September 28, 2016

Shabazz livid over lack of facilities

Jamaal Shabaaz makes a point during a training session

Jamaal Shabaaz makes a point during a training session

… “Maybe it’s time for me to go home” – Shabazz

By Treiston Joseph

After a 7-nil drubbing of Anguilla on Tuesday evening at the National Stadium, Providence, one would have thought that any Head Coach would have been happy about such a result especially since it starts Guyana’s Caribbean Cup campaign on the right foot.

However, such was not the case as Head Coach of the Golden Jaguars Jamaal Shabazz labelled Guyana’s football facility-less state as “crazy” at the post match press conference on Tuesday evening.

The Golden Jaguars listens to fitness trainer Anson Ambrose during a training session

The Golden Jaguars listens to fitness trainer Anson Ambrose during a training session

“My fear is that we don’t have any facilities to train that is my fear more than any opponent…facilities must be a priority, there is no love lost if I s say this because it is the truth, our athletes if they are to excel the least we must have is somewhere we can prepare properly.

“Anguilla is one tiny nation and they have a field, we are on big nation with lots of land… I’m not satisfied, I’m very disappointed and I call on everyone, the government, corporate Guyana and the people to recognise the role that sports play in human development,” Shabazz ranted.

Shabazz anger exuded to the point where he suggested playing Guyana’s international home games and even the Stag Elite League in neighbouring countries or islands.

“When you have a major problem you have to address this, maybe we should play our home games or the Elite League in Suriname or neigbouring islands because they have the fields.

“After a long time I think it’s time for me to go back home, after so long we don’t have a field, it’s crazy,” Shabazz raved.

With Guyana set to fly out for Puerto today, Shabazz noted that it was no use to talk about preparation, “I’m very angry at this moment and with the preparation, we are trying to build a team, the Elite League has minimized the gap between players playing overseas and the players here but it is useless to talk about preparation when we have no field.

“My name is Jamaal not Merlin, if you want to make an omelet you must at least have some eggs,” the Trinidad national quipped.

However, Shabazz did note that Guyana leaving today will mean that the squad will have some time to prepare on a much suited field for football in Puerto Rico.

Guyana will next face Puerto Rico in an away fixture on March 29 where they will need only a draw to secure a berth to the next round of the championship.

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