September 27, 2016


…and remuneration
Finance Minister Winston Jordan raised the subject of pay raises. He explicitly brought up the case of Public Servants for whom this is a MOST vexed subject. And you can’t blame them. Here it was – to get elected –the parties now in government promised those folks a “significant” raise if they got in. And lo and behold, the APNU and AFC WERE elected with a 5000-odd majority.
The PPP says it was a VERY odd majority, but that’s neither here nor there at the moment. What’s more to the point, the 15,000-odd Public Servants – most of whom voted for the coalition – seem to think they had something to do with that victory! And wonder if “to the victors go the spoils”, how come they didn’t get any spoils – while Ministers and other bigwigs had to haul their 50% + spoils home in wheelbarrows. There’s been some dark murmurings among Public Servants ever since… and what the Finance Minister just said won’t help matters any.
Imagine you’re a Public Servant who just got a firm handshake at the last budget presentation and you’re told “not to get your hopes up” when the Public Service hearings were supposed to rectify the snub on salaries. If after an electoral promise in writing for a “significant” raise, you got zilch, imagine what it’ll be when you’re told “not to get your hopes up”. And don’t be talking about “exaggerated” salaries!!! Will Public Servants be asked to GIVE back some of their money to the Consolidated Fund like the Comrade Leader had asked when Congress Place was burnt down?
And to just rub salt into the wounds of the Public Servants, the Finance Minister, who wailed about the “hard times” announced he might just remove the “tax free” allowance on the Presidential salary. So far so good. At our 1/3 tax rate the Pressie would be pumping back 1/3 of his $1.8 million every month – which is $600,000. Now that’ll provide some funds for at least a hundred Public Servants, no? And taking home $1.2 million when all living expenses are paid by the state, isn’t too bad, is it?
Well Jordan doesn’t think so. He feels that if he deducts taxes from the President’s salary with the right hand, he ought to give a salary hike with the left hand for Pressie to take home the same $2.8 million monthly. Now by this time, dear reader, you’re probably exclaiming “WHAT THE *****!!!!” Because that’s what escaped your Eyewitness prim lips!
So what all this rigmarole about?? Just to say the President’s paying taxes? Well why doesn’t Jordan do the same for all Public Servants?

…from Saffon Street
And here your Eyewitness thought the Prime Minister – with what his 11% from Berbice calls a “well-developed Dhall Belly” – wasn’t athletic. But his somersault on the radio license issue after the Muckraker of Saffon Street cracked the whip was worthy of being showcased at the upcoming Summer Olympics!
Now, God knows, it wasn’t as if the PM was overworked and had too many things in his mind when he said no licenses would be revoked but new ones would be granted from the 25 or so applications the GNBA had in its files. Because Pressie is protective of him, the PM was just given line responsibility for the Information Ministry. So why the backflip to now say “those licences deemed illegal” will be revoked. Was it because his party leader Ramjattan’d gotten a call from Saffon Street and repudiated the PM’s stance?
It’s clear while the Main St PM’s residence’s being refurbished, the Information Ministry’s operating from Saffon St!

…and Fedders Lloyd
Someone complained the PPP’s asking the APNU/AFC government to do what THEY didn’t do while in office. So what about APNU/AFC not doing what THEY said they’ll be doing? Like not sole-sourcing.
And no matter how they slice it, dice it, or purée it – Fedders Lloyd contract IS sole-sourced!

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