September 25, 2016

We need to restore order to the City

Dear Editor,

In the press recently there have been reports that Guyanese nationals residing in the United States who plan to travel home for the celebration of the nation’s Golden Jubilee of Independence in May 2016 are expressing concerns about crime here.

The reports go on to say that over twenty-five thousand nationals from the US alone, plan to travel home around the period of the Jubilee celebrations, but that media reports create the perception that crime is pervasive and unrestrained in Guyana.

It is clear that the Guyana Police Force and the Georgetown City Police Department have their work cut out for them, not only beefing up their presence around the hotels nightclubs, shopping district, other entertainment venues, famous landmarks and popular watering holes, but with the bed and breakfast programme these visitors will also be residing in the suburban residential areas which will need added protection. One bad experience can put a damper on the entire celebration.

But, just as importantly there is a lot to be desired of the Georgetown City Council as they fail to prepare to receive these visitors, including eradicating the mosquito infestation in the city as the month of May the weather will be wetter and hotter than usual in our tropical city, providing a more hospitable climate for the mosquito.

There is need for some control to be exercised over the chaotic minibus and public transportation situation in the city, where touts will be harassing potential passengers pulling and tugging at them every which way.

Will these visitors be confronted with roadside barbers, manicurists and pedicurists? With roadside food vendors who are not being regulated or certified as food handlers? Will they be bombarded by these music carts booming pirated CD’s? And just as importantly will they encounter the omnipresence of junkies, beggars and pavement dwellers?  I hope something can be done in time for our 50th.

And what is being done about the cattle and other stray animals? Will the visitors have to encounter and navigate around them? There persons are not accustomed to meandering around animals in the city. Will there be three card trick men on the pavement waiting to cheat them out of their money?

The question is will City Hall get their act together in time for the Golden Jubilee?


Nadine Jerrick

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