October 1, 2016

President Granger claims poverty high in Region 10

President David Granger has stated that there was a high level of poverty in Region 10 (Upper Demerara-Berbice) as he continued to urge the community to become an enterprising one.

He was at the time addressing residents at the A Partnership for National Unity (APNU)/ Alliance For Change (AFC) rally in Linden on Monday.

The President also related that the issue of poverty to a countrywide surge in teenage pregnancies, noting that girls should instead seek to be given the opportunity to gain an education and to qualify themselves.

“There is too much poverty in this Region and poor people cannot play their part in the economy if they remain poor. And sometimes when you see a poor child, who cannot go to school because he or she doesn’t have breakfast, look at that child’s mother, that child’s mother is poor. What we have here in Guyana is what we call ‘hereditary poverty’. Poor mothers producing poor children…,” President Granger noted.

He then sought to illustrate how the alarming number of teenage pregnancies across the country has contributed to teenage mothers also becoming poor and as such, producing poor children.

“There’s a part of this country, people tell me they become grandmothers at 32. How you could be a grandmother at 32? Let the girls grow up. Let them go to school, let them qualify…let them graduate. Not from the maternity ward, but from the University of Guyana,” the Head of State said.

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