September 25, 2016

Garbage woes continue to plague Meten-Meer-Zorg residents

By Kizzy Coleman

Residents of Meten-Meer- Zorg East, West Coast Demerara (WCD) continue to complain of the intolerable conditions that they are forced to endure as persons continue to dump garbage at many different locations in the community.
The dumping of garbage is contributing to a pest infestation as rodents, cockroaches, and centipedes invade their homes.
The stench emanating from the build-up of refuse is another health hazard, causing many residents to fall sick as a result of breathing issues in most cases.
Guyana Times had visited the area in January of this year and it was evident that residents were indeed facing a huge problem. Throughout the community, piles of garbage could be seen along the streets, in the sideline trench, and nearby gutters.
According to reports reaching this newspaper, individuals are using the sideline trench as a dumpsite for animal carcasses and during our first visit, the carcass of a cow was visible.
When this newspaper revisited the area late last week at the urging of residents, it was surprising to find that the dumping had gotten worse.
Many other locations where garbage was not being dumped were found to be in deplorable condition.
The most noticeable dumpsite in the area was at a bus shed located on the sideline dam of Meten-Meer-Zorg East.
According to reports from residents, the bus shed has become home to a homeless man who persists on bringing in waste each day, filling the bus shed with garbage.
Numerous complaints were made about the situation, but thus far no action has been taken to rectify the issue.
“We are constantly complaining to the relevant authority to do something about this issue, but it is like our complaints are not being heard,” related one woman.
“I was grateful for the last story about this matter that was published in the Guyana Times and I thought that at least now some intervention would occur, but it was like throwing water on duck back because those people did not even come to inspect,” disclosed a resident identified as Chris.
“We need assistance. Please you all who have the authority to do something to help us, please help us because it has been too long now that we have to endure living in such a community. We hope now that we have this Local Government Elections again, whoever is elected will look into our interest because we need someone to,” one frustrated resident stated.
This publication was able to contact Region Three (Essequibo Islands-West Demerara) Chairman Julius Faerber, who stated that there was nothing that could be done currently to rectify the issue, as there was no available dumpsite for the residents to dump their garbage.
“The only mode of getting rid of garbage currently is through the Puran Brothers Disposal Service that carries garbage across the Demerara River so as a result of this, people just keep dumping garbage indiscriminately all over the area,” he explained.
Faerber disclosed that his office has been sending warnings to those residents through the Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC) advising them not to dump garbage indiscriminately and persons who persist in doing once found would be prosecuted.

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