September 28, 2016

Deokie optimistic ahead of National Race of Champions

By Akeem Greene

Group One ace race car driver Daniel Deokie is raring to go come Sunday at the Guyana Motor Racing and Sports Club (GMR&SC) National Race of Champions at the South Dakota Circuit.
When Guyana Times Sport spoke to the young driver ahead of the first major race meet of the 2016 season he revealed that preparations are going according to plan.

Deokie poses with his Honda Civic D-15 (Marceano Narine Photo)

Deokie poses with his Honda Civic D-15 (Marceano Narine Photo)

“Preparations are going pretty well so far, last weekend we had a test run with the car and it’s just some minor tweaks now and we should be ready for event”, he said.
Deokie, who was the Group One Champion driver in 2014 Seaboard Marine Caribbean Motor Racing Championships (CMRC), had some commendable performances in the 2015 season, copping two first places; and will be taking the momentum from November last year into Sunday’s meet.
“The last event we did pretty well, we had three podium finishes, and I got that the confidence from that event going in to the 2016 season; this event we looking to start the season off well and get some podium finishes”, he said.
The team ER racing driver explained that he has not gotten to a chance to use the new additions the rule changes have given but will be making those additions in time to come.
“There is a new rule change in the ECU [Engine Control Unit] allowance but we have not gotten a chance to do that as yet, so will work the car as it for this meet and adapt to it and probably get a bit faster from there on”, the driver explained.
Motor racing is arguably one of the most dangerous sports but this does not daunt Deokie from the challenge and as the thrill of the sport is embedded in him.
When quizzed on his love affair for the sport he revealed that “I grew up with it, it’s in my blood, I have been around cars all my life and now I got a chance to be racing so It’s just a genuine love for the sport”.
Even though, many other Group One drivers have described themselves as the one to beat, the driver is not fazed and is banking on his determination and experience to get him over the line.
With a smudge, Deokie said “I would say I’m pretty tough and determine and I would use those two words to get me through and keep dominating the sport”.
Asked about what he believes the sport needs in Guyana to grow more, he posited that “I think we need more young individuals coming into to the sport, we recently made some rule changes to allow a lower budget of racing so hopefully this year we see more younger participants coming into the sport”.
Deokie, who will be revving his D15, a high-powered Honda Civic to the max, is grateful for the main support of his family, Fitness 53, Ideal Auto, Honda Dealership and Emran & Raymond General Automotive Services. (

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