September 25, 2016

GECOM’s advertisement has no errors

Dear Editor,
Alfred Bhulai’s correspondence in another section of the media on March 18, 2016, titled “Gecom Ad contains errors”, is one of the many examples of the rhetoric articulated around Local Government Elections (LGE).
It is a clear indication of wholesome democracy and the freedom of expression in our society. Whether accurate of inaccurate, it is important for all to listen to the varying viewpoints and observations. It is equally important for us to provide guidance where there is misconception.
In his letter, Bhulai referred to a full page Public Awareness message issued by the Guyana Elections Commission, which contained an animated sketch of the voting process, supported by text, explaining the steps for balloting.
He pointed out that “Panel 3 in the illustration shows the left hand being checked. (A two-handed, full-figured person is drawn in other panels)”. This point speaks to the composition of images and layout of the artwork, in lieu of actual content on the voting process. Panel three, which contains the image of the hands, as pointed out, has the text which states “Your fingers are checked for ink or stain”- it does not say your left hand is checked.
The text that the artwork supports in this advertisement, clearly explains what a voter is required to do at the Polling Station. Moreover, the animation in the advertisement cannot stand alone to convey the message.
It required the written component, which accurately guides the average reader. While Bhulai has his differences with the artwork provided, there are no errors in the information given.

Tamara Rodney
Public Relations

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