September 25, 2016

“Cheesy”’s bullet-ridden body found in Le Repentir Cemetery

A Kaneville, East Bank Demerara man was on Thursday morning found dead in the Le Repentir Cemetery with gunshot wounds to his body.

Steve Mohamed

Steve Mohamed

Steve “Cheesy” Mohamed, 26, of Kaneville, was discovered about 06:00h in the Cemetery by passers-by who immediately alerted the Police.  Mohamed was implicated in several armed robberies and was previously charged and convicted.
Police confirmed that there were three commitment warrants outstanding against Mohamed in matters where he was found guilty after ex-parte trials. Two of the matters were for possession of firearm without licence and one for discharging a loaded firearm with the intent to murder a policeman.
He was sentenced to five years’ imprisonment on each charge which was supposed to be served concurrently.
Relatives of the now dead man were shocked at the gruesome murder claiming that after his release from prison some time ago, he would often call to check up on his mother and siblings.
At the family’s home on Thursday, his mother, Hilda Moothoo, was inconsolable. She could not recall the last time she saw her son alive, but noted that he only recently was released from prison.
His sister too stated that she could not remember the last time she saw her brother, but admitted he would normally call to enquire about the family members. She also stated that he was released from prison in 2015, but only recently he was sentenced “behind his back”.
She, however, claimed that she could not say if he had any issues with anyone since they had been not around him since his release. Nevertheless, she claimed that there was one particular individual who disliked her brother.
“He use to live with she… is she make he end up weh he deh… he end up and get three shots in Friendship. I was there with he when he get shoot… that was the same story when he get hold for the gun and ammunition, but they didn’t find anything on meh brother,” she alleged as she wept.
In December 2015, he was wanted for the murder of Quacy Thompson, 31, of Linden. He was accused of killing Thompson on July 15, 2014, at Mowasi Landing, Konawaruk, Region Eight (Potaro-Siparuni).
In addition, he was implicated in a series of robberies and the shooting of an occupant of a minibus a few months ago.  His body is at the Memorial Gardens Funeral Home awaiting an autopsy, as Police continue their investigations. No arrests have been made.

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