September 26, 2016

Meten-Meer-Zorg supermarket robbed

The owner of People’s Choice Supermarket is now counting his losses after his business was broken into in the wee hours of Friday morning.

Harry Singh who has been operating the family business for five years said he is still in dismay as the details of the robbery remain sketchy.

According to the man, the bandits made off with over $400,000 worth of groceries and car products.

It is understood the thieves pried open steel windows to get into the supermarket, ransacking the interior.

Speaking with Guyana Times Singh said a friend of his father had spotted two men on different occasions carrying weighted baskets and acting suspicious.

Singh said that out of curiosity the man begun questioning one of the thieves who dropped the basket and fled the scene.

Upon checking the items, the man realised that it was taken from Singh’s supermarket.

The distressed businessman said he received information through his father, approximately three hours after the incident, informing him that his supermarket had been broken into.

Singh said he was no way prepared for what he saw when he turned up right after receiving the report.

He noted that computers, processors and other electronics which the supermarket utilises had been ripped and stacked in corners with the seeming intent of being carried away.

In addition, food items, car equipment, cosmetics and other items were removed with others packed in baskets and bags, presumably to be fetched away.

However, they were unable to do so since they were spotted by the man who had reported the information to Singh.

Singh said he had taken the report as a joke but still cannot come to grips that someone would have raided his business in this manner.

“Being April fool’s Day, I thought somebody was playing a prank on me. I didn’t expect this kind of loss; I thought it was something smaller. These thieves took off with all the expensive items I sell.”

After the check was made at the supermarket, a report was made to the Lenora Police Station and ranks arrived to investigate.

They however came up empty handed, as there were no visible clues or anything that lead to the perpetrators.

Finger prints were also checked for but Singh said it appeared the thieves had used gloves.

Further investigations are continuing.

Though a huge loss for Singh, he said he is grateful there was no one present at the scene at the time because that might have resulted in a different scenario.

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