September 26, 2016

Police yet to submit Gilhuys’s telephone records to DPP

Over a month after the arrest of Attorney Gordon Gilhuys in Linden, E Division (Linden/Kwakwani) Police are yet to submit telephone records to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP).
Commander of the Division Calvin Brutus said telephone records in relation to the case are yet to be submitted before the Police can receive advice on moving forward with the case. He established however that Police are still awaiting the records from the telephone service provider.
Gilhuys was charged last month with attempting to pervert the course of justice in a statutory rape case. Police in Linden said they were investigating the rape matter, allegedly committed against a 16-year-old Lindener by accused, Michael Franklin, 23, whose lawyer is Gilhuys.
According to reports, the rape is alleged to have occurred sometime in January. Gilhuys was arrested at the Linden Magistrate’s Court and taken to the Mackenzie Police Station by Inspector Singh but later released on $10,000 station bail. Reports from the Mackenzie Police Station indicated that the Attorney approached Corporal Sabrina Quimby, urging her to prepare a false statement in favour of his client.
It is alleged that he told the Corporal to prepare the statement stating that the victim did not wish to pursue the matter and did not want any further Police action. Further reports indicate that there were also telephone calls made by Gilhuys and the accused to the victim and her mother in attempt to pervert the course of justice.
The Attorney has however denied those claims, according to Police. Gilhuys’s client, Franklin, 23, is presently before the Linden Magistrates Court on another rape charge for which he was granted bail in the sum of $200,000 on December 30, 2015.
The man, who hails from Lot 223 Block 22, Wismar, Linden, is charged with engaging in sexual penetration of a female without her consent on July 23, 2015. The incident allegedly occurred at One Mile, Wismar.
Commander Brutus said the Attorney also caused the suspect and his mother to approach the victim and her mother, allegedly to have them drop the charge. The issue was reportedly reported to Probation and Welfare officers in Linden.
Brutus said there is evidence contained in the file, which was sent to the DPP, including text messages, among other things, of efforts by Gilhuys to obstruct the course of justice.

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