September 27, 2016

Region 2 leaders to meet residents, stakeholders

As part of efforts to solicit and draft recommendations for budget 2017 from residents in Region Two (Pomeroon/Supenaam), the administration will be having several face-the-community and key stakeholders meetings along the coast.

Heads of Department at a Region Two meeting

Heads of Department at a Region Two meeting

This was agreed at a meeting convened Tuesday last where regional officials addressed key issues affecting the Region.

According to Region Two Chairman, Devanand Ramdatt, all councillors and programme managers must be engaged and give full participation at all the meetings.
Speaking to regional officials he said that a schedule must be developed to target communities within Neighbourhood Democratic Councils (NDCs), Anna Regina Town Council (ARTC) and areas in the Pomeroon River.
Ramdatt explained that residents from the various communities have the right to know what is in Budget 2016 for the region and how their community will benefit; as well as how they can contribute towards the supervision and monitoring process.

The Regional Chairman said there must be transparency and accountability, and members of the community also must be part of every project executed in their areas.
He stated that the meetings will take the form of consultations as the administration seeks to find out issues affecting residents.

On that note, Ramdatt said residents must be provided with the opportunity to make recommendations for budget 2017.
He also suggested farmers, the Essequibo Chambers and Commerce, youth and women’s groups be part of the decision-making process.

All managers and RDC councillors attending the meeting unanimously agreed for the consultative process to begin. Regional Executive Officer Rupert Hopkinson was also in favour of the meetings involving the public. Deputy regional executive officer Sunil Singh said he supports the idea since residents will be able to recommend projects they need for budget 2017.
Those meetings will commence shortly as the schedules are drafted for the various areas.

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