September 28, 2016

How much taxpayers’ $$ sent to New York for independence wine-up?

Dear Editor,
Reference is to the letter  in SN of 3-24-16 titled “Granger to attend NY Jubilee dinner in June”
Can anyone credibly confirm or explain how much Guyanese taxpayers money is being spent to fund this New York jump-up and wine-down for Independence?
Initial reports says it was US$300. This includes a symposium which features Dr David Hinds as a panellist and reportedly a Marlyanne Narayan who has no known political visibility.
They will reportedly be speaking on National identity. Both are non-resident Guyanese living in the US. How does their NY symposium impact us here in Guyana? Is it to be streamed live on the internet for all to see in Guyana?
Clarification is requested whether the Guyanese taxpayers’ money was sent directly to the committee headed by long-standing PNC strongman Rickford Burke? Are all the members of the committee paid employees? If not all how many and who? The committee has a lawyer. Is he being paid?
Which government agency is disbursing the taxpayers’ money if it was not sent directly to the committee? What accountability measures are in place to safeguard from corruption and waste?
With Guyanese losing their jobs; why is the Guyana Government funding an overseas bash when it will not be multi-ethnic in attendance anyway? Shouldn’t that money have been used here locally?
Answers or clarifications would be most welcome from government sources not the New York committee recipients.

Sultan Mohamed

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