September 29, 2016

Bygeval Secondary awarded National Science Fair winner

Region Five (Mahaica-Berbice) copped this year’s winning title as the Ministry of Education presented the National Science, Mathematics and Technology Fair and the Sagicor Visionaries Challenge. Bygeval Secondary reigned supreme and were handsomely awarded for achieving the feet.
The school had also placed first at the Regional Science fair in the environmental category. At an awards ceremony held on the third and final day of the National Science fair held in Linden, the top achievers and participating schools were awarded handsomely for their incredible efforts.
The three top schools were Bygeval Secondary, Uitvlugt Secondary and Abrahmsville Secondary. The winning school received a Caribbean Science Foundation computerized mobile science and technology centre system, six CXC approved Science kits (three for Biology, two for Chemistry and another for Physics), a trophy, an award certificate and US$1000. Science 1
Additionally, each member of the team received a camera and a smart watch. The supervising teacher received a Tablet, while the team leader and supervising teacher received an all expenses paid seven days trip to Flourida for an ambassadors programme in July. They will represent Guyana at the Regional level where they will have the opportunity to win up to US$5000 for their school.
Meanwhile, the first runner up position went to Abrahmsville Seconday school, which received a Caribbean Science Foundation computerized mobile science and technology centre system, four CXC approved Science kits (two for Biology, one for Chemistry and another for Physics), a certificate and one thousand US dollars.
Second runner up position went to Uitvlugt Secondary school which was rewarded with a US$1000, a certificate and 10 CXC approved Science kits (five for Biology, two for Chemistry and three for physics). The school’s presentation was based on supporting the ban on Styrofoam in Guyana.
In delivering remarks to mark the occasion of the awards held at the venue of the Linden Foundation Secondary, Guest Speaker, President David Granger said the National Science Fair has been an inspiring experience expanding over the quarter of a century.
“These exhibitions, from the creative genius of our students, they assure us…that our country’s future will be guided by a generation of fine minds, and they assure us constantly that the future of this country would be in safe hands. Schools participation in this fair and the demonstration of the inventive projects are expressions of our young people’s interest and imagination. It is one more step towards innovation education.
This fair however, must not be seen as an end in itself and I do hope that the prize winners don’t go away with the feeling that they have just achieved some great accomplishment in life. This is merely a means to an end. It is a path that we should persue beyond the walls of our classrooms. It should lead us into the communities and into the country-side where children live, work and play. The models of the projects on display should be shared with the wider society, so that the practical applications would not be completely lost but add value to people’s lives”.
President Granger said Guyana is a beautiful land with bountiful resources and some of our most important necessities can only be produced through some form of science. Science, the Head of State noted is also needed for energy generation, the management of solid waste and creating green communities and green economies. He said Guyana needs an education of innovation for satisfying these essentials.
The Head of State also emphasised the need for scientists, miners, architects, medical doctors and technologists, noting that Guyana’s needs as a nation is limitless. Therefore, President Granger said it is important that young people are educated and encouraged to be inventive and innovative. As such, he noted that they must be provided with the opportunities to develop practical solutions to physical challenges.
“We encourage our young people therefore to undertake studies in STEM. But STEM should not be mistaken simply as an acronym for four different subjects…but STEM provides a physical approach to teaching.
Called on teachers to embrace STEM, adding that it allows them to teach the four subjects in an integrated and cohesive manner”, he noted.

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