September 28, 2016

No major hiccups in Region 3 – Faeber

LGE 2016

By: Kizzy Coleman

The atmosphere was one of peace and quiet as there were no major hiccups in Region Three (Essequibo-Islands West Demerara) at the conclusion of the Local Government Elections (LGE) 2016 held on Friday. LGE
Speaking with Guyana Times Regional Chairman Julius Faeber said that after the opening of the polling stations, the elections was conducted in a quiet atmosphere without major difficulties.
He noted that the process in the region was well executed, adding that even though there were some hiccups here and there, there were no major ones. “I am happy to disclose that all went well in terms of there not being any major issues in the region. There were no notable issues and I am proud that this was so in this region”.
With regards to the preliminary results, Faeber disclosed that results were still coming in but that it showed that the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) was leading in the region.
“I think that it is favourable for us in Region 3, the PPP/C will almost take all of the NDC’s (Neighbourhood Democratic Council). Again I am very happy with how everything was carried out and I am eager for the results. I know that despite what the outcome is, things will remain calm and collected.” From the commencement of the LGE on March 18, being held after 22 years in Guyana, the country in the whole saw a peaceful election, one to be proud of.

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