September 27, 2016

Action set to bowl off on Tuesday

New York Business Group U-19 2-innings cricket…

The recently launched New York Business Group Under-19 One-Day, Two-innings Cricket Competition sponsored by a group of overseas Guyanese businessmen of New York, USA and jointly organised by Albion Community Centre and the Berbice Cricket Board (BCB) gets cracking on Tuesday with first round matches.
The group was first approached by Albion, one of the leading cricket clubs in Berbice and Guyana, who convinced them to assist in having young cricketers being involved in two-innings matches to develop their cricket more than just playing limited Overs games all the time.
The businessmen raised one million Guyana dollars ($1 000 000.00) among them and recently presented the cheque to the Albion Club who involved the BCB to organise and run the competition with the vast experience that it has in running competitions successfully.
The winning team will receive the first prize of $100,000 and trophy; the Runner-up $50,000 and a trophy.
The Man of the Match, two Best Batsman and Best Bowler of the final will be awarded $15,000, $10,000 and $10,000 respectively as well as trophies.
Also receiving trophies will be the cricketers adjudged as Best Bowler, best batsman, best all-rounder and best wicket-keeper in the competition.
The preliminary matches will be of one day’s duration and to ensure that each match has a result, the first innings for both teams in all the matches will be limited to fifty (50) Overs. The Quarter-finals, Semi-finals and Final with no-limitation to the first innings will be two-day matches with a third day set aside for the quarters and semis to ensure that there will at least be first innings decisions.
Thirty (30) teams have been registered to play this competition and as such Berbice has been divided up into six (6) geographical zones to ease on excessive travelling costs.
Tuesday’s first round fixtures:
Zone A (West Coast Berbice):
Achievers vs Weldaad at Lovely Lass and Bush Lot United Sports Club vs Bush Lot United New Generation at Bush Lot.
Zone B (West Coast/West Bank Berbice):
Cotton Tree Die Hard s  Monedderlust  at  Cotton Tree and Blairmont Community Centre B  vs  Hawaiion Arctic  aat  Blairmont;  Blairmont Community Centre A drew a Bye.
Zone C (East Bank/New Amsterdam/Canje);
Young Warriors vs Tucber Park at Cumberland and Sisters vs East Bank at Sisters.
Zone D (Lower Corentyne):
Kendall’s Union vs Albion Community Centre at No. 19; Toopoo Rising Star vs Chesney/United Warriors at Toopoo and Rose Hall Town Pepsi A vs Rose Hall Town Pepsi B at Area “H”.
Zone E (Lower/Central Corentyne)
Albion Community Centre B  vs  Rose Hall Town Metro Females  at  Albion; Port Mourant  vs  Big Star  at  Port Mourant and Whim National  vs  Guysuco Training Centre  at  Whim.
Zone F (Upper Corentyne)
Bomb Squad vs Scotsburg United at Crabwood Creek and No. 72 Cut and Load vs No. 72 All Stars at No. 72; Skeldon Community Centre drew a Bye.
The names of group ponsors in this businessmen/entities who are partaking in this venture are: Bhola Ramsundar  –  Proprietor of Bhola Travel Service, Queens New York; Dave Narine  –  Manager of Dave’s West Indian Imports, New York; Jameel Mohamed- General Manager of City Bias & Binding New York; Insaf Ali-Owner of 2’A Mechanical Corporation, New York; Ralph Tamesh  –  Manager of Information Technology at Coffee Distributing Corporation and Ajit Mootoo  –  Ardent Supporter of Cricket in New York.

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