September 26, 2016

New NDCs to be created

 – to ensure better turnout at next LGE
As a result of the low turnout at the first Local Government Elections (LGE) held since 1994 in Guyana, the Communities

Communities Minister Ronald Bulkan

Communities Minister Ronald Bulkan

Ministry has announced that it would be demarcating several new Neighbourhood Democratic Councils (NDCs).
This announcement was made by Communities Minister Ronald Bulkan at a recent press conference held at the Ministry of the Presidency.
Bulkan explained that the decision was aimed at ensuring that every person living within the borders of Guyana had the opportunity to cast their vote at the next LGE.
Speaking to the media, he noted that the low turnout at the elections could be as a result of several persons on the registered voters list not being able to vote owing to the fact that they are living within communities that do not have established NDCs or municipalities.
He further noted that this has affected persons living within the communities along the Linden-Soesdyke Highway (from Yarrowkabra all the way to Linden) and Rockstone, Region 10 (Upper Demerara-Berbice) and those living in the several mixed communities in the hinterland.
“It has been identified that now that these elections have been held, that areas will be demarcated as local government areas,” the Minister said, adding that this would be a priority of the Ministry.
For the first time-ever on Friday, residents of Lethem were able to vote in local government polls. This is as a result of Lethem recently being made a town.  Two other communities, Mabaruma, and Bartica were also recently named as towns.
Residents of Region Eight (Potaro-Siparuni) were unable to participate in the elections as currently there are no NDCs or municipalities in that region.

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