September 27, 2016

Crabwood Creek farmer murdered at home

The blood stained and beaten body of a Carbwood Creek farmer was discovered in a hammock at his home on Tuesday

Dead: Khublall Gomes

Dead: Khublall Gomes

Dead is 78-year-old Khublall Gomes. He was found covered in blood with marks of violence on his body.
According to the Police, the discovery was made at about 21:30h in a hammock under his home at Grant Backlands, Crabwood Creek, Corentyne, with wounds to the head and a plastic cuff around his throat.
The Police said his licensed shotgun is missing.
Gomes lived at the above mentioned location for the past 15 years with his reputed wife “Pooa”. Three weeks ago, she left for vacation in Suriname.
Neighbours reportedly heard no suspicious sounds coming from the house, which is surrounded by thick vegetation.
However, at about 21:30h, “Pooa’s” nephew, called “Turbo” reported that he saw Gomes’ gate open and called out to him but received no response. According to Saseram Bajhan, one of the dead man’s neighbours, “Turbo” and his wife were passing Gomes’ home when they noticed that the gate was open and no lights were on in the building.
Bajhan added that “Turbo” came to him seeking assistance. He said he picked up a flashlight and accompanied the couple to Gomes’ yard.
“When me reach deh, the torchlight nah light, but the girl get one phone, so we walk in the yard and me say watch ah man lay down dea in the hammock… when we walk she put on she light and when we look, the man whole skin is blood, so me say the man die, so we just rush out the yard and call neighbour an call Police.”
When the Police arrived, they searched the farmer’s house and discovered that his shotgun was missing. Gomes is the second person to have been murdered in Corriverton this year and the 13th to be murdered in Berbice for 2016.
The body is at the Skeldon Hospital Mortuary awaiting a post-mortem examination. Investigations are continuing.

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