September 28, 2016

Police granted extension of detention

Smyth Street execution

The two men who were arrested for the murder of O’Riley Small, 32, of Lot 2 Symth Street, Georgetown, remain in Police custody after a successful application to the High Court for an extension of the 72-hour detention period.
Crime Chief Wendell Blanhum explained that based on the evidence at their disposal against the two men, the Police approached the High Court to further detain the duo.
He added that as investigations continued, Police ranks were still to determine the motive for the shooting, claiming that there were many leads to follow. He is, nevertheless, sure that Police will get a breakthrough in the case before the extended detention period expires.
Small was gunned down execution-style in the wee hours of Saturday after returning home from a popular nightclub. He was riddled with bullets when gunmen opened fire on him while he was in his yard. He died on the spot.
Moments after the shooting, Marty Prince called “Max” of Ruimveldt, Georgetown, was arrested for the murder. Prince is reportedly a security official at the popular nightclub where the now dead man was partying prior to his death.
Back in 2013, Small was charged with break and enter and larceny committed on Central Electronics located on Robb Street, Georgetown.
It was alleged that he, along with an accomplice, David Lynch, broke and entered Central Electronics and stole a quantity of items, which included a flat screen television and a metal safe with an undisclosed sum of cash.
Also in February 2013, he was implicated in the attempted robbery of Wayne Heber at Premniranjan Place, Prashad Nagar which left three bandits dead. Those killed were Tony Ogle, 42, called “Skin Teeth” and “Ninja” of Callendar Street, Albouystown; Leon Gittens, 24, called “Cow” of Hill Street, Albouystown and Shawn Brown.
Small was also shot along with four others during a shooting at the National Cultural Centre, Mandela Avenue, back in 2009.

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