September 24, 2016

Joshua House given a facelift by British Royal Navy

Crew members of the British Royal Navy Vessel, HMS Mersey, which departed Guyana Friday after being docked for four days, spent the greater part of their stay in Guyana volunteering at the Joshua House, an orphanage in Georgetown, where they were involved in cleaning up and repainting the interior of the orphanage.

The Royal Navy sailors repainting Joshua House

The Royal Navy sailors repainting Joshua House

The walls of Joshua House were covered in graffiti, most of which were profanities and vulgar images, but after efforts of the naval officers, the walls are now beautifully painted in a light turquoise, giving the House a cheerful and bright look. The crew split into two teams, and interchanged during the two days of repainting. During this time, the sailors met and interacted with some residents of the orphanage. The children were quite excited to be among the crew and flocked them while they were painting.
Sub Lieutenant David King related that while it was a small gesture, the service demonstrates that the United Kingdom can be very beneficial to Guyana in terms of offering assistance in any way possible: “It’s just part of what we can do to help out. The Royal Navy is here to show that we can do things to help out Guyana and this is a very smooth gesture of the help our government is willing to offer and the help the Royal Navy is willing to offer.”
The British Royal Navy team arrived in Guyana on Tuesday and was mainly involved in training with the Guyana Defence Force Coast Guards in several areas of maritime security and counter-narcotics exercises; however, they took time off to tour Georgetown and determine in what capacity they could have offered assistance.

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