September 26, 2016

Enhance security for jubilee celebrations

Dear Editor,

Guyanese nationals residing in the United States who plan to travel home for the celebration of our nation’s Golden Jubilee of

Independence in May 2016 have been calling our Committee to express concern about the crime situation. This angst derives from the daily deluge of news stories on violent crimes in Guyana; particularly robberies, felonious assaults and homicides.

Over 24,000 nationals from the US alone, plan to travel home around the period of the Jubilee celebrations. This will be a tremendous economic boost. However, media reports create the perception that crime is pervasive and unrestrained. This is engendering fear and deterring travel to Guyana.

The Committee is aware of efforts by government to combat crime. We have noted that to date effective crime fighting strategies have been implemented yielding significant results. Consequently, crime is on the decline. However, this information is not filtering out to the Diaspora.

The Committee is therefore urging government to disseminate information on its successes in crime fighting and prevention. The government should also swiftly adumbrate intended measures to assure public safety during Jubilee celebrations. This would guarantee overseas nationals that the government is seriously addressing the issue and that Guyana is safe to visit.

Moreover, we recommend that Overseas Missions be equipped to disseminate this information.


New York

50th Committee

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