September 28, 2016

Corentyne Police Officer accused of kidnapping

Police in Berbice are investigating a report of kidnapping of a Corentyne cattle farmer.
The victim, who was able to escape, has since named a Police Officer attached to the Number 51 Police Station as his kidnapper and investigators have found the farmer’s bicycle at the officer’s home.
The cattle farmer of Number 58 Village, Corentyne, Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne) says that he was taken hostage by two men, one of whom is a traffic rank.
Devendra Hoopchand, also called “Bob”, said on Tuesday evening he was at the Number 58 Middle Walk taking his cattle home when he saw the light of a car approaching. As the car got closer, he discovered that it was a white 212 Toyota. “When I look inside, I notice this Police from traffic [name given] and another man. I ain’t know the other man.”
He said he heard a voice asking what he was doing there at that hour, but did not answer. “They ask me if I thieving cow, an still I din answer. Then [the traffic rank] tell me if I ain’t hear Sergeant [name given] talking to me. So I tell he that is me cow,” Hoopchand related.
Not wanting any trouble on his way home, the farmer used the Number 57 Middle Walk and as he got to the Corentyne Highway, he noticed the said vehicle along with the officers.
Again he was approached. This time they asked him whether he was following them to which he said no. “[The traffic rank] then tell me lea we go to the Station and I ask him for what, and he tell me put my bicycle in the trunk.”
According to Hoopchand, on the way to the Number 51 Police Station, at Number 56 Village, the traffic rank, who was the driver on this occasion, turned into the Middle Walk and he asked him where he was going. “Then he turn and tell me if I want he open me mouth and put something inside and kill me… When we reach about one village length going down in the backdam, I see the vehicle start slowing down, and I ain’t wait fo it stop, I open the door and jump out and run in the bush.”
He explained that he was able to get to the house of a businessman and report the incident. According to Hoopchand, the businessman took him to the Number 51 Police Station the following day. “When we go to the Station to make a report, I see [the traffic rank], and he telling me, ‘sorry bout last night’.”
Meanwhile, newly-appointed Commander of B Division (Berbice), Assistant Commissioner Ian Amsterdam said the matter was being investigated and hence he could not comment.
This publication understands that following the report at the Number 51 Police Station, ranks went to the home of an officer attached to the Traffic Department of the Number 51 Police Station where they discovered a bicycle belonging to Hoopchand.

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