September 29, 2016

CH&PA flays Kaieteur News for misleading articles

The Central Housing and Planning Authority (CH&PA) said “it is high time” that perspective be given to a series of “ad hoc” articles published by the controversial tabloid newspaper – the Kaieteur News.

Former Finance Director  of CH&PA Taslim Baksh

Former Finance Director of CH&PA Taslim Baksh

In a media statement, the agency noted with great concern, the various reports appearing in the Kaieteur News, which peddles nothing but misinformation.
In an article published on February 28, it was alleged that the former Finance Director Taslim Baksh “disappeared since the May 11, 2015 General and Regional Elections”; however, the CH&PA is making it clear that this is not the case.
According to the Housing Authority, Baksh was in fact on active duty for the period May–September 2015 until he resigned with effect from October 5, 2015.
The same article also alleged that the Chief Executive Office Myrna Pitt never explained his absence to the new Board of Directors but the CH&PA pointed out that the matter was discussed at several meetings.
Secondly, in an article dated March 13, the media outlet accused the Deputy Head of proceeding on leave and leaving outstanding requests for documentation pending. The CH&PA is making it clear however that the information which was requested was indeed made available for submission to the Land Allocation Committee.
Additionally, the Kaieteur News published on March 16 an article which stated that the Deputy Head is being accused of refusing to submit information that was requested and that subject Minister Valerie Adams-Patterson was accused of being focused on the launch of the 50th anniversary deal for applicants.
The CH&PA is contending that this is far from the truth.
On March 17, the newspaper published once again that the CH&PA senior officials refuse to provide information – a claim the entity is outright rejecting.
The body highlighted that since May 2015; a comprehensive document was prepared for the incoming Ministers and was subsequently submitted.
According to the statement, the document included a situational analysis; the composition, organisation structure, departments and functions, and programmes of the CH&PA.
It also included information on the Government of Guyana/Inter-American Development Bank Second Low Income Settlements Programme; key ongoing projects; the remigrant scheme; 1000 homes perseverance project; East Bank housing developments; East Coast-East Bank Road Link; the Georgetown Seawall Project initiative and the re-development of the Stabroek Market Square.
According to the CH&PA, the report was compiled to ensure the incoming Ministers would have the requisite data available on the status of the entity. The CH&PA is maintaining that information is always readily available upon the Board of Directors’ request.
“At no time did any senior officer refuse to submit the requested information – that is simply not true,” the agency asserted.

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