September 29, 2016

No new Gastro cases detected in Region 1

There are no new cases of confirmed gastroenteritis in Baramita, North West District, Region 1 (Barima/Waini).
This was confirmed by Public Health Minister Dr George Norton who told  Guyana Times on Monday that the situation in the region remains the same, with no additional cases or any indication that the virus is still a pandemic.
Norton made this disclosure despite reports about the continued proliferation of the disease from various groups in the Region.
Dr Norton said the Health Ministry and regional administration are continuing their monitoring in the region.
Additionally, Chief Medical Officer, Dr Shamdeo Persaud explained that the team is visiting the more remote villages in that region, treating the water supply primarily and identifying the sources of contamination.                                                                                    This team, he said, comprises the environmental health officer, and two medical assistants working with missionaries and church groups to keep the situation stable.   The gastroenteritis had resurfaced in January, causing uproar in the region, as many residents became victims of the virus.
Many residents had complained about having severe diarrhoea and vomiting, which are symptoms closely linked to the virus.
During the months of the outbreak, the ministry had also been in close contact with the region’s administration, formulating effective strategies to lessen the number of persons contracting the virus.    Throughout the period, the team had been active in 22 satellite villages in the region where they were assessing the situation.
However, there had been conflict in the area where residents were refusing to accept treatment or to follow the guidelines put out by the ministry.
Dr Norton had informed during that time that patients were not complying with the doctor’s instructions as to how they can protect themselves.

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