th of May Secondary School. This will be followed by an African Symposium the next day.

Senior citizens will be treated to a special lunch on August 15 at the Flora Nursery School from 11:00h while on August 15, a Miss Dartmouth Pageant will be held at the 8th of May Secondary School.

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