September 28, 2016

Central Govt ready to work with all local authorities – President

President David Granger said Central Government was prepared to work with those elected into leadership positions at the recently-concluded Local Government Elections (LGE) in order to combine their energies to provide a better quality of life for all of Guyana.
Granger said the A Partnership for National Unity/Alliance For Change (APNU/AFC) coalition was not necessarily seeking victory but it focused more on ensuring that local democracy was restored to the general populace.

President David Granger

President David Granger

At the time, the Head of State was being interviewed by journalists during his weekly telecast “The Public Interest”, which was aired on Friday last.
With the campaigning season concluded, President Granger said it was time for the elected leaders to get down to serious business to work for the betterment of their various constituencies.
He highlighted five key areas he would like to see advance within all the 62 Neighbourhood Democratic Councils (NDCs) and nine municipalities across the country.
First, he said the Councils should continue to communicate effectively with their constituents. According to the President, Councillors tend to lose touch with the community once they remain in the position for too long but he does not want this to happen this time around.
Second, Granger wants a lot of focus to be placed on education.
“I would like to see the Council accept responsibility for ensuring that every single child in the NDC or municipality gets into school, stays in school during his/her school days,” he stated.
The President would also like the Councils to pay attention to the economic growth of the constituency. He pointed out that every district, particularly in the new townships, has its unique economic potential and Councillors should, therefore, encourage investment in those areas.
Additionally, he wants each local authority area to promote a greener country and engage in environmental friendly practices.
Last but not least, the President wants the Councils to become business enterprises.
He said they should be able to raise enough revenues within their communities rather than depending heavily on subventions from the State.

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