September 25, 2016

Guyana’s football development hinges on the evolution of the Elite League

After years of being in the doldrums, Guyana’s football is finally on the rise and while the forward mobility is hopefully translated into success for Golden Jaguars national squads, the question still remains of moving the level of play beyond what it currently is.
The Stag Elite League has been great for Guyana’s football, it has brought competition and a unique league to the nation that was starved of consistent on field play.
With eight teams being a part of the League; namely Slingerz Fc, Pele FC, Alpha United, Fruta Conquerors, Guyana Defence Force, Buxton United, Monedderlust and the Georgetown Football Club a few things come to mind when looking at the development of the game.
First off I must say that I believe the Elite League teams should be allowed to play other tournaments around the nation and not just be tied to the League.
I say this because I believe that if the cream of the crop is segregated from the rest of the pack, then I believe you are hampering the improvement of all for the improvement of a few.
Simply put, the eight clubs will continue to improve while the rest still languish in mediocrity and the only way to help this issue is to have the Elite League teams participate in some of the well-known knockout tournaments.
If we should take a page out of the Barclay’s Premier League (BPL), the 20 teams are still allowed to participate in other Cup tournament and Leagues around the world once they co-exist with the schedule of the BPL.
Hence the reason why Leicester City currently leads the points standing of the BPL with 66 points after only being promoted to the BPL in 2014 after a decade long absence.
This simply shows that their ability to hang with teams in the BPL during some of the Cup tournaments such as the Capital One Cup played a role in helping develop the on field play of the squad.
In addition, the relegation process is not known as yet for the Elite League but even with a relegation process, quantify the quality of a team moving into the Elite League when zonal teams hardly ever stack up against Elite League teams. Hence the gap between, Elite squads and promoted squads might be as clear as day when they the latter steps into the big leagues.
Further, I believe that an Elite League two should be formulated to give clubs with a lesser status to face each other in matches across the country similar to the Elite League and not have non-elite squads just be a part of their zonal leagues.
That I believe will also contribute to the development of the game while giving the powers that be a look at squads that can be promoted and the ability to relegate teams to a league they can continue to compete rather relegate teams and then forget about them until a new season of the Elite League is set to start.
Teams should be able to play in the other knockout cups, remember Guyana Jags made history in their pursuit to a World Cup berth when teams were playing football among themselves and not the segregation.
Nevertheless, the Stag Elite League is a budding league and with the evolution of the League hopefully it brings betterment for the development of the sport.
The Stag Elite League in my estimation will only get better of the logistics of the League is ironed out with time.
But the only way to develop the sport is to let the sport play, more football better results.

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