September 26, 2016

Father of 3 stabbed to death at Skull City

– 2 arrested as Police probe incident

A father of three was on Wednesday evening stabbed to death during an argument at Skull City, Patentia, West Bank Demerara.
Dellon Bradford, 25, of Patentia Housing Scheme succumbed while at the Georgetown Public Hospital. The dead man also referred to as “Chicken” was reportedly stabbed three times.

The bridge the man crossed prior to collapsing

The bridge the man crossed prior to collapsing

Initial reports stated that the man had broken into the home of Ruth Ramdoo of Lot 1 Skull City, Patentia, while she was at her mother’s house on Wednesday evening. After receiving information about the breakage, she rushed home where she allegedly caught him red handed.
This according to reports, led to a scuffle where Bradford was stabbed several times. He was rushed to the West Demerara Regional Hospital but transferred to the GPH where died.
However, Bradford’s relatives refuted the claims made by family of the man’s reputed wife. His sister, Simone Williams explained that he and his child-mother, Anita, had an argument after she refused to go home with him. She was reportedly consuming alcohol with her relatives.
‘After she refused to go home with meh brother, meh brother tell she that he will not move until she go home with he… this start the argument… we then heard one of she cousin walked into the house and collect two knives and come out back and is then they stab he”, she explained.
After the stabbing, she noted they had accused him of breaking into Ramdoo’s house and stealing $200,000. “They tell the police that they catch he in the house with the money, but is a lie”.
However, she noted the stabbing occurred while she was at home but a friend of her brother’s informed her of the stabbing and she immediately rushed to the scene where she saw her brother covered in blood.
With assistance of others, he was rushed to the WDRH but it took some time before they could have attended to him. “While he was on de bed, he fall off and that cause the blood to spill all ova… He get stab at he abdomen and back”, she noted.
Due to the stab abdomen, his intestines had already started to protrude, the sister added. She also claimed that the doctors at the WDRH took some time before making a decision to transfer him to GPH.
“After they decide to take him to public hospital, it tek the ambulance 30 minutes or more to reach at the Bess Hospital… when we reach at Public, we went in the room with him but the doctors tell we that we have to go out… after some time, they come out back and tell we the bad news”, the woman cried.
Telling his side of the story Royston Phillips, a friend of the dead man told  Guyana Times that Bradford was at his house for the entire day and that the allegation made against him was false. He noted that the father of three left his house at about 18:30h and went to his in-laws to collect his child-mother who was “drinking”. He recalled that as he arrived at the house, he heard an argument. “They de accusing “Chicken” of thiefing some power amp and speaker but not any $200,000”, he added.
Soon after, Phillips noted that he saw Bradford crossing a bridge and as he reached in front of his house, he collapsed. As he checked on Bradford, he saw blood oozing from at least three parts of his body including his abdomen.
“I tek a jersey and wrap the hold but he guts de done coming out… I pick he up and walked with him until we get a taxi… we then tek he to the hospital”, he recalled.
Guyana Times understands that Bradford only returned to the village about a week ago after spending some time on a chicken far in Timehri, East Bank Demerara.
Meanwhile, the police in a statement confirmed that two persons – a man and woman – were arrested and are being questioned about the murder.
Bradford leaves to mourn his three children, four siblings and other relatives.

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