September 29, 2016

Industry seaman stabbed to death by cousin

Shockwaves rippled through the quiet community of Industry, on the East Coast of Demerara (ECD), after residents learnt that a seaman was fatally stabbed to death, allegedly by his cousin on Wednesday afternoon.

The house where “Rajesh” lived

The house where “Rajesh” lived

Guyana Times was told that the dead man, whose name was only given as “Rajesh”, also known as “Bushman”, was out drinking with his cousin and upon arriving in front of his residence, the two became embroiled in a heated argument.
Reports indicate that “Rajesh” and his cousin got into a physical fight, with the cousin allegedly using a broken beer or rum bottle to stab “Rajesh” about his body.
One source told this publication that the man died in front of his neighbour’s residence moments after the last stab wound was inflicted.
“You could say he almost died right away because by the time his body hit the ground and other people reach there, he looked like he was already dead. In fact, by the time the Police get called and reach there, he was dead. So when he reach the hospital, we all know was a dead body going there,” a neighbour stated.
According to other residents in the neighbourhood, “Rajesh” had recently returned from sea and was known to go out and “have a few drinks” with relatives and close friends whenever he returned from sea.
Neighbours related that the now dead man lived alone in a ‘shack’ behind his nephew’s house and was “not a troublemaker”.
“We don’t know why he nephew didn’t just let him live there in the house and so with him. Even if the man wanted to live in the lil shack he nephew should have make sure he was comfortable there since he done get a mansion for himself. But that is their story and now the man dead and the next relative got to pay for the crime,” one woman related.
Guyana Times understands that the alleged murderer has been taken into Police custody and is presently assisting ranks with the investigation.

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