September 26, 2016

GTU still waiting on President Granger’s intervention

In light of the ongoing conflict between the Teaching Service Commission (TSC) and the Guyana Teachers Union (GTU), the

GTU General Secretary Coretta McDonald

GTU General Secretary Coretta McDonald

President is still to have discussions to ascertain the way forward in resolving the impasse.
This is according to the General Secretary of the Union, Coretta McDonald, who told Guyana Times during an interview on Tuesday that the Union is still awaiting word from the President but so far, they have not been notified.
The Union had reported that it had sent several letters to President Granger appealing for the Government’s urgent intervention in the matter.
McDonald said the President had replied to the Union stating that in order for a solution to be formulated, there needs to be an assessment of the issue.
McDonald said the President, in his response, stated that such an assessment would be done through discussions with the Education Ministry and himself.
According to the Union’s General Secretary, the President had indicated that the Union would be notified on the way forward. McDonald told this publication on Tuesday that the Union is yet to hear from the President as it has been some time now since he had given this undertaken.
Additionally, she said the Union is also uncertain about when there will be the determination of an effective solution, since a precise date was not indicated to them.
However, McDonald said the Union is still fighting the battle against the TSC for teachers countrywide.

Court moving at a snail’s pace
It believes that the court of law continues to move at a snail’s pace in addressing the issue. The Union had moved to the court and filed proceedings against the TSC after they had violated laws by GTU and continued to disregard the restriction.
McDonald informed that the case was scheduled to be heard on Monday, but the Judge was a no show.
“This goes to show that the court is taking the matter without due consideration for the ones who are being affected,” McDonald said.
Meanwhile, the GTU in an attempt to voice their concerns and stimulate solutions at a faster pace, had been holding picketing exercises outside of the TSC building.
The Union said it holds the wellbeing and state of its represented teachers at heart, and so they will ensure that they are adequately catered for and their rights are not violated.
Since the action by the TSC against the GTU, teachers from across the country have been facing adversities in terms of being promoted.
The Union had reported that this is the period where teachers anticipate the opportunity to apply for better posts within the teaching system.
The root of the conflict surrounded the decision by the TSC to ignore the calls made by the GTU in relation to the promotion of teachers within the public education sector.
The GTU reported that it had filed an injunction calling for the TSC and the Education Ministry School Board Secretariat to bring to a standstill the processing of promotions.
The Ministry had complied with this restriction, but the TSC had disregarded it and went ahead in promoting teachers.
A Grade C teacher was reportedly promoted to a Grade B school, while a Deputy Head Teacher was promoted to another school.

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