September 27, 2016

Corentyne man chopped in bed


A man is now a patient at the New Amsterdam Hospital where he is nursing several chop wounds after being attacked in bed while he slept with his pregnant wife and three children at their Belvidere, Corentyne, Region Six (East Berbice/Corentyne) home.
Yufaraj Ramphal, 20, and his wife Sharmila, 27, along with the children ages 8, 6 and 4, were under a net on a bed in their one-room home when three armed men carried out the vicious attack. Ramphal managed to escape through the back door of the house and made it to his neighbour’s yard where he was rescued.

The injured Yufaraj Ramphal in hospital

The injured Yufaraj Ramphal in hospital

His wife said the incident occurred at about 02:00h on Tuesday. She recounted that the intruders removed a chain from the front door to gain entry. She said before doing so they were able to open a window which is situated over the bed.
“Me look outside an me see two body stand up, a already recognise the two body is who. Then me wake up me husband and tell he somebody dea inside abe house, by the time he fo raise up he start collect the chop he already and the only thing that he could do is put he hand on top he head and start to holla.”
He got choped to his forearm, head and upper arm. A piece of finger was taken off.
According to Sharmilla, during the ordeal, Ramphal begged for his life and enquired what the reason for the attack was but was told that he deserved it. She said she was hit with what appeared to be an iron pipe by someone on the other side of the window. After her husband escaped, the pregnant woman grabbed her children and fled as the men made good their escape.
Ramphal says he was able to identify two of his attackers but is unaware of any issue between himself and his attackers. According to him, this is the third time that he has become their victim.
“One time them come in me house an ask me where dem buddy deh an start broadside me. That is the first time. First time I went on the street head, the one wha name Joel come an start to broadside me and ask me where is me wife. He leff me pon the street and go ah house. When he go ah house me wife na deh ah house…. This time all wha me know is me wife wake me up from the bed and one don deh in the netting ah fire chap.”
Police have since arrested one person, but the injured man’s mother, Shreeranie Shammar says police have been very slow in their response and the family has reached the breaking point.
“If me na get justice, abe go taka we own justice because this ah real advantage. This na one time, this na two time, this ah three time an one dea got to find the two mo an how long that one na find the two mo, an if he loose from deh it gon cause big problem.”
The injured man’s wife also offered similar sentiments saying, “If we can’t get results from the police we go tek we own action.”

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