September 28, 2016

A nightmare driving on the East Bank road

Dear Editor,
I write in connection with the utter disgust that is senselessly perpetrated on hapless motorists on the East Bank Demerara by policemen. It is now the norm rather than the exception that policemen are always conducting random checks on the roadway at Providence and Grove Police Stations. During the rush-hours there is always a build-up of traffic in these two areas which can be disgusting, frustrating and tantamount to an exercise in futility which can only be described as idiotic. Apart from these two points, police conduct random checks in other areas including Eccles, Diamond, Hope, Friendship, Coverden, etc.
After a hard days’ work it is an absurdity to be subjected to a traffic crawl on your way home at the whims and fancies of some uncouth policemen. On Sunday 13 March, 2016, I was stopped for random checks at Providence, Diamond, Grove and Hope while driving to Soesdyke.
My description of this being “idiotic” is putting it mildly, as no motorist would be stopped in any other part of the world or rather planet earth, on four successive occasions for random checks within a distance of about ten miles.
This continuous nightmare falls under the purview of the Commandeer of A Division who incidentally lives on the East Bank Demerara and who should be aware of this detestable imposition.  He turns a blind eye. The Commissioner appears toothless and sadly, the traffic chief is now incapacitated through an accident.  It will be interesting to identify the source of authority that is responsible for this unjustifiable police harassment stated herein and, to whom a complaint can be made.
The situation is further exacerbated by some policemen whose level of traffic control and ability to manoeuvre directional changes to ensure a coordinated flow of traffic are poor and leaves a lot to be desired. Again, this is quite evident on the East Bank where the functions of the Traffic lights at Eccles, Demerara Harbour Bridge and Diamond are often being usurped by police ranks whose intervention create confusion rather than alleviate traffic congestion. This is also being manifested with regularity at Regent and King Streets much to the disgust and annoyance of motorists.
It is regrettable that articles of this nature which should generate remedial action are generally considered inconspicuous jargon and at best, relegated to the archives for reference.
It is any wonder that policemen have been known to solicit help to be transferred to the traffic department? The obvious reason lies in the wallets of motorists.

Concerned motorist

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