September 28, 2016

UN celebrates Int’l Day of Remembrance of Slavery victims

In remembrance of millions of Africans forcibly removed from their families and homelands over hundreds of years, the United Nations (UN) observes the International Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Slavery and the Transatlantic Slave Trade. This March 25 annual observance is used to highlight what the organisation deems as “prevailing racism and prejudice” that exist today.
This year’s theme falls under the banner “Remember Slavery: Celebrating the Heritage and Culture of the African Diaspora and its Roots”. It was noted that “the dynamic culture and traditions of Africa continue to enrich life in the countries that were once involved in the Transatlantic slave trade.”
The UN posited that it is “imperative that we work together for equal opportunity, justice and sustainable development for people of African descent”. The United Nations noted that it has undertaken the ‘Remember Slavery Programmes’  in which there were outreaches to young and old alike to create awareness promote understanding and change attitudes.
It was explained that Africa’s influence and legacy are plain to see in the vibrant music, bold art, rich foods and inspiring literature that infuse modern culture.  Further contributions that the people of the African Diaspora have made to medicine, science, Government and general leadership in society were all pointed out.
“Tested to the limits of their spirit and endurance, slaves from Africa left their descendants a wide range of invaluable assets, including fortitude, courage, strength, tolerance, patience and compassion. On this day, let us renew our resolve to fight racism and celebrate the heritage of Africa that enhances societies around the world today,” the UN added.
Establish in 1945, among the United Nations many objectives is to promote peace and security, protect human rights and uphold international law.

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