September 26, 2016

Indians had no option but to help save their families

Dear Editor,
I agree fully with Dr Baytoram Ramharack that the enemy is within us, as his column of March 16, 2016 concludes.
I believe he has to agree, however, that the fight to reform even the most egregious excesses of a democratically elected government is much different from that of removing an illegal one.
Guyana has been down that road before and there is real fear that we are being returned to that past of PNC racism and terrorism by the Granger Government where all African Guyanese have united and reassembled to give their full support.
In the face of this unity against their enemy, the Indians, I had good reason to be irked by Dr Ramharack’s praise, and his bestowing them with “moral advantages” over Indians. They are no exemplars of decency and goodness.
Indians were well aware of the ills of the PPP/C Government but how could they have joined the fight against the PPP/C when that fight was an African Guyanese terrorism that was taken not to the Government itself but to ordinary Indian people in villages?
Indians had no option but to help save their families and friends from the African Guyanese terrorism and, as with all their violence and terrorism of the past, the African Guyanese leadership pretends they did no wrong. They get away it because there are Indians who, because of their insistence about the PPP/C’s wrongs, only see the “moral advantages” of Africans.
Recognising the enemy within cannot ever be tantamount to praising the enemy without.
Deconstructing Jagan and laying blame at the PPP’s feet are all well and good but Dr. Ramharack must use his intelligence and academic training to come up with workable solutions for our predicament.
As bad as the PPP/C Government was, this one is worse. Every Indian, and every decent African and Amerindian agree with this conclusion.
Indians simply cannot support the APNU/AFC Government and the 11% of Indians who voted for them have returned to the PPP/C. They feel they have no other option. This is our reality.
We expect people like Dr Ramharack to come up with strategies that will push the PPP/C to reform itself for the benefit of its Indian supporters and Guyanese as a whole.
And I do exist, Dr Ramharack. I write therefore I am.

Yours truly,
Shanie Jagessar

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