September 29, 2016

Prime suspect in NA robbery arrested

Two men are in custody following Tuesday evening’s robbery in New Amsterdam and police have been receiving vital information about other robberies in Berbice following the arrest of the main suspect.
The prime suspect was arrested Wednesday evening by public-spirited citizens.
He was being pursued since a lone gunman robbed Sankar’s Variety at Strand, New Amsterdam on Tuesday evening after discharging two rounds.
Those on the hunt for him had received information about his whereabouts and went to two locations but each time were informed that the man had just left. At the third location the police were taken along but the result was the same.
According to a source, on Tuesday information surfaced about a house where the injured man was going to be spending the night. Three men geared themselves and waited in the grass at Angoys Avenue. An hour later a motorcyclist was seen approaching.
Reports are that as the motorcyclist was about to pass a chop was fired at him hitting him on the shoulder and he fell but quickly made a dash for a nearby trench.
“After a while, like a half hour I go back in the water and make a second search and we ent find nobody and when we going an give up I feel like he foot and where he pants start but he ent move. So I average where he dead dea and I grabble an pull he out the water and he start to fight up an another man come and hold on to he and we bring he out and he start talking after who send he and how they show he where he got to run to get away…”
The information confirmed that a man police had earlier in the day arrested at Fort Ordinance was also behind the crime.
Earlier as police went into Angoys Avenue in search of the prime suspect, they encountered another man but had no interest in him. Following the arrest on Wednesday evening the prime suspect who gave his address as La Penitence, Georgetown, implicated the man whom police had encountered earlier.
He has also provided police with information of other robberies. His arrest is being considered a major breakthrough in crime fighting in Berbice.
A lone gunman fired a shot at an employee as she tried to apprehend him after he shot at her boss during a robbery in downtown New Amsterdam Tuesday evening.
The unmasked man fled on foot with a bag containing the day’s sales of Sakar’s Variety after discharging two shots in the direction of two persons. He was pursued by one of the business owners and hit over by his car but managed to make it to an ally and disappeared.
During the chase some of the stolen money was left behind and was recovered by the businessman.
The businessman was able to recover $100,000 but the man escaped with $480,000.
Police are continuing their hunt for a third suspect.

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