September 25, 2016

Carwyn Holland elected new Mayor of Linden

A new municipality of the Linden Mayor and Town Council ( LM&TC ) was officially put in place on Friday as the Mayor, Deputy Mayor and Councillors were officially sworn by taking the oath of office.

The newly elected Linden Town Council

The newly elected Linden Town Council

Lindener Carwyn Holland was elected Mayor while Waneka Arrendell was elected Deputy Mayor. Councillors of the new municipality include Devin Sears, Keeran Williams, Wainewright Bethune, Eleze Benjamin, Rawl Friday, Collin Anderson, Fern Mckoy, Nikeza Noel, Deryck Collins, Neola Rogers, Derron John, Leroy James, Lennox Gasper and Loma Mosely.
Members of the newly elected Council were also presented with Certificates of Election.
Addressing members of the Council and well-wishers, Holland said he was humbled to be elected, while expressing thanks to President David Granger for what he referred to as the return of local democracy to the people of Guyana, with the recent hosting of Local Government Elections. He said the spirit of local democracy is the expansion of freedom, while he outlined plans to work collaboratively with Central Government.
“The trajectory for Linden’s development must include all of the following: stimulating the economy to create jobs; encouraging entrepreneurship; inviting and enticing investors; strengthening Linden’s education system; enhancing Linden’s health sector; youth empowerment through skills training and incentives for the self-employed and entrepreneurial youths; restructuring and enhancing public infrastructure; reviving and showcasing Linden’s rich heritage and making Linden the number one tourist destination in Guyana; exposing and supporting local talents in sport, arts and culture”, he noted.
Holland stated that Linden must lead other towns in the development of Guyana, while extending the message of togetherness in strengthening the bauxite mining town. The newly elected Mayor further outlined the Council’s plans to build Linden’s status from a town to a ‘city’.
Establishing the fact that the Mayor and Town Council are servant leaders of the people, Holland told those who gathered inside the conference room of the municipality that Linden will be great again. He said the Council has plans to strengthen and stimulate Linden’s economy and education system, while creating jobs and creating youth empowerment.
“Linden can be great again. Our town was renowned for possessing the best in resources, a wealth of assets that drew many to the mining town. However, disparities in our economic structure have created deep cleavages of despair, in which the most vulnerable continue to suffer and the disadvantageous feel ignored. Youth motivation and ambition are at an all time low, provoked by years of marginalisation by the previous Administration. The dawning of a new era cannot ignore the need for comprehensive restructuring and strengthening in Linden’s business, and by extension, manufacturing, education, health, sport and tourism sectors”, he emphasised.
The newly elected Mayor also thanked the leaders who came before him and lead the past Town Councils. With a promise to build on progress, he pledged to lead the town further up the path of development to new horizons, while continuing to praise the return of democracy.
“The spread of local democracy to communities like Linden is the expansion of freedom and freedom in all of Guyana. It has provided the town of Linden with the functional autonomy to plan and pursue its own unique path of development. This will be done in collaboration and cooperation with strategic stakeholders, including the central government, the Regional Democratic Council, the business community, foreign investors and most importantly, the people of Linden. For development to happen, the people of Linden must buy into the idea. It is the people of Linden who will ultimately decide what the development priorities of this town will be.”
Meanwhile, newly elected Deputy Mayor Waneka Arindell indicated that she was elated and humbly accepts the position of being elected to serve in the post. Arindell also outlined plans to work hard to take the Linden community to the next level.

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