September 29, 2016

Kurt Wynter is New Amsterdam’s new Mayor

New Mayor Kurt Wynter and Deputy Mayor Winifred Haywood

New Mayor Kurt Wynter and Deputy Mayor Winifred Haywood

The newly installed council of New Amsterdam on Friday elected what would be its 65th Mayor. Kurt Wynter is the Mayor with his deputy being Winifred Haywood who was part of the previous council that served for 21 years.

After the 14-person council was installed, Wynter was elected to serve as successor of the longest-serving Mayor Claude Henry.

In his inaugural speech, Wynter said he will work with the citizens towards the restoration on the town to make it a beautiful, progressive and safe place to live, a place that can be called home and that all can be proud of.

“We face many struggles to restore out economic vitality. Our roads, bridges, street lights and drainage all need serous work. Our infrastructure programmes for our children and our seniors all require particular attention, but we must face them together,” the Mayor, 37, told the packed council chamber.

 He said it is now time to look towards the restoration of the town and to implement programmes which meet the needs of citizens.

Wynter said he is looking forward to work with all councillors and thanked them for the confidence they showed in him as he referred to New Amsterdam as the best town in Guyana.

Meanwhile, the others who were sworn-in as councillors of the Municipality on Friday are Leroy Grant, Sheeana Lambert, Polliann Shultz, George Tucker, Patrica Lynch, Eusi Smith, William Moore, Angelique Springer, Buster Wright, Elijah Timmers and Sewdat Singh.

Twelve of the councillors are from the A Partnership for National Unity/Alliance For Change (APNU/AFC) slate while Timmers and Singh were elected from the People’s Progressing Party/Civic (PPP/C) list.

Embattled Minister of Social Protection Volda Lawrence who also attended the swearing-in, told the new councillors never to forget that they are there to serve.

“You have taken a position where the persons whom you are expected to serve are challenged by many issues; social issues, moral issues, economic issues and you have said to the persons residing in this Municipality that you can bring your experience, knowledge, to impact the issues which prevail.”

According to Lawrence, the main objective of each councillor should be to positively address the issues confronting the town and make it the best town in Guyana: “There are those who have started the race before you, it is now time for you to take that baton and run with it; run with patience and run with the knowledge that you don’t know it all and that there are persons within the community whom you can draw from.”

Region Six Chairman David Armogan who lives in New Amsterdam said he will be looking forward to receive service from the new council as any other citizen would. However he noted that as Regional Chairman he will provide whatever assistance he can and through the Regional Administration will be done for the other two municipalities and 16 Neighbourhood Democratic Councils in the region.

“One of the reasons you decided to contest the Local Government Elections was improving the municipality. Development is always a work in progress. There will never be a hundred per cent satisfaction; you will never be able to please the residents one hundred per cent but the more you can help and the more you can give, and the better persons lives will become, then you would have contributed significantly to the development of the town,” Armogan said.

Meanwhile, Deputy Regional Executive Officer (DREO) Claude Henry the outgoing mayor said he was pleased to be part of history and took the opportunity to provide a bit of advice to the new council. Henry served as Mayor of the town from 2002 until the last day of March 2016.

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