September 27, 2016

“Xercise” programme building players off-field

“Xercise”, a sport development programme, held an interactive session on Wednesday at Ministry of Education, Department of Youth Culture and Sports Boardroom on Main Street with several students from schools across Georgetown.

Royston Alkins

Royston Alkins

Director/Founder of the programme Royston Alkins explained that “Xercise” is a sport development initiative that would have started out of immense passion for sport and youth development and more so off-field because we don’t have technical expertise in terms of the coaching and the other intricacies so we focus on stuff in terms of getting athletes to speak better.”
He added, “It’s to get them speak better in front of camera, what not to say and what to say, and also get the likes of Christopher Barnwell, Keemo Paul and the other stars to engage in volunteerism, which will build their capacity as nationals and help them to foster a more love for country.”
The programme was held to coincide with the United Nations’ (UN) Day of Sports for the Development of Peace, which was observed on Wednesday.
Moving forward, the exercise will see a fusion with the various sport federations to do similar projects, as in Guyana everything regarding sport is mostly done on the field and there is no workshops or similar programmes that could build athletes off the field.
President of the Georgetown Cricket Association (GCA), Roger Harper, who was in attendance, said, “Events like this and the organisations help to develop rounded sportsmen; so it means the sportsmen will be better prepared when they get an opportunity to represent their country.”
Sessions of this nature were previously done at the Demerara Cricket Club (DCC), St Roses High and Queens College.
The programme is in collaboration with the international organisation, One Young World, who currently have a Windies revival programme ongoing.

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