September 29, 2016

What next will the City Council try to charge for?

Dear Editor,
Well, finally someone and not just anyone, but rather a senior and well respected journalist has called the Town Clerk of Georgetown for who he really is, after he was found to be backpedalling on a decision and announcement to charge persons flying kites on Easter Monday.
By the way, was it not the former Mayor and Deputy Mayor along with King who last year, campaigned against and encouraged vendors not to pay a cent to the City Council? But now that he is Town Clerk, he not only wants to charge the vendors but every kite flyer.
Mind you, the Town Clerk professes to be a devout Christian, even performing pastoral duties in the past at a Christian church.
Clearly the decision to charge kite flyers was taken by King and company and broadcast to the press by his faithful Public Relations Officer. It is consistent with their tax and spend policy and would have allowed them to hire their favourite multimillionaire contractor to clean up the city, paying him more millions from the proceeds they would have obtained from charging the kite fliers.
It is public knowledge that the Council’s coffers are empty after their extravagant spending spree and I have no doubt the Town Clerk saw this as an opportunity to raise some funds to continue this profligacy.
No doubt his political superiors realised that taking this course of action would be met with a tsunami of resistance and criticism from persons from every walk of life, and put paid to his avaricious plans.
But rather than do the decent and honest thing by telling the citizenry that they realised it was a bad idea and that they were no longer going to pursue it, he opted to pursue the ignominious route by pretending that they had never made such a decision and had never even made such a press release.
It is shameful for a public servant to be so deceitful, but then again, what can we expect from the Georgetown municipality, an entity that is eminent for fraud, corruption and graft.
If King wanted to raise funds to continue financing his lavish and imprudent spending, maybe he should have his bloated workforce make and sell kites of Easter Monday.

Amber Valentine

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