September 30, 2016

BCIC calls for maximum penalty for counterfeit agents

The Berbice Chamber of Industry and Commerce (BCIC) is expected to launch an investigation into reports of counterfeit currency being in circulation in the Berbice area, and is calling for the conviction of persons found guilty of circulating fake bills.

This was indicated by BCIC President Rajnauth Ramroop, who indicated that it is important to assess whether members of the Chamber were victims of the alleged scandal involving the circulation of counterfeit $1000 bills by an excavator operator.

Police on the Corentyne, in Berbice, on Wednesday arrested a man following the seizure of what is believed to be a machine used to make counterfeit money.

The Police reportedly raided a house at Number 71 Village, Corentyne, Berbice, Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne) and discovered the machine, along with chemicals and paper used to make counterfeit money, as well as a stash of counterfeit notes.

The man, believed to be the mastermind of the illegal operation, was arrested and is currently in custody assisting with investigations. It was reported that a large quantity of crushed counterfeit money was hidden in a corner of the house.

The Police made the crackdown after several business persons in Corriverton and nearby communities made reports of the circulation of counterfeit thousand dollar Guyana currency notes. It was also indicated that counterfeit notes had also turned up at commercial banks in the community.

“I have to do some checks with my members to see if any of them were targeted, or if they received any such notes,” he stated. Ramroop added that he is hoping businesses were not largely affected, adding that he hopes law enforcement prosecute all parties responsible for the circulation of the fake bills.

“The person or persons caught with the machine should be dealt with severely by the law because that is serious business and I am quite certain that the law enforcement and authorities will take the necessary steps to make it deterrence to anybody who is considering going down that road,” he stated.

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