September 29, 2016

Tuschen taxi driver killed in EBE crash

A popular taxi driver on the East Bank of Essequibo (EBE) was killed late Monday night after his car collided with another.

Derron Elexey

Derron Elexey

The accident occurred sometime around 23:30h on the Le Destin Public Road, EBE.
Dead is 30-year-old Derron Elexey, commonly known as “Spice” of Phase Two Tuschen Housing Scheme, EBE. According to Police reports, Elexey was driving a motor car heading in the easterly direction and while attempting to overtake another motor car, he collided with the vehicle.
Further reports reaching Guyana Times stated that after clipping the other vehicle, Elexey lost control of his car, resulting in it toppling several times before coming to a halt. The injured man was pulled from the wreckage and rushed to the Leonora Cottage Hospital in an unconscious state. He was pronounced dead on arrival (DOA) by doctors on duty at the medical facility.
This newspaper understands that Elexey sustained severe head and internal injuries. There were no visible wounds on his body.
When this publication visited the De Kinderen, West Coast Demerara, home of the man’s parents, his father Bertram Elexey recalled that sometime around 11:50h, his son’s wife called and informed them about the accident.
“She said he reach in an accident and is very serious and is at Leonora Cottage Hospital,” the elderly man stated, while adding that when they got there, they were confronted with their worst fear.
“When we went there (hospital), he was already dead… I see he was lying on a canvass and the doctor told us that he passed away,” the father noted.
The man further told Guyana Times that they are still uncertain as how the accident occurred, noting that they have been receiving conflicting reports.
“We don’t know how the accident happen because nobody aint talk about how it happen… we know that another vehicle is mostly likely involved – I saw it at the station and saw a vehicle there and that it was involve in the accident last (Monday) night… but I don’t know what really happen, who is wrong, who is right, or whatsoever,” the distraught father related.
According to the elder Elexey, as far as he is aware, no one was injured from the other vehicle involved in the accident.
Elexey, 30, the eldest of two children, was described as a jovial and friendly person who was well known. The taxi driver leaves to mourn his three children, wife, parents, and sister, among other family and friends.

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