September 25, 2016

The children of Guyana deserve better

Dear Editor,
Politics aside children really are the future for our nation. It is for this reason that this story is particularly disturbing.
When the Minister of Social Protection, but more importantly the Minister responsible for child care and protection, Volda Lawrence was questioned by the media about the selection of the APNU+AFC candidate Harding despite his reported charges for child molestation offences she stated, “Do you think that me, the minister in charge of that (social protection), would have someone like that running? Do you think that the party would expose itself like that? We are aware of the situation but he was never charged,” the Minister maintained.
Even more disturbing the sector minister further went on to say that child molestation is a “family issue”.
Well it was reported that the APNU+AFC candidate was indeed charged several times for child molestation offences so these statements by the minister evinces unequivocally that after nearly one year in her post as minister she is totally unfamiliar and cheerfully unconcerned with the responsibilities of her portfolio.
In addition, Lawrence’s laziness to, at least, say “let me take a moment to find out if he was indeed charged with child molestation offences” especially since she took an oath to protect all the children of Guyana means very simply that she is totally unfit for the position she holds. As a consequence, the parents in Guyana can and will never feel that their children can be protected by the state under Lawrence’s watch.
Furthermore, the statements must raise, by necessity, questions in the minds of the officers in the Child Protection Agency and other bodies charged with protecting children, both local and international, about the competence, authority and legitimacy of Minister Lawrence.
Finally, it is very disturbing that Minister Lawrence, who is a PNC member, is prepared to play politics with the execution of her ministerial duties towards the Guyanese people by intentionally or negligently failing to investigate these reports because he is a member of the political party she represents.
The children of Guyana deserve better.

Charles S Ramson
Esq MP

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