September 28, 2016

Money talks…

…so leaders can strut all they want

A lot of ink’s being spilled and hot air expended on the “Trump Phenomenon”. Folks seem to forget it wasn’t much different when Barack Obama burst on the scene back in 2008. The analysis then as to what his success meant at gaining the Democratic nomination, and then the Presidency could fill – and have filled – entire libraries. Thank God very few hard copies of books are printed nowadays!

Really, Dear Readers, what change has Obama wrought? Race relations were the biggest expected change – especially between white and black America. Fact of the matter, the US’s now more polarised between the two groups than even back when lynching was the national sport. At the most, that amounted to a couple of hundreds dead annually at the peak. Today, there are more than 1.5 million black men in Jail – with a similar number on parole. For a black US male citizen born after 1992, there’s a 30% chance of him doing jail-time. Not a thing’s changed since 2008.

Economically, the median income of Blacks in the US is THIRTEEN times less than that of whites who have SIXTEEN times more wealth on the average. After 8 years of an AFRICAN AMERICAN President. We could go on and on …but your Eyewitness hopes you get the idea. Which is not that Barack Obama didn’t have all kinds of good intentions when he entered the White House. He did. But as he conceded in one interview, there’s very little any one man can do OUTSIDE THE SYSTEM – even when he’s President of the US of A.

And that system, said one President who ought to know, is run by “the military-industrial complex”. That President, in case you wondered, wasn’t some pot-smoking crank who inhaled the smoke – it was Dwight Eisenhower – a Republican who’d been the General at the helm of the Allied troops in WWII. He was the darling of the business class and it was said he enjoyed his golf more than anything else. But from the inside – both politically and militarily – he knew the saying “what is good for GM is good for America” wasn’t a slur: it described the essential power relations in America.

“Apple’s” may come and “GM’s” may go – but the SYSTEM controls. So it matters not what Trump might scream. If he gets into the Oval Office, he’ll have to play the game.

Which is what? When in trouble, start a war to get the economy moving! And that’s why Obama, who came in with doves hovering over both shoulders, is still in the Middle East.

…especially at City Hall

As your Eyewitness reads of the goings on at City Hall, even his jaded mind is taking a licking. He’d read about “the Last Days of Pompeii” – in which decadence had taken on a whole new depraved meaning. It would appear that Hamilton Green and his crew are going to give Pompeii a run for its money. Money’s being spent like it’s flowing out of the Kaieteur Falls – with no one accounting for how and why?

Cleaning the city? Good! But who’s keeping tabs? Cleaning up Merriman Mall. Good. But who’s keeping tabs on who’s being thrown out from vending and who’s benefiting from their removal? Granting rates and taxes exemptions? Into whose pockets is half being funnelled?

But Green should remember Pompeii was destroyed by the explosion of Mt Vesuvius and all the high and mighty perished. And on Friday we’ll have our own Vesuvius of independents – hopefully exploding.

But in the meantime where’s the “chattering class” who used to beat up on PPP’s Town Clerk Sooba?

…and mouthpiece bleats

After PM Nagamootoo – as Minister of Information – followed the advice of Justice Pollard and offered his take on the regulation of broadcast licensing, did you notice who took the contra stance?

His party leader!! Ouch!!

Boondoggle at City Hall

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