September 25, 2016

Sporadic voting in North/South Ruimveldt district

Unlike the enthusiastic rush that occurred at the General Elections in May 2015, it was a below-par turnout at the majority of

Royston Alkins

Royston Alkins

the polling stations in the North/South Ruimveldt district.
Guyana Times spoke to some voters, who were reluctant to be photographed or give their full names. Many of them said they have to attend work but still wanted to cast their vote.
A voter Tonya said: “It was easy but I have to work, and leaving early is difficult but I had to support my party.”
Leading up to the Local Government Elections (LGEs), calls were made by the various interest parties to have the day be made a National Holiday but that idea was shot-down by the governing party.
Another voter Tony said: “I was a bit confused, a lot of people came and told me to vote for them but when I saw the ballot, their names were not there, so I was a bit confused”.
The general sense of the day was gloomy as persons trickled in throughout the day to cast their ballot to elect council members after some 22 years. In fact at one polling station in the North Ruimveldt area, at 07:00h, there were six ballots cast.
This publication spoke to Team Benschop’s candidate, Royston Alkins who is contesting the First-Past-the-Post aspect of the elections in Constituency 12 (North Ruimveldt/Guyhoc-Lamaha) who expressed pleasure in the transparency in the process.
“Generally pleased, I don’t have any quarrels about the polling station, however I do hope it’s a fair process and fairness is the end result of this day”, Alkins said.
The Team Benschop candidate, whose major competitor in his constituency is current Deputy Mayor Patricia Chase-Green, strongly believes that he and his party will be victorious today.
The late afternoon period saw an influx of voters that were not the youth as compared to the General Elections as it was more of the elderly citizens who came to exercise their franchise.
The last Local Government Elections was held in 1994.
In this historic event, persons are expected to cast their votes in sixty-one constituencies and nine municipalities.

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