October 1, 2016

Wismar resident opens mini art gallery

A resident of Buck Hill, Wismar, Linden, Region 10 (Upper Demerara-Berbice) has moved to establish a mini art gallery in the community, giving art lovers an opportunity to bask in the ambience of his work. Wilfred Regon Martin recently opened the doors of the gallery situated at his home, which is filled with approximately 40 pieces of his work.

One of Martin’s paintings

One of Martin’s paintings

During a conversation with Guyana Times, Martin explained his love for art blossomed since he was a schoolboy. Now at age 69, he has an entire collection, with the hopes of competing at the upcoming Visual Arts competition in Georgetown in November. He wishes to win at least two prizes, he boldly stated, with intentions of bringing them back to his beloved community.
“Should I win, I intend to extend my property so that I can further establish the museum. I have so many art work. I want to fully establish so that people can come in and check them out,” he stated.
Included in his 40 pieces are those which he refers to as “silly” paintings.
“There are those that are intended to make people laugh, on the lighter side of life,” he said.
Apart from that, Martin said he has been working on paintings of the Executive Presidents of Guyana. Other pieces include those of boats, aero planes and fishes, among other things. He explained that at his age, “sometimes life gets a bit lonely”, and so he paints to his heart’s content. He explained that he now has more free time to paint, as opposed to back in the day when he had a wife and children dependent on him.
“I’ve done some work, I was a sign artist and so on, but when you have wife and children in Guyana, you can’t depend on painting alone,” he mused.
Having lived in the United States for some time, however, he explained that he was able to further develop the skill. His art work, he explained, also includes murals and a few oil and enamel paintings.
Martin said his paintings are a legacy, which he will leave for his children and as such, he has managed to maintain focus on his art.

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