September 27, 2016

City Hall’s action is plain criminal

Dear Editor,
The attempt by the Georgetown Mayor and City Council to charge men, women and children to fly kites in Georgetown is just plain criminal.
Kite flying is taken as a symbol of having high aspirations and elevated vision. Man always had an inherent wish to fly high in the sky and reach the horizon. This would have surely made him to invent the kite that can touch the sky on his behalf and there can be satisfaction for man that he touched the sky as high as he likes.
So apparently does the Town Clerk of Georgetown who would stop at nothing to rake in money into the City Council so that he would have more to spend on his bulging wage bill, to pay his super contractor to clean parts of the city, to purchase spanking new vehicles for the Council, to hire private guards, and the list goes on and on.
Why is no other town or village considering such punitive action? Are the property rates no longer adequate to provide municipal services?
The Council needs to quit coming up with unintelligent ideas such as setting up petting zoos and presidential parks, charging vendors on Meriman Mall exorbitant rent for little cubby holes, etc, and begin to provide proper services for the citizenry.
Everything must not be seen as a money-making venture, for them to get their hands on.

Riley Matthews

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