September 28, 2016

Man shot, robbed at city hotel

A man was shot and robbed while having drinks at the bar at Kanuku Suites Hotel on Saturday.
According to reports, two bandits pounced on Rondell Orlando at the Kanuku Suites Hotel, Campbellville, Georgetown, and escaped with some $640,000.
This newspaper was told that about 23:45h on Saturday, two men entered the Kanuku Suites Hotel under the pretext of being customers. They then reportedly went to the bar and approached Orlando, 31, who was seated with two other men.
One of the bandits subsequently pulled out a firearm, and relieved Orlando of US$3000, which amounts to $600,000 in local currency, and G$40,000. He was also relieved of two cellular phones.
During the ordeal, Orlando was shot to his left side.
The bandits made good their escape in a waiting motor car. The injured Orlando was rushed to a city hospital where he is currently receiving medical treatment.  An investigation into the incident is under way.

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