September 29, 2016

Not enough being done to combat suicide or address mental illness

Dear Editor,
People from around the nation – from all walks of life, including across political affiliation and ethnicity – feel the Government is not doing enough to combat suicide or to address mental illness. These are findings of an opinion poll conducted by the North American Caribbean Teachers Association earlier this month.
The poll, conducted by Dr Vishnu Bisram, interviewed some 1235 adults reflecting the demographics of the population.
Queried whether Government is doing enough to combat suicide, almost everyone said “no” – 93 per cent said no, with only two per cent saying “yes” and five per cent not offering a response. Similar findings are obtained about how people view Government’s role in addressing mental illness.
Asked if they think they will seek help for someone with mental illness, 88 per cent said yes, four per cent said no and eight per cent responded not sure. Some 78 per cent of respondents felt mentally ill persons can live normal lives with assistance, while seven per cent said no and 15 per cent responded not sure.

Yours truly,
Vishnu Bisram

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