September 28, 2016

Massy can put our small manufacturers out of business

Dear Editor
I always check out what your Eyewitness has to say and always agree with his humorous takes on the news of the day. I say “his” because he is obviously male. If he were a woman and had to do the family’s shopping he would welcome a super supermarket with six choices of ketchup.
Currently I hunt and gather from six different supermarkets, groceries and from Bourda market to get my family’s grocery supplies so if I can get it done under one roof that is welcome. And sweet potatoes and cassava that are washed clean – yes, please!
And those wide aisles! No bumping and maneuvering of shopping carts that often require a driver’s licence.
Another thing, the developed world is moving away from packaged and fast foods to slow foods, i.e., food grown and prepared in an area close to supermarkets and restaurants. Guyana has many small manufacturers making plantain and cassava chips, channa, potato balls and puri fresh every day.
Somebody as big as Massy Stores manufacturing packaged foods with preservatives would not be progress for our nation’s health and it would put our small manufacturers out of business. Anyway, manufacturing in Leguan or wherever still comes up with fuel and transportation costs and it is probably not cost effective.
However, Massy does have ready supermarket shelves around the Caribbean. Uncle Ben’s rice, grown and packaged in the US, is just rice with different herbs and spices added. I think this would be a more lucrative way to go. It would give rice farmers a market for their rice and there can be unique Caribbean flavours to the packaged rice.
Perhaps, the Massy investors can look at this kind of value-added product that uses our rice.
As for the “can” and the “canned”, that is purely local. The Massy employees who gave the list to the sign makers are most probably magna cum laude graduates in English Language from UG.

Yours truly,
Shanie Jagessar

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